Outdoor Concerts-Plans within Plans

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Part 2 of 5 part series – co-written by Anita Ware Johnson

What did you forget this time?  Last time it was bug spray!   There are some of us, male or female, that are always organized and prepared regardless of outdoor events.  For me, I have to make plans within plans.

First, where am I actually going?  An outdoor event may have multiple entrance points.   How long am I planning to stay? Can I bring a cooler?  My general answer used to be I don’t know! For this scenario I’ll stay 4 hours,  all-inclusive of entering the event gates and leaving the premises.

Check the event itinerary; take a look at exactly what’s planned and what you would like to see.   Include on-site browsing for souvenirs,  food and other business vendors.   Make a budget for shopping!  Do not underestimate the quality or appeal of products that will be available.

Where is the stage or main event area?  Do you want to sit close or not so close? Bring your portable chairs and everything you’ll need to be comfortable.  Extra clothes, comfortable shoes, skin and eye care are essential.   Apply these tips to each individual  in your travel party;  count this is as a subtle hint to join with friends or family.

We are now ready to go right?  Sure!  But as I have done on occasion,  I’ve put  in zero consideration for the restrooms or restroom area.  When nature calls it is not the time to figure out where-o-where are the restrooms at,  o-where-o-where could they be!

This area of pedestrian accessibility may be overlooked.  People moving and restroom location are two areas that  receive an upgrade from the point of view of  an mPed diagram.   We offer our services under the business name mPed Diagrams.

Our services include assessments and diagrams, improving accessibility for concerts and events.  mPed is efficient people moving strategy’s for events, enhancing synergy.  When nature calls, nothing is more important.  The trail to restroom areas and their location can leave a lasting impression.  The single difference in your quality rating of an outdoor event may hinge on this factor.

Start making your plans within plans to attend a local or national outdoor concert.  We’re prepared for the 34th annual Atlanta Jazz Festival,   Memorial Day Weekend 2011.

In our next blog,  part 3 of our 5 part series, we are going to “take it to the stage” and talk about the view.   We are upgrading the pedestrian accessibility of outdoor events.   Come to think about it, this whole venture may be born out of the phrase…..       “When you gotta go,  you gotta go!

Contact John G. Dewberry at 404.877.9171 or mycybermap@gmail.com for Pedestrian Accessibility for your event.

©2011 All Rights Reserved – To reproduce this document obtain written permission from John G. Dewberry

One thought on “Outdoor Concerts-Plans within Plans

  1. Wow!, the 34th Atlanta Jazz Festival was outstanding. Very well attended and managed smoothly. The new addition of an international stage was a big hit. Piedmont Park shined in the spotlight as it proves to be an inner city treasure. I must say, if you read this blog before attending this festival you were prepared for outdoor events. Read in-between the lines; as in had time to read an article while in restroom line, as I said when you gotta go! you gotta go. Special shout out to Jacksonville Florida’s Memorial Day Weekend Jazz Festival and Jazziz Magazine.


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