The top of the game

What’s the score! did you win! Are you good enough to make the team? All of these questions in one way or another pertain to the world of business.  A top performance may result in your selection to an all-star team.

Competition is human nature and comparisons can be harsh realities.  In a pool of over 300,000 bloggers, you can get lost in thoughts; a field of thoughts so similar, that defeating the mediocre becomes a competition.

The standard of excellence can suffer in these circumstances, creating a hazy view of this wonderful medium.  I applaud all bloggers; the thought process in written form is a most difficult sport.  The thought police or all-star selection team may not select our work .  The playing field is vast and limitless; to perform for an audience you must focus on the task.

The task for me was not resting on past achievements.  I was pleased at the response to the 5-part series on Pedestrian Accessibility.  Pleased with the notion,  by not writing again,  I would be remembered as a former all-star.

The All American e-Team hit me when I decided to continue blogging. How had I entered this arena?  What is necessary to sustain and excel in my future efforts?  I had to go back to my WWW understanding.

WWW. became the world-wide web, then the internet.   Now the simplicity of the letter [ e ], although the letter [ i ] is also used,  signifies the internet.

I’m going with [ e ] for internet and [ i ] for personal internet definitions, such as my Brands  iWardrobe and iWeb Invitational.

MyCyber Talk is the blog,  MyCyber Link,  engages websites,  MyCyber efx expands the team.  This is my All American e-Team.

The team is managed and owned by me, but there are others who helped form the team.  The success of this team depends on business duality.

Business duality and commercial social media are terms I created to focus our business energy.  The internet evolves constantly; these terms keep us focused through competitive comparisons.

Prosperity is the other side of the far-fetched coin when entering into ebusiness. In the real world (brick&mortar) there are documented paths to follow for success.

In the cyber world there are many unknowns; to state one method over another,  is pure conjecture.  There are some models of success, but the old adage of finding someone who is successful and emulating them, can be archaic on the internet.

Building adaptability into your ebusiness plan is essential, while staying abreast of changing technology.  The technology I’m referring to is not every new biz-toy on the market.  You must stay aware of technology that allows your ebusiness to perform more efficiently like Hoot

I have adapted to become an ebusiness, affiliate marketing representative for Apco Services, of New York, New York.   As an ebusiness Merchant consultant, I offer credit card processing and business services online and in the real world.

The division I work with is called AMS cash.  As an ebusiness affiliate, I consult business owners across the internet.  Join my team,  go to the Link and sign up.

Let me introduce my All American internet team.

The All American premise is based on American College football.  The term All American denotes National recognition of the top performing players.  introduced me to the internet, expanded that, while continues to increase me to the level of  knowledge worker. and enhance online communication as does the phenomenal and push me into the visual medium; and although there are others,  I will end with

That’s an All American e-Team.

“It’s the sport of kings, better than diamond rings, football”  a classic line from the 1986 movie, Wildcat’s.  Football is the ultimate team game.  It takes 3 teams within 1 whole team to play.  Offense, Defense and Special Teams.

A successful team enacts unique qualities that easily transfer to the business world.  Maybe these qualities are what endure so many fans to the game.

Professional means paid to play or perform.  In the business world we’re all professionals, the differences can be found in professionalism. Professionalism for me means incorporating high standards of conduct to all patrons, especially through prosperity.

Business duality is based on bartering, which is the concept that started the dollar-value commerce system.  If you must, I’ll create an oxymoron: capitalistic duality (don’t bother looking it up).

The N.F.L (National Football League) is preparing to enshrine more of the great former players into the N.F.L Hall Of Fame.  The ceremony is scheduled for August 6Th, 2011 highlighted by The N.F.L Hall Of Fame Game, a pre-season exhibition.

Our American Football business system seems to be on the verge of collapse. Perhaps it’s time for business people, in particular ebusiness, to pay attention to what is going on with the negotiations between the team owners and the professional players now locked out of their jobs.

Don’t make the same mistakes the owners and the players are making with the fortunes of their business.  They seem to base all decisions on a status quo rational.   There seems to be a bottom line belief by both sides: that the business supporters (fans) will continue to support a business model, that proves it does not value its supporters beyond payee.

The internet empowers entrepreneurship and levels playing fields.  The internet could create its own league!  Haven’t they seen “The Matrix”

Ecommerce,  ebusiness and the internet, the All American e-Team.

John Gary: MyCyber Talk returns in two weeks.  Let’s say the topic will be the end of the N.F.L  lockout

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