Unidentified Flying Disc, One Flew Over Peachtree City

Part 2 of 3

peachtree golf

Look! up in the sky!  It’s a bird!  It’s a plane!

No,  It’s a way ward disc golf shot.

Disc golf you may say, yes Disc Golf.

This game I came across in my further exploration of Peachtree City.

We’ve all thrown a Frisbee, or some variation of flying disc, my favorite was the wham-o logo.  That’s the joy of Peachtree City, the subtlety of grace flowing.

That’s a powerful statement if you can recognize and identify the metaphor of a disc flying over your head representing an unidentified stimulus of joy.  Now if you haven’t read part 1 of this blog, now may be a good time to go back.

You can continue on, as “Alice in Wonderland” , but you will not believe this city is built to be accessible by golf cart with over 90 miles of intersecting cart paths. Golf is big in Peachtree City, as is golf carts.  You can find golf cart racing, specialized golf carts and

(Mycyber Pro-Bono Promo) golf cart rentals.

This would be good ebusiness placement of a golf course ad along with a an ad of a golf professional to teach the game.  Instead I’ll tie-in to the Unidentified Flying Disc, One Flew Over Peachtree City title of this story and offer those spots as TBA. ( To Be Announced)

Golf is such a serious game, quiet please!  Immense concentration is necessary to excel.  My guilty pleasure is to just hit the ball hard, and be happy it fly’s, no matter where it goes.  The game is not played that way, there are rules, etiquette and levels of score keeping.  I feel golf is an exercise of discipline and skill, along with an enjoyment of the great outdoors.

Golf  lends its imagery to beautifully manicured grass and trees, within a picturesque setting.  Take into mind the original designers,  planning what would become Peachtree City.  They might have looked like knights of the round table, in serious thought as they immersed the architecture board with ideas of a city within a series of golf courses and golf cart pathways.

You could imagine a room full of quiet disciplined men, engaged in profound discussions of  futuristic lifestyles.   They painstakingly design homes and business plans with this weighty proposition, causing tense back and forth quips of contention.  Relax,  let go of the tension,  it is all imagined.

If I created the sensation of tension in the last paragraph, I honestly feel the men whom designed Peachtree City had a great time, regardless of the scope of the work.  When you work on a project you have a passion for, the work at hand is a pleasure.

Flight Control

While  exploring the recreation activities of Peachtree city, the game of disc golf caught my eye.

I brushed it off as a trivial pursuit, until I studied the disc golf website

dg course review.com.

A disc golf course or dg course is laid out as a standard golf course would be.

The unidentified flying disc stirs up very identifiable memories, fun memories of Frisbee football games and the simple game of frisbee catch.  I now remember griping the flying disc and ripping it through the air, confident I have broken some kind of record as I follow its flight across the sky and field.  Everyone has thrown a disc and almost anyone can do it, although you won’t have to think hard to come up with someone who just couldn’t do it right.

Many of us have marveled at man and dog playing catch with a disc, Television producers have made their careers by showing slow motion action of various dogs leaping through the air, catching a flying disc.

In a tangible, intangible emotional connection,  this story evokes previously unidentified treasure.  It all comes rushing back now as I remember searching the dictionary for the definition of my disc jockey name DJ Nicety (I pronounce it Nice-T), I found a fascinating nicety, if you will…

Ni-c-e-ty (paraphrase) The flight of a dog catching a disc is a singular act of excellence and artistic perfection.  This repeated act, appearing to be the same, can never be exactly duplicated,  its brilliant art perfected each time, a nicety.

Oh boy! thoughts of sand traps, bring me to my favorite Sci-Fi movie, Dune. Please realize that I have identified Peachtree City as a mind-spring.

I’m encouraged to make up a new word to identify this whole process, Hypotheticaltheoryallize.

Disc golf is not a fancy pursuit of leisure time, it’s a serious game competed professionally on tour.  So let’s literally and virtually hit the links of disc golf course Village Green in Peachtree City.  If I was to play, it would be for fun right now, but I’m sure I would want to be competitive.

golf carts..rule

The disc golf game is set up the same as golf with a ball,  instead of a hole to knock your ball in you will find a pole with a disc catcher.

Just in case I have lost you along the way remember that this activity is a part of a day spent riding along in my golf cart.

I’ve included sight-seeing, restaurants and shopping in my exploration.  I haven’t done all these things yet, but I have identified the blip on my mental radar.

My imagination flew over Peachtree City, my reality, much like the flying disc can go as far as I can throw it.

Come back and catch part 3 of this story as we ride through business and answer the question? where’s the Fred.

Contact John G. Dewberry at 404.328.0708 or mycybermap@gmail.com

©2011 All Rights Reserved – To reproduce this document obtain written permission from John G. Dewberry

One thought on “Unidentified Flying Disc, One Flew Over Peachtree City

  1. I enjoyed writing this story, Happy Thanksgiving to Peachtree City.

    Thank you for your kind words of encouragement and I look forward to publishing part 3.
    I look forward to being a part of the Visitors Bureau December eNewsleter and blog.

    I am sure I will enjoy your Christmas celebration.

    Thank you once again for what I consider a great honor and Christmas gift.


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