“Take It To The Stage” View

Blue and Green Sea of Jazz Lovers

Part 3 of 5 part series co- written by Anita Ware Johnson

The 34th Atlanta Jazz Festival

Memorial Day Weekend   commemorates our Nation’s Fallen War Hero’s and

the Armed Forces of the United States Of America.

All classic adjectives applied, such as Hot-Lanta,  Southern fried, Georgia Peach and International Capitol of the South.   Media credentials in-hand;  let’s “take it to the stage”.

We approached Piedmont Park, the home of the Atlanta Jazz Festival and a Midtown treasure from two points of view.   The Park is a conglomeration of nature and man’s intelligent approach to enjoying the view.   An Atlanta tourist destination which sets a scenic stage for every outdoor event it plays host to.

It’s impossible not to get a sense of history from any of the multiple entrance points.  We entered from the 10th street main gate.  History for Mycyber Talk began in the early 1980’s, with the infamous Kool Jazz Festival at Piedmont Park. Then;  as is true now, the successful event incorporates a presentation seamlessly into the synergy of the park. The 34th Atlanta Jazz Festival did this expertly.

Part of  my media assignment was to drive to the Park,  Anita Ware Johnson chose to cover accessibility from the view of public transportation.  That report will be included in part 4 of our series titled, Synergetics.

Driving in Metro-Atlanta inherits certain realities common for large cities. All things considered, my ride in town was smooth.  My take on Synergetics will include the incredible micro-business that positively effects “Holistic Spiritual Wellness” thru a financial injection into the surrounding neighborhood and downtown economy.

Ergo I valet parked in the combination lot of  Zocalo’s Bar and Restaurant and Kat’s Cafe‘ (never thought I’d find a way to use ergo). So long air-conditioning hello Hot-Lanta.   I was better prepared than in the past, but I still forgot the bug spray!  No cooler this time, I’ve budgeted to support the vendors.

Pedestrian accessibility is a term we incorporate into planning outdoor events.   Our company business name is mPed Diagrams.  Now was the time to literally walk the walk.  We tweeted live from the event at twitter.com/#mycybertalk.  My favorite tweet was “the people moving system workout”.  The workout consists of walking with a portable chair while  sipping water, moving across uneven terrain.

When you arrive at the chosen view of the stage, which required both arms pointing in different directions,  bend and twist before sitting down. Stand up every half-hour, then use short bursts of  speeds to find the restroom or vendor area.  Dance, sit down, then repeat the process to exit event.

The stage sits majestically,  smartly centering the patrons.  We sit stage left and enjoy a great view,  enhanced by a large video screen projecting the stage.  Take it to the stage view is  like entering a baseball stadium. The stage provides a panoramic vista,  regardless of your vantage point.

The attendance thrives in the 20,000 range peaking at sunset.  The excellent choice of artists perform with a genuine enthusiasm and according to the posted schedule.  There was an exciting addition to the Jazz festival this year, an International stage.

The International stage was situated at the opposite end of the park and featured some great bands that rocked large crowds for two days.  The International stage ran as smoothly as the main stage and the mix of world music won over a new audience.  The organizers’ promise to return the stage next year was met with loud cheers.

This was a first class outdoor event  put on with dynamic flare by the City Of Atlanta.  A true destination for music lovers, whether you arrived as a couple, group or family you enjoyed  yourself in relative safety. There was a multi-cultural, All American heir in the air.

This was a great Jazz Festival, with plans well made.  Pedestrian accessibility, music and business, we call it  Synergistics.   Ya’ll come back for part 4!

Contact John G. Dewberry at 404.877.9171 or mycybermap@gmail.com for Pedestrian Accessibility for your event.

©2011 All Rights Reserved – To reproduce this document obtain written permission from John G. Dewberry

3 thoughts on ““Take It To The Stage” View

  1. The picture in this blog comes from the Atlanta Jazz Festival, taken during the Sunday May 29th performances. Get outdoors and enjoy a music festival, tell us about your experience.


  2. Cheryl C

    John you have STEPPED OUT into who you really are! 100%! I am so proud and have so much RESPECT for WHO you are and what you do! Stay true to who you are John. Grace and Mercy GOT YOUR BACK! Cheryl aka JAZZ0067


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