F A N – De Ja Nu

Cooler.. than a Fan

De ja vu,  I believe this is a french expression,  meaning a sense of familiarity to a time,  place or experience  (MyCyber definition).  Welcome back to my blog; you are appreciated.  Appreciation is a demonstrated act that shows the recipient their act or being has value to you (MyCyber definition).

De Ja Nu is not a typo.  De Ja Nu is my reaction to the resolution of the 2011 NFL lockout.  There’s something familiar about this lockout as compared to the strike by the players in 1987.   The NFL players strike vs. the NFL Owners Lockout of the players are two entirely different situations.

The prior Link will delve into that.  I choose not to bring that terrible sports moment into my written consciousness.  I’ve actually tried to wipe that experience from memory; but like a boomerang, it’s all coming back now.

I remember as a fan of the game of  football, I was a hopeless romantic, just pleading for my love to come back. In 1987, just as now in 2011, my loyalty as a fan was not appreciated.

The game needed correction to satisfy the business of playing as a professional. I kind of understood in 1987, just as I kind of understand now.  The De Ja Vu surrounds the sports reporters’ retort that sports fan just wants Football.

For the people who never go to a stadium to watch a NFL game, maybe that’s true.  You’re not going to let the HD television sit collecting dust.  For the hopeless romantic that attend games, that may have been true in 1987.

In 2011, the astronomical money that owners and players discuss are off the charts, at least they’re off my chart, hence the De Ja Nu.  It is time for the sports fan to be appreciated; tell the emperor he is walking around with no cloths on.

Hello!  let the payee (that’s you and me sports fan) into the financial party.  I had to come up with a new phrase and De Ja Nu is it.  Yes we just want football, but put the game on notice. Unrequited love does eventually move on.

Fan De Ja Nu incorporates ebusiness into a blog or other form of ecommerce.   The internet opens the financial door of opportunity to get involved with all forms of business, including professional football.

The website I am promoting offers 6.5% cash back on your ticket to the game. Organizers of game day bus trips — this business can help you become more successful.  Look at this!  I digress, here I am talking about money and I almost forgot about the game.

Welcome back NFL, I am glad you’re back.  You are very important on many domestic and financial levels.  But like a great Jean Carn song says with so much passion,  “Don’t let it go to your head”.

Fan De Ja Nu is the re-invention of an old concept called sharing, or better yet, appreciation.  In the new economy, incorporation and inclusion of business affiliates is not only mandatory, but it’s the only way the wheel goes around.

Speaking of new fan Business gives me a pleasant feeling,  a de ja vu. I’m standing inside the Dyson fan exhibit at the 34th Atlanta jazz festival in historic, green compliant Piedmont Park.

(We must pause right here, I seemed to have a triple net play on my hands.  I have sacked the quarterback,  caused a fumble and recovered the fumble.  The whole play (blog) is under instant replay review.  The sports fans can clearly see I have recovered the ball and changed the momentum of the game.  After further review, the officials agree, it’s my ball!)

As I approach the new Dyson fan,  I could not immediately see how it worked.  A closer look reveals amazing technology.  The standard fan, which hasn’t gone through much if any change since its invention,  has been improved.

The standard fan works fine and will continue to do what it’s built to do, resistance to change is as common as change itself.  Change or evolution will come. You can not re-invent the wheel, but it seems the fan (metaphor for professional football sports-fans), can be re-invented. Fan de ja nu!

Thank you for your time, you are appreciated.  My next blog should appear in 2 weeks if it is in the Lord’s will.  The title for blog is “1 is the loneliest number”.

Contact John G. Dewberry at 404.877.9171 or mycybermap@gmail.com

©2011 All Rights Reserved – To reproduce this document obtain written permission from John G. Dewberry

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