(in my case) THE MY…UM CALENDAR

In the future, my car is Fly...ing

In the beginning,

a new year is filled with promise and wonder.  The beginning of a new year offers a built-in Mulligan,  it’s a time to reflect on the wonder of a year that just ended combined with the uncertainties of the future.

Have you carried self inhibitions into 2012?

Self inhibition is the rarest of birds that fly in the universe of creativity, equally empowering positiveness with negativity.  We create a virtual catch 22 and if you are this person, I come bearing GOOD NEWS!   I’ve overcome inhibition to title this story,

(in my case) the My… UM Calendar.

Round Calendar

The Mayan Calendar hype was the proverbial 800 pound gorilla in the room at your New Year’s Eve party, hooray if you didn’t see him.

In 2012 let us resolve to be direct in our communication, let’s be mindful of mutual benefaction.


Economically let’s level the business playing field.  I’m not proposing limits on prosperity; prosperity is deemed by each one’s measured talents, but an ebusiness engine that revels in mutual success stories.

This story is unique because I am telling it backwards.

My…Um… Calendar begins with plans for a New Year’s Eve party 2012.

As we proceed, Christmas is always wonderful and the 2012 Christmas season will mark the end of a year-long commitment to the Atlanta Community food bank and our #helpfighthunger food drives.

Our once monthly social media food drive events began in February. We promote the food drives as 1 To Many Tweet Party @1tomanytwtparty presented by Mycybermap.info .  The hashtag (#) and @ symbols are distinctive to twitter.com

In November we will conduct our biggest food drive of the year. The Thanksgiving 2012 food drive combined with our advancement in social media networking will include a celebration of the business year for Mycybermap.com

October will include a webinar/seminar on online shopping for the holiday season, which now seems to begin on October 1st.

Labor Day Weekend 2012,  I will take a leisure Time World vacation. Leisure Time World philosophy was developed by the late great radio pioneer and Businessman Mr. Jack Gibson-Jack-The Rapper.  I will title this event,

iWeb Invitational Netweave Conference. 

Man made, Waterfall

I can feel my inhibitions disappearing in the rearview mirror;  in my case, this makes My… Um Calendar a front view windshield, now back to the future!

Backwards is forward in this story, I now realize the sports cliché “backing into the playoffs” is a good thing.

The anxiety connected to the reception of your ideas, proposals or dare I say dreams can be a significant inhibitor, especially when your biggest critique is yourself.  Oh we are a complicated lot; the creative ones, let’s break the ties that bind us from time to time.

Son of Man, made Water

The month of August will be dedicated to cultivating the new business contacts we have made in 2012 and recharging our business affiliations.

July will include our World Music Showcase Concert and a return to the July 4th celebration presented in Peachtree City Georgia.

June will also find us  in the city of Peachtree City promoting our Fathers Day Concert and Internet Convention.

Planning this Fathers Day Concert also qualifies as a breakthrough, the show will be titled the Big Daddy Jazz&Music Fest.  The Big Daddy Jazz&Music Fest was a dormant memory, but I have overcome the inhibition.

The very merry month of May promises to be special, we will celebrate the 1 year anniversary of JohnGary:Mycyber Talk, with a special edition 1 To Many Tweet Party.

We are looking forward to walking through Piedmont Park in Downtown Atlanta to once again write about the annual Memorial Day weekend Atlanta Jazz Festival.  This year let’s not have Mother’s Day sneak up, plan your celebration as you would any business event.

April is Easter and a time to reflect on progress for the year, plus there’s a built-in spiritual recharge.  April will mark our third organized food drive and mark the announcement of our ebusiness music tour.

The month of March will be much like April, as we will finalize marching orders for the Spring, Summer and Fall events.

Thinking about the fall of 2012 (pun intended) my.. um.. calendar planning for 2013 will begin in September.

Twin Dreams! Lights, Up

Even when you add one full day to the calendar creating February 29th, February is still the shortest month of the year.


Not in the year 2012,

this year is leap year

Men take note of the planning for Mother’s Day and add Valentines Day.

February celebrates Presidents and Black History, the month is built for research and learning.  In my case, Ground Hog Day will herald an early spring and strong growth onto the harvest season.

I’ve come to the end of  this story which is the beginning of a new year, by faith I have achieved the written Alpha and Omega.

January is winter, the colder temperatures can freeze your new resolutions. There are 31 days in this month and everyone can learn from the great Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and hold on to your dreams.

Dreams, Etched in Stone

This is my.. um.. calendar of dreams, plans and events for 2012, it is said that the first step to realizing your goals are to write down the vision.  The glass is half full, with plans for the year, as if anyone can predict the future.

I have plans for my 2012 business year, but I don’t take today for granted.

Tomorrow’s blessings are but a day away, I can write my dreams down for tomorrow because prayer changes everything!

Until such time as another.. Adieu

Contact John G. Dewberry at              404-328-0708

or email    mycybermap@mycybermap.com

©2011 All Rights Reserved -To reproduce this document obtain written permission from

John G. Dewberry

One thought on “(in my case) THE MY…UM CALENDAR

  1. I will be referring to this blog throughout the 2012 year, it’s amazing the amount of energy it has taken to move any idea forward in January.

    But I did write backwards

    and for the sake of conversation this cool comment app let’s me communicate within these thoughts and plans.

    I wonder how this comment will look and sound at the New Year’s Eve Party, This was fun I’ll comment again next month-until then
    – Kirk out!


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