One is the Loneliest Number..

ONE campaign to raise resources to ease drought&starvation in East Africa

Friday, November 11th is Veterans Day.

It’s my sister Jennifer’s Birthday.

It’s the day in 1983 that I lost my beloved nephew John Larry Daniels .

It’s also the World Day Of Laughter 2011.

The day truly symbolizes joy and pain.

What is the day for you?

The internet contains an infinite audience.  The still growing number of people using the internet to communicate by video chat or simply by e-mail is amazing. Yet, a thought or idea is singular when it is sent into cyberspace.

When you press the send key, you’ve automatically entered into a void of the unknown.  Maybe you will get overwhelmed with response, maybe you’ll receive  no response at all.

You can check that your transmission was sent, but then there stands a moment of time.  The moment of time when you are alone with the context and content of your intended message.  Questions arise! I will not attempt to frame those questions.

“One is the loneliest number” is a great song and the truth when you begin a new project.  I commend Rick Hoffman of  Seattle, Washington on his quest to promote the World Day of Laughter, Friday, November 11th 2011.

11-11-11, one Love, everything is on the one, will there be one?

The following contains an excerpt from Mr. Rick Hoffman’s WordPress blog on the World day of laughter from January, 2011.

Here’s what were know so far.

1)      Beginning at 11:11 PM local time wherever that may be for you and commencing somewhere down under. We are asking all to post a status update of LOL to the Official World Wide Day of Laughter Facebook page or LOL-DOL to your own personal Facebook or Twitter accounts.

2)      We are actively seeking sponsors to pledge anywhere 1 penny to $100,000,000 (anywhere in between would be ok) per LOL posted with the proceeds going directly to the designated charities.

3)      We are working to establish a special text #. The # will allow supporters to text LOL to it and immediately donate $11.11.  For all who are looking to jump the gun and get the party started!  Again with all proceeds will go directly to the designated charities.

*Hello Rick Hoffman, from  I follow and I am followed by people and businesses from across the cyber universe.  I know it sounds like we are just going in circles,  but a funny thing happened to me on the way to writing this blog.

Thinking about laughing?  Laughter is such a great medicine, it leads to joy and rejoicing and stems from love.  Love sweet love, just a little taste of what the world get’s to little of. ( I couldn’t resist )

So, enter my spin cycle (pun) for the World day of  laughter.  As I flex my spinster muscle, Seattle; including a great cup of coffee,  you’re the new spin city.

( Yes I see the multiple jokes here )

I see 11-11-11 as a one of a kind day to celebrate, heal and make better.

When applied as a prescription, the World Day of  Laughter should act as an economic stimulus.

*Celebrate the like-minded goodwill on earth, when smiles provide the bridge to laughter.

*Celebrate November 11th, Veteran’s Day in the U.S.A. , in memory and in honor of the Men and Women who have fought and who fight for our country.

*Celebrate ebusiness and social media coming together to make a difference by bringing attention, people and money together in a way and on a day that will stand out for all time.

*Heal yourself and be the instrument for the healing of others.  Support Rick Hoffman’s efforts by tweeting #LOL or #DOL.

*I am creating a program in Decatur, Georgia.   My efforts will revolve around local businesses sponsoring events themed “a smile is the bridge to laughter” and “a funny thing happened to me on the way to…”

*Getting out into the business community, networking with business men and women is a great way to stimulate your own financial circumstances while raising money for a charity that you are passionate about.

Make better: This is an excellent opportunity to utilize and showcase your individual skills by engaging your business surroundings.

*Make better by involving family and friends on your promotion project. This can be fun and uplifting for everyone’s spirits, setting the tone for the oncoming holiday season.

*Make better by expanding your boundary’s,  getting out of the negative mindset that hovers over newscasts and the reporting of these financial times.

This is an opportunity to empower yourself by finding new avenue’s of business and expression.   It’s funny how opportunity materializes when you earnestly count your blessings.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is voted number one of the top 100 players currently playing in the National Football League. He is a highly decorated Multi-Millionaire.

He’s a father, husband , handsome, educated, well spoken successful man. Charity is expected from athletes of his stature and many players support very worthy causes.  Brady’s latest charity venture goes beyond helping a cause.

The mission is called ONE, the logo is what I have chosen to picture this blog.

ONE is a world changer.  One is a charity that you chose with your heart, when you really can make a difference.  One person can make all the difference and to tell the truth,  if just one person reads this blog and goes into action on 11-11-11 then I will have made a difference.

It’s a one of a kind day, Friday November 11th.

It’s time to make a difference.

This is the World Day of Laughter to me, but again one is the loneliest number.

And I’m still number one!

Check back in 2 weeks,  we’ll talk about eLabor Day.  Peace

Contact John G. Dewberry at 404.877.9171 or

©2011 All Rights Reserved – To reproduce this document obtain written permission from John G. Dewberry

One thought on “One is the Loneliest Number..

  1. I am getting involved with the World Day of Laughter. I first read about it in a blog from Rick Hoffman of Seattle, Washington. Read my blog and maybe you will find an idea to get involved. I am choosing to help the elderly and the homeless of Decatur and Metro-Atlanta with charity drives, themed around the World Day Of Laughter.

    This is also a study of social media management and strategy. Ecommerce implemented by a business sales consultant. Get involved and make a difference, a smile is the bridge to Laughter.

    This is a working project from . The marketing, advertising and promotion are products of my digital marketing division, Mycyber EFX.

    Inside joke: My marketing division says to my travel division, have a nice TRIP, see you in the fall. On the 11-11-11.


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