Shirley, we can communicate on a higher plane than that!

Communication on a Higher Plane, Go Patriots-MHK

And don’t call me Shirley, call me Gary, John Gary, not shaken not stirred.

Surely we can communicate on a higher plane than that! The higher level for this communication is the higher plane.., airplane that is or better yet an airplane that turns into a car!  This is not a joke, a Massachusetts company has produced a real life flying car somewhat like

the famous movie spy James Bond.

The Flying Car

Click on their website to get the details at

Terrafugia is the name of this real life sport plane and it signals to me that it’s time to turn the page and fully join the 21st century.

When you’re ready to buy one of these magnificent machines don’t forget John Gary:Mycyber Talk.

Why did the chicken cross the road? it is said, simply to get to the other side!  I was taught, genius achievement borders on simplicity.

I had always thought unraveling complexity was the method of the thinker; it is, but genius is revealed in the simplicity of explanation and implementation.

Now with fascination, we can examine motivating factors that would lead a chicken to cross the road, such as hunger, fright or the wind blowing.

A complex study would show that the factors surrounding a chicken crossing the road have nothing to do with an intelligent decision, critically achieved by careful balanced deduction.  For the sake of my blog story I’m going with the notion, the chicken crossed the road, just to get to the other side.

There is a compelling reason to get to the other side, expand your boundary.

I  have crossed the road from solely working in a company building

(brick & mortar) to working and earning revenue from the Internet.


Earning revenue from

cyber world is a

uncomfortable venture

into the unknown,

but I am here now.

Where is here?

Before I bake your noodle, let’s preface the landing or launch depending on the reader.

“Right now the Internet is my means to participate in the brick & mortar world, while the brick & mortar is transferring into the Internet.  

If you felt any turbulence that was me (or both of us) being run over by the transfer.  

We must incorporate the world-wide web successfully into our lives. Let’s learn to use the internet to bring together the crossing the road action, with the getting to other side experience.

The object is to create an omnipresence in both mediums; brick & mortar and Internet, maximizing work and home life.”

Surely we can communicate on a higher plane than that is my answer to the question, why are you blogging?

In the description of  John Gary:Mycyber Talk I use the phrases eTail, eCommerce and Music World Showcase to set a boundary for my writing.

Etail intrigued me so much I researched the Internet term:    etail

Total internet logistics,  online purchase, mobile purchase, multi-channel synergy, ( twitter, Google+, Facebook ect. ) cyber and brick & mortar inventory, shipping and in-store pick-up.

Researching etail took on added dimensions and provided a new experience for me.  With a familiarity I’d rather leave behind;  I attempted to contact leading businesses in the field of etail.  I was ignored, which led me to think the Internet world is similar to the real world.

I was on the verge of becoming lost in Internet space but there is a magnificent difference when you cross the road on the web.  Instead of joining the next big thing; which is, “a good job if you can get it”, you can find your own way.

I will write again on the subject of etail and as long as there is ecommerce, it will never be so.. 17 seconds ago.  Ecommerce is what we have as ebusiness entities small and large buy, sell and trade.

Home away from Earth Home

Small and large businesses should be quantified by their character along with a profit statement.  Take care of your cyber world ebusiness and Internet reputation.  All transactions are made on the airwaves,  the air and sky are divine.

Character will ultimately prove the largess of an ebusiness person or group.  Protect your cyber character, in the

new world referred to as second life.

The Music World Showcase is the phrase that does not present any boundaries to me as I explore the Internet for distinctive songs, bands and artists.  I love music and spendthrift the creative energy necessary to search, because I can and I want to make a difference.

Space Shuttle, Last Landing Dance

Selection as a feature on and our affiliate website is a good thing.  As for communicating on a higher level; I know a place, let me take you there.  Mycyber Talk is good and getting better, we are building towards constructing a unique ebusiness and music event showcase.

In the case of the road-able plane ( Flying Car),

let’s broaden our minds!

Contact John G. Dewberry at                          404-328-0708

or email

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To reproduce this document obtain written permission from

John G. Dewberry

One thought on “Shirley, we can communicate on a higher plane than that!

  1. Comedy writing must be very hard, how do you know when to infer movement or pause in your delivery. Surely someone laughed out loud when reading this story, if for no other reason than the joy of putting my written thoughts together. (oh that’s what he meant)

    Even though the New England Patriots lost this Superbowl 2011, the great job was to reach the announced goal of dedicating the season to the Kraft family and MHK. In this case getting there was a victory, as was the plane flying over Foxboro Stadium prior to an eventual victory to get to the Superbowl.

    My favorite part of this story shows the Plane with Go Pat’s on the belly and MHK on the wing majestically fly over my story! that is Cool- The flying car don’t hurt either, Shirley, I am satisfied..


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