Picture a Virtual New World, experienced

Part – 2 of 2 – part story

Mycyber WWWebStarr Award celebrates the who’s and the what’s we’ve found on the Internet over the last 2 years.  The World Wide Web is spectacular and promises a spectacular journey each time you enter the cyber universe.

Make sure to take the proper security steps for your business and domestic conduct online, be as careful with your online property as you would in the real world.

The need for more speed is where we are going on the information super hi-way, assimilate information quickly and utilize that information faster than that.  It was a simple statement that changed my relationship with the Internet, “The Tab key is my friend”.

This seemingly insignificant reminder phrase increased my computer etiquette and began my journey to blogging and writing this story, 9 Ladies (Leap Year) Dancing.

9 Ladies (Leap Year) Dancing is the central theme I am using as a story backdrop to announce the Female winners of

Mycyber WWWebStarr Award.

The Bermuda angle for 9 Ladies (Leap Year) Dancing in 2012

In part – 1 of this series I related to a Sadie Hawkins square dance experience as a story backdrop  to choose 10 Men to receive

Mycyber WWWebStarr Award

This is part – 2,  and when a women enters anywhere, anytime or anyplace, the scene changes, Ladies change the rules.

9 Ladies Dancing can announce 10 winners of the WWWebStarr Award in  storyboard fashion from 10 Lords a Leap (Year) ing for Men, into 10 or more women winners announced within this story, 9 ladies (Leap Year) Dancing.

Leap Year 2012,  these are the days in which ladies can leap and dance their way to 5- golden rings and; along with the Mayan Calendar awareness of December, sing along with us, we call these days, the 12 months of Christmas.

Now that we’ve found love, what are we going to do with it!

(This is the part of a story [ I’ll call a mental segue ], where the Author emotionally connects you ) – creative license

Venus; the second Planet from the Sun, is pictured lovely over the Caspian Sea in early Sunrise.

Five Golden rings…! within this story leads to the 2012 Olympic games; which like Leap Year dominate the world stage every 4 years.

Seizing the moment, we celebrate the winners of our Award for Internet excellence.  It is Spring time,  Spring rejuvenate’s and provides visual proof of regeneration through Earth’s seasonal process of Summer, Fall, Winter.

Regeneration gave me the volition to jump into the water of ecommerce and ebusiness without guidance, the business ideas I knew were based from real world projects which don’t translate very well into the Internet.

Outside of the real world, you can now incorporate into your computer etiquette the phrase Second Life.  For more information on the phrase Second Life research Second Life.com.

Second Life.com is a WWWebStarr winner from part -1 of this series, you can also find the Link within our Special Award Edition, 10 Men that win.

The trial and error method of  finding success is costly,  Men (I’m sure Women already know) ebusiness can not be handled in the same way as driving lost, (GPS included) refusing to ask for directions.

To begin getting serious I conducted a business analysis, it revealed my ebusiness was sub-par, it was now time to find a business coach.  I was blessed to find Anita Johnson,  Director of the Johnson Consultant Group.

I was advised to take advantage of my writing talent and keyboard proficiency through online meetings and with in-person workshops which helped me to form Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook accounts.

Through the guidance of my business coach,  I secured this WordPress account,  a domain name and developed a social media network.

It’s important to find a good ebusiness coach, I did and now…

The Mycyber WWWebStarr Award is born.

Awards Atlanta 2012 - Crystal Star Trophy - Suburban Custom Awards and Framing

We are proud to present 10 Viva LeFemme,

Lady’s who win Mycyber WWWebStarr.

Due to her work co-creating John Gary:Mycber Talk,



Mycyber Billboard and

Mycyber WWWebStarr

A special edition award is created to acknowledge Anita Johnson.                                        

Most Outstanding e-Business Coach

Anita Johnson – JohnsonConsultantGroup

The winners chosen make The Mycyber WWWebStarr Award special Congratulations to our winners, meet these dynamic individuals who are one click away from your world.

Recipients are recognized and presented in no specific order.

The inscription on the statuesque Trophy will read – As we work together we will value each other the more and elevate each other to our better dreams and wishes.

The 2012 Mycyber WWWebStarr Award goes to –

*Most Outstanding Song & Social Media

Jae Franklin – “Always Needed You” / @Jae Franklin – Twitter.com

*Most Outstanding Female Band

Bela Dona Band – Be’la Dona / Myspace.com/Be’laDonaBand

*Most Outstanding Internet Show

Issa Rae – Awkward Black Girl / akwardblackblackgirl.com

*Most Outstanding Music & Visual Media Website

Monica Maxwell – Collabo Live with Cairo Queen / @cairoqueen 

*Most Outstanding Technology & Social Media Website

Dorthea Kemp – techsnoopshelper.com / www.dkempdesigns.com

*Most Outstanding VLOG & Social Media Production

Carla McNeil – butterflynetworking.com / @retirewithcarla

*Best Multi-Channel News & Information Website

Yalanda P. Lattimore – dryerbuzz.com

Georgia Peach *Best Atlanta Social Media Network

Shauna Stuart – ShaunaStuart.com

shE-business – *Best Business Concept

Mindy Abovitz –TomTom Magazine A Magazine about Female Drummers


International Music Showcase – Female

*Outstanding Band/Singer -Danica Hunter – Oxford, United Kingdom


Photo by Elana Kalis-Underwater Synchronized Swimming; Poetic Justice for this story of 9 Ladies (LeapYear) Dancing

“I’ll only stop, so we can start all over again”  a great classic song from Hall Of Fame group Blue Magic, but this glorious journey has come to an end.

Congratulations to our Female winners, they are now 1 click away from your world so join us in celebration and find out why they all are Stars on Mycybermap.

Extra, Extra, read all about it..

Just when you thought it was safe to wonder why we didn’t sprinkle this article with the synonym flavor of Aqua Boogie..

We invite you back next edition for the Special Award Edition:

Visions of Cleopatra Jones or Attack of Shelly St. Dennis

Contact John G. Dewberry  jgdewberry@mycybermap.com / 404-328-0708

©2012 All Rights Reserved-to reproduce this document obtain written permission

4 thoughts on “9 LADIES (LEAP YEAR) DANCING

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    1. Thank you Techsnoop; DkempDesigns your words are humbling.

      Please accept the WWWebStarr Award for Most Outstanding Technology and Social Media Website, that’s how we together can spread the love. Plus (just in case you don’t know) all of our winners are truly outstanding and validate our view of the Internet and Cyberspace.

      Anyone who takes the time to enter your world will agree with us, when we say it’s a good thing that we found you or did you find us – Shine On!


  2. I’m moving on to the special edition I call 10 Viva LeFemme, but this story really appeals to me. It’s morning, with the sunrise moving in and the planet Venus shinning bright.

    So many gentile moments along with elena Kalis underwater-these memories I’ll cherish- Now combine that with the website etrip, the QR would state pack a lunch and your favorite beverage and enjoy- for more fun just add your loved 1.


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