e-Labor Day Holiday

Winning…Over… You!!!

Imagine the great racehorse Secretariat speeding past the 3/4 pole.

We now know the story,  he was on the way to winning the 1973 Kentucky Derby.   His eyes and nose are wide-open, every sense is in tune, as he continues onward to the finish line, performing at the highest level.

That’s the feeling I connect with, when an online job earns me money.

Labor on the computer has its day, e-Labor Day.

Labor Day in the real world became a Nationally celebrated Holiday in 1894.

The internet can be compared to one-of-a-kind Champions and to the record-setting horse Secretariat.  The internet provides a wide variety of money-making opportunities.  This blog will open revenue opportunity for the business Man and Women.   The internet is a champion of the job search and a cure for unemployment.  It’s important to grasp this out-of-thin air medium.

I say out-of-thin air to stipulate the magical quality of  limit-less research and the options the internet offers.   If the cyber business world were to find my work online and be interested, they can contact me.   In the real world there are logistical limits to job search and job acquisition.   When searching  for online work these limits are erased.   Case in point, the World Jazz band Niro.

I found Niro online through the website fanatic.fm.  Niro,  features 2 men from different country’s.  They have not met in person, but through utilizing the internet they’ve  made beautiful music together.

Fanatic.fm is 1 of many online opportunities I’ve found.

Oops, I just tripped over the kudos I gave myself!

That’s funny!  My sub-conscience must be promoting..

The World Day of Laughter November, 11th (11-11-11).

I’ve also developed a theme and date to re-dedicate the Martin Luther King Jr. Monument celebration, canceled by Hurricane Irene.  I’ve suggested through social media,  “Time to Dream, Anew”  Saturday, November 12th. 2011

(*Editors take note of the segue)

Blogging opens doors to new opportunities,  there are many ways to get paid.   Direct deposit is available, but the phrase “the check is in the mail” is no joke!

Take that as a yes vote for the great United States of America to keep the great United States Postal Service intact and functioning, as it has since its inception. These are tough times for our economy but the Postman always delivers, through rain, sleet and snow.

The internet is great, but e-mail can never take the place of a letter or a greeting card.  In addition; there will always be Americans who prefer their paychecks, delivered to their hands.

If this blog was a horse race,  I’m first to the 3/4 pole.  No time to let up now, let’s keep moving towards the goal of winning.

Oh! that’s right, we are celebrating e-Labor Day.

E-Labor Day, will be celebrated by the World Jazz group called Niro.

Ray Nicovs, is a pianist and composer from the Netherlands.  Dave Rolleston, is a composer, vocalist and guitarist from Japan. Together they have put together a very nice Jazz album.

Putting together an album is an accomplishment, but these gentlemen, met on the  internet with like-minded musical interests and a willingness to explore.

Without meeting in person, these 2 talented Men have compiled a unique online collaboration.   The finished product, which you can hear in the above Link, Testifies to a oneness achieved by combining musical ideas through the power of the internet.

There are over 100 bands available through fanatic.fm.  I am beginning my promotion of the singers and bands through my blog and website.   This is a good business opportunity for everyone involved.

I found fanatic.fm on an online press release put together by media management company,

 PR Web.com

E-Labor Day celebrates my online work as a business sales consultant and a travel/shopping mall representative.

In closing,  I must mention elance.com.  Elance is an online business that lists jobs for those aspiring to get hired for writing and other online work.

This is a perfect entry point for the great sales phrase “wait there’s more”, but I’ve crossed the finish line.  Just like Secretariat I have won this race.

The future includes the biggest shopping day of the year, the day after Thanksgiving, traditionally called Black Friday.  For online shoppers the Monday after Thanksgiving weekend is a new tradition full of savings. Next we get prepared for the day after Christmas online sales, call it the Triple-Crown!

Thank you, please visit my blog again as we begin the Fall season of 2011.

We are doing a 3-part story on Peachtree City, Georgia.

       Contact John  G. Dewberry at 404.328-0708 or mycybermap@gmail.com

©2011 All Rights Reserved – To reproduce this document obtain written permission from John G. Dewberry

2 thoughts on “e-Labor Day Holiday

  1. E-Labor Day Holiday is my homage to ecommerce. The internet has a new economy engine that rev’s up revenue. I have found many programs to better my financial life. The internet celebrates Labor Day in it’s own way, a way that cannot be labeled.

    If you have the talent; belief and faith in your talent, then press the enter or send key on your ideas, proposals or agreement to join ebusiness. Get involved with ecommerce, find a business that you are passionate about and research ways to implement your talent.

    It could be considered a horse race, in that context take a look at the picture of Secretariat at the top of this blog. If you are not business savvy on the internet,
    you have got some catching up to do.


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