Peach of a City

Part 1 of 3

In my ever-evolving ology of ebusiness, I’ve developed a niche for propitious multi-channel marketing projects.

In the Cyber World there are no limits, besides the mental ones we can apply when developing ecommerce.

Websites and blogs are excellent ecommerce economic boosters, you can search but you’ll not find an on/off switch for the internet.   Ebusiness presents its value on some financial level non-stop everywhere the internet is accessible.

Self confidence at the inception of your business plan is a necessity, comparing website analytic’s can give you economic traction.  A good website score add’s value and provides a financial clue,  but analytic’s will not totally quantify your internet business presence.

You have to believe in what you’re doing when you move your ideas from paper to actual project.  I love the idea of #klout and #alexa scores, but for me it’s a means to center my ebusiness aspirations.  I  value making $1.00 through this out-of-thin-air medium called the internet,  everything after that is gravy.

Some readers will click on the Links provided and see value,  others will miss the connection.  Connection is the propitious quality or law of attraction I attempt to unearth in cyber business, which brings me to James and the Giant Peach.

The 1996 movie,  James and the Giant Peach is an animated movie of unique vision, hope, opportunity and interaction.  Maybe you’ve seen the movie,  if you haven’t, click the link above.  This is what I call, a pro-bono promo.

I enjoy developing ecommerce opportunities through affiliate ebusiness relationships.  James, and the Giant Peachtree City is how I felt when I visited Peachtree City Georgia for the first time.

Peachtree City is unique throughout the entire United States of America. This pedestrian friendly, accessible, suburban city was designed and built to no other pre-existing model.  This pioneering city exists by bold ideas, that revolve around golf carts and a city community.

This slice of American suburbia moves on your senses, quickly removing you from your expected visual cues for a city.   The sidewalks are replaced by cart paths, this city is designed to be totally accessible by golf cart, or low emission alternative transportation.

My first visit was July 4th of this year 2011.  I was prepped about the golf carts and friendly nature of  Peachtree City and I noticed a distinct atmosphere as I arrived in the city limits.  It was pleasant,  not airy or stiff, as I; hardened by big city living, had pre-supposed.

I was not prepared for the vision of  golf carts everywhere,  I kept thinking I was on a golf course.  After parking the car,  we waited for a friend to escort us to the fireworks show.  Our friend arrives in; of course, a golf cart and the most excellent adventure begins for co-writer Anita Johnson and myself.

Seeing this beautiful city from the back of a golf cart, on a mile plus ride to our destination, provided a visual montage of beautiful homes, American flags and cheerful Independence Day celebrations.  Have you ever gone for a ride sitting on the back of a golf cart?  This was my first time,  and it was fun!

One of the first topic’s I chose to blog on was pedestrian accessibility for outdoor concerts and events.  M-ped Diagrams,  is my business idea, developed to design efficient interactive walking experiences for outdoor events.

I felt like I was ahead of the pedestrian accessibility curve,  maybe I am, but Peachtree City elevates all matter of pedestrian travel.

Take a ride in PeachtreeCity

While riding to the fireworks show, I kept waiting for the cart paths to end or conflict with walking or traffic.  I soon realized this lifestyle is built-in by design; original ideology, accessibility is not an afterthought.

Peachtree City was built to be totally accessible to golf cart travel and the inherent dedication to green space and the enjoyment of it.  It is a must-see for tourist; not a gawking drive-by, but an immersion is necessary.

Setting up a tour is a business possibility, but I’m referring to the man or woman who has always had ideas to big for their surroundings.

This is not a new  business idea, akin to Mr. Steve Jobs with Apple computer, it’s a lifestyle.  When experiencing Peachtree City, think of the 1950’s and the vision required to propose and enact a city south of Atlanta.  A city that would encompass work, play and quality of life in such a way that shines brighter each passing year.

The pilots and workers in the aviation field were inclusive to this design as the growth of Atlanta International airport was integrated into planning.

As the fireworks would light up the sky, each display revealed past ideas I’ve had, that for various reasons, I did not follow to fruition.  What a loss, if this project had not followed through.

Let’s accentuate the positive as I implore all dreamers and big heads to visit this great community.  As I stood on the banks of a man-made lake I began to re-connect to the passion of a big idea and the work it takes to make it happen.

Believing in yourself is a prerequisite but it’s important to have a springboard of open-minded peers to off set the naysayers that exist in every group.

The green initiative and open-minded theology of the original design ripples through every business, inspiring practical and imaginative plans and ideas.

You’re ready to visit, right! Yes, you can get there from here!

Three cheers to Peachtree City,  Peachtree City Golf Cars, and to interactive, accessible business theology.

Come back and visit my next blog, as we will explore more.

Contact John G. Dewberry at 404.877.9171 or mycybermap@gmail.com

©2011 All Rights Reserved – To reproduce this document obtain written permission from John G. Dewberry

3 thoughts on “JAMES, AND THE GIANT PEACHTREE city

  1. Peachy, this view from inside in. My visit to Peachtree City was an eye-opener, I now know how the dull blade cuts sufficiently when you lose your sharpness. Hooray to algernon (me) for not only finding my way through the maze, but correctly detecting that ringing the bell is for dogs and while the cat’s away I can run on sentences until the cow comes home-

    And have my peach and eat it too!


  2. Good read, I just passed this onto a colleague who was performing slightly research on that. And he just bought me lunch since I identified it for him smile So let me rephrase that: Thank you for lunch! 990366


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