10 VIVA LeFEMME WWWebStarr Award

Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

In the 5Th Month of Christmas my business coach gave to me,

5 ! revenue streams..,

4 ! ways to Link in,

3 ! recommendations,

2 ! weeks to pay,

and the keys to

the Internet

knowledge tree.

The 12 Months of Christmas is a Leap Year reference to our Award winners.

For a refresher please look back to the story of 9 Ladies (Leap Year) Dancing.

10 Viva LeFemme,  Women that win Mycyber WWWebStarr Award and with 1 click you find yourself in their world sure to commend our star selections.

Take it to the Bridge, London Bridge welcomes Olympic Logo

Oh yes I am purr-fectly content to engage my inner Pink Panther

to pursue clues

connecting perfectly,

the perfumed


We persist on pouring praises on our winners,

I have vision’s of film pioneer character

Cleopatra Jones

running through my mind.

To use one of Cleo’s lines “your under arrest Sugar”

as you are now bound to the duty of exploring the WWWebStarr websites.

Click on to this picture to meet our Female International Showcase winner, Danica Hunter.

*shE-business: Best Business Concept

Mindy Abovitz – Tom Tom Magazine

*Most Outstanding Female Band

Click on picture hear, D.C. is not a Comic..Go Go looks Good, Be’la Dona

Jae Franklin.com

“I Always needed you”

*Most Outstanding Music & Video Website

Monica MaxwellCollabo Live with Cairo Qween

*Most Outstanding VLOG & Social Media Production

Carla McNeilbutterfly networking.com

*Most Outstanding Technology & Social Media Website

Dorthea Kempdkemp designs.com

Georgia Peach *Best Atlanta Social Media Network

Shauna Stuart Shauna Stuart.com

*Best Multi-Channel News & Information Website

Yalanda P. LattimoreDryer Buzz.com

*Most Outstanding Internet Show

Issa RayThe Adventures of an Awkward Black Girl

(Downtown Atlanta) In the 12th Month of Christmas my business coach gave to me.. Drums Please..The WWWebStarr Awards Ceremony. 12-12-12 click here*

The award winners are fascinating stories, well deserving of your time and study.  Take our Internet journey, the exploration’s you will partake, like waves from cyber wakes, as you take to these websites..  “Fantastic Voyage” awaits.

Each award winner is the prototype for the category named, we have created 22 designations.  Mr Kenny Rodgers (as the gambler) would sing “you never count your money when you’re sitting at the table, there will be plenty of time for counting when the deal is done”

( It’s Major League Baseball Season, because I just ran right though the stop sign of my third base coach.  Congratulations to the 100 year anniversary of  Fenway Park, home-field of the Boston Red Sox.)

This deal is done;

but wait there’s more, my ebusiness coach, Anita Johnson has provided me with incentives for Mycybermap.com to continue building success.

I am advised to continue building interest in the Mycybermap Brand by forming a eNewsletter (to be named) and an additional award platform to be called the Shelly’s (Shelly St. Denis Award).

As we work together we will value each other the more and elevate each other to our better dreams and wishes” is the inscription on the trophy and we will work together in this Leap Year 2012.

12-12-2012, we look forward to an award show celebrating the WWWebStarr recipients with an official ceremony and trophy presentation in downtown Atlanta, Georgia (location and schedule T.B.A)

Come back to visit this blog in May, help us celebrate the 1 year anniversary of John Gary: Mycyber Talk.  The next blog will feature an ode to creative story telling titled, Pumpsie and the Green Monster.

Also please look forward to our July recap of the WWWebStarr winners as we look at the 2012 Summer Olympic’s and feature our London, UK connections.

Although this is a 2-part story with 2-special award editions we will close it like the movie House Party 3, with a great Marriage of characters.

Picture Reblog from J. Andrews Bridal of Peachtree City, Georgia

Contact John G. Dewberry

jgdewberry@mycybermap.com  / 404-328-0708

©2012 All Rights Reserved-to reproduce this document obtain written permission

5 thoughts on “10 VIVA LeFEMME WWWebStarr Award

  1. Looking back…
    is not a good thing to dwell on, in most cases. In this case; the case of nothing and everything co-existing in cyber space through Social Media, there is a fine line between hindsight and acute forsight.

    It’s talk like that, in its written form that inspired me to award myself with a Mycyber Award for Most outstanding self promotion.

    There have been many times (one is approaching now) when I feel as if I am actually talking to no one and no one has heard what I just wrote.

    That’s when I realized the voice is inner and speaking out through writting; done earnestly, is my form of Spiritual Praise. The Lord is always there, So I write.

    The Mycyber WWWebStarr Award series is great, the reception is wonderful, Men and Women winners will always remember this point because there cyber lives changed.

    I not only wrote the talk, I walked it, back linked it, and placed it within instant classic history. I can say that because the winners are actually spectacular and it ain’t over!

    Just before the 2012 Olympics take place this summer in London, I’ll be back with a re-cap and the announment of an additional winner.

    (The Shelly St. Denis award – The Shelly’s)

    I did mention 12-12-12 as our award ceremony date, so it ain’t over, no it truly is not.

    Thank You; from my heart, for reading these characters of organized thoughts from JohnGary:Mycyber Talk – You know who you are.


    1. Thank you Techsnoop, I know your sharing is caring! you truly are a WWWebStarr.Your entire library of writing has served me well as a savant. It’s true an old dog can learn new tricks.


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