Peachtree City Revisited

Part 3 of 3

Once upon a time! is a classic introduction to a novel, I’ll use it as a reference point to close this trilogy of my impressions of Peachtree City. In golf terminology, I would call this series a par 3  straight up and down dog leg, with difficult pin position. The difficulty is finding my way through the wonder of a city structured as Peachtree City is structured.

Lifestyle is the word,

golf carts, family, health, exercise, spirituality, green-space, community, success and culture.

Sweet Georgia .. Green

It is music that soothes the savage beast, and inspires the heart.  What music inspired the original designers of Peachtree City?  What music inspired the Wright Brothers? I chose the flight connection of the Wright Brothers because they would love the city of Peachtree City (I couldn’t resist).  The golf carts and paths, inter-connecting all aspects of the city would appeal to their adventurous nature, as would the lifestyle.

I am inspired by all forms of musics’ expressed structured sound.  I enjoy and appreciate live performances, which passionately display the gifts of talented artists.  I also cherish great recordings, which I view as a captured performance moment, preserved for repeat enjoyment.

I know why the caged bird sings and I know to whom the song is sung.

The Wright Brothers are the original aircraft pilots, Peachtree City is the city aircraft pilots built.  I can’t say what the song is but the pilots that live in Peachtree City and the Wright Brothers share the same song.

I’ll revisit these thoughts in another time, in another story I’ll title Peachtree revisited,  for now I’ll do a flyover.  Peachtree City is 25 miles south of Atlanta and The Atlanta International Airport.               This flight of fancy lands in Peachtree City, as many pilots and their families make up the Peachtree City community.  Pilots have a fascinating career, they see the world and the wonder of it from on high.  What goes up must come down, and we all, regardless of profession have to manage a family life.

I can use my imagination and pioneer spirit to easily vision the pilots and aviation workers giving a thumbs up to settling down; after flying 35.000 feet in the sky, into a golf cart dominated community uniquely designed for a totally accessible, family orientated lifestyle.

Sir Isaac Newton sat beneath an apple tree pondering life’s complexities when suddenly an apple fell from a limb and hit his head, steering thoughts which became the theory of gravity.  Gravity binds us and at the same time turns us loose.

I sit metaphorically beneath the Peachtree (City), the sweet Georgia peach that strikes my head stirs thoughts of pleasure I choose to pilot to the destination of Kitty Hawk North Carolina.  G-R-A-V-I-T-Y, gravity one of my favorite James Brown classic songs, connects the Wright Brothers, Kitty Hawk  North Carolina, Peachtree City and pilots everywhere.

600 miles separate the 2 Cities but gravity makes them close neighbors.  Gravity held the first aircraft to the ground and although the first flight did not go very high or very far, gravity was broken, if only temporarily.

Orville and Wilbur Wright set the blueprint of flight, airplane flight that today can take us around the world in hours.  The Wright Brothers would love riding a golf cart through the blueprint that is Peachtree City.

A different lifestyle

It is time to bring this story out of the clouds, if I wax poetic it is out of sincere fondness.  I don’t live in Peachtree City but I can appreciate living there. In my visits I see the golf carts are a real part of life, not a novelty.

The youth drive golf carts to school, golf carts are primary transportation.

This is a novelty that I would not tire of,  so citizens who read this story please realize I write of your lifestyle as a novelty, but I know the novelty will never become the mundane.

Where’s the Fred?

In 1976  an amphitheater was built to help celebrate the Bicentennial of our country,  It opened to great fanfare but soon fell into foreclosure.  In what I consider to be in line with the elevated mindset of the original designers, the city of Peachtree City (so nice, I did it twice!) bought the property on the court-house steps.

Today the Frederick Brown Jr.  Amphitheater is a leader in outdoor entertainment for the Metropolitan-Atlanta area.

One of  the advertising worlds iconic television ads, complete with song states,  “Delta is ready when you are”.  I hope you enjoyed our flight of novel and novelty.  In one more flight of  Peachtree City mind-climbing; my boat dock is named the Freudian slip, my customized golf cart has the vanity plate, DewBirdie and my house! she’s a Brick..House!

Peach..my ride

Peachtree City is ready when you are, wherever you are, if you don’t visit in person, click your heels 3 times and follow the yellow brick road or ease on down the road, in a golf cart.

Shopping..can do

The Happy Ending!


Contact John G. Dewberry at 404-328-0708 or email     mycybermap@mycybermap.com

©2011 All Rights Reserved -To reproduce this document obtain written permission from

John G. Dewberry


  1. I’ve come to the end of my 3-part story on Peachtree City. I’ve included informative links in the stories and I have learned many things.

    What I will take away with me is the mind innovation; free thinking, on a community and economic storyboard. I look forward to writing on Peachtree City again and get more involved by putting on performance and business showcases within the Peach.

    Thank you to the Convention and Visitors bureau, I’ll now take with me the view of life riding at 15 mph.

    We both know we can’t mistake activity for achievement, now back to the real world..as if we ever left it!


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