Atlanta Jazz Festival 2011
The great musical weekend

Part-4 of 5-Part series,  Co-written by Anita Ware Johnson

Failing to plan,  is planning to fail!  This is a variation of a theme touted by an honored man and a legendary Men’s Collegiate Hall Of Fame basketball coach, the late  Mr. John Wooden.

When we began discussing business approaches for outdoor music events, planning became the foundation of mPed Diagrams.   Summer time and outdoor festivals go hand-in-hand.  Before any festival meets an audience, the planning committee must have a vision.

Synergetics is an efficient people moving system;  a study (mPed Diagram) of economic sub-cultures created to optimize the meshing of merchant and consumer inside and outside an event.   What does all that mean?  The planning energy involved in creating this blog co-energized the creation of  mPed Diagrams.

The creation of mPed Diagrams provided the foundation to present media coverage of the 34th Atlanta Jazz Festival.  The promotion of businesses involved in the Jazz Festival, logically transfers to writing about the Mid Summer Music Festival.

The festival takes place Saturday, June 18TH, at Candler Park located in Mid-Town Atlanta, Georgia.  We have opened the doors of opportunity to further relationships with Campbell Manning, The Hotel Midtown Atlanta,  Kat’s Cafe and The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA),  among others.

Anita Ware Johnson utilized mass transit to attend the Atlanta Jazz Festival. Using mass transit is encouraged and also requires careful planning.   The involvement and promotion of mass transit is integral to synergetics.   As a side note, the Edgewood/Candler Park  MARTA station is also a home to the Zip Car. Synergetics demand we include them in our blog,  as we would a people-moving study.

Anita reports:  Observation of Atlanta’s Park and Ride Program.

*(Well lighted and safety patrolled free parking)

The Ease of Travel and Security of the Train and Bus System.

*(MARTA officers were visible and aware of additional non-experienced travelers)

Overall Atmosphere and Piece of Mind.

*(Event information was viable.  Officials anticipated your needs by asking to help or were standing by to direct travelers to shuttle buses or recommend walking path)

Pedestrian accessibility is where we started to understand and enhance synergy. We develop economic impact statements, quantifying the effects on merchants, vendors, the surrounding neighborhood, the bands and the attendees.

A satellite business industry is created by outdoor events.  We identify the revenue generated as financial, holistic-spiritual wellness.  You’ve seen it and participated financially, by paying to park in private lots, eating at a neighborhood restaurant or supporting a sidewalk vendor.

The attraction factor explains our interest in the 4Th Mid Summer Music Festival ( #MSMF11 on ).  This is an anticipated well-run community festival,  Candler Park is a green space jewel of Mid-Town Atlanta.   The factors in planning a large event like the Atlanta Jazz Festival,  will be employed on smaller scale for the MSMF.

Mid-Town Atlanta encompasses beautiful, artistic homes and friendly neighborhoods.   Mid-Town is a tourist attraction in and of itself.  When visiting Atlanta, include Mid-Town and little 5-points on your to-do lists.  Mid-Town is also flanked by The Jimmy Carter Presidential Library.

We will be tweeting from the festival at #mycybertalk and report in part-5 of this blog series, click on all of our Links.   790 AM and the Mid Summer Music Festival websites will display set times for the bands and a list of vendors and sponsors.

We are interested in 790 AM The Zone Sports Talk Radio,  and the Street Food Coalition vendors of Atlanta.  The Street Food Coalition Members  promise to deliver great foods.

Sports talk radio provides its own synergy to the Music Festival.   This synergy opens the door for our tagline, “commercial social media”.   Sports talk radio is built on audience interaction and entertainment,  a great fit for the MSMF.

Be prepared,  you’ll enjoy your venture into the world of  outdoor live music. Check your local listings and make an outdoor festival part of your stay-cation, vacation or weekend getaway.  Synergetics,  it works.

Please look forward to part-5 of this series,  it’s titled..  “Get Green”.

Contact John G. Dewberry at 404.877.9171 or for Pedestrian Accessibility for your event.

©2011 All Rights Reserved – To reproduce this document obtain written permission from John G. Dewberry

One thought on “Synergetics

  1. The mix of 790 AM the Zone, using Synergetics- Hot-Lanta Sports Talk excitement and interaction,

    great live music, music lovers and great food tossed by social media, visible online and co-sponsored

    by Red Stripe Beer. Sounds like a hit.


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