Conjunction Junction And The First Black First Lady Of Country Music

(Click Here) See and Hear the song – “Story Of Lily”

Part 2 of Onward Leslie Christian..Country Music Soldier

Leslie Christian has worked very hard with a God-given gift of a powerful and beautiful voice she chooses to share with us as a Country music singer.

The First Black First Lady of Country Music.

Mark Van Allen (pedal steel), Dan Emmett (Fiddle) and Matt Alexander (Guitar).

The conversation and interview are as pleasant as is this evening, which now darkens toward night.  There is no doubt it’s Spring again, the original Gamble & Huff  lyric’s sung by the Late great Lou Rawls, Spring again.

There is a part of me that wants to show off my reporter chops but as I have learned over time and what I’ve confirmed in my interview of Leslie Christian, do what you believe in and what you are good at.

You may have noticed I write with effusive praise, clearly at times taken aback by the show of  prose. I’m taken aback now as I sense a special moment is approaching when suddenly it appears as an object would when driving along a long winding road.

I anticipate an elusive thought or fond memory, but this feeling dances on the outskirts of times’ virtual wings. It’s caught on the tip of my tongue, I have no cognitive ability I must refocus on exposing this promising experience in its written form.

Wait!; cries my writers’ voice, the reader must hear her sing.  Dear reader now is the time to watch and listen (even if you have before) to the You Tube video of the song  “Do You Ever Think Of Me”.  

(call this Conjunction Inter-Stellar)  

Links.. I’ve provided Links that serve as backdrop on the history of Country music within part 1, this is part 2. Welcome to Conjunction Junction of this musical journey within this word processed thought haven.

This trip lights the path of  musical dreams and wishes for Leslie Christian, the former Leslie Christian Barnett, now married to Mr. Patrick Pugh who along with family and friends fully support Leslie’s music and career choice.

It is a fact of life that you may not achieve everything you want, no matter how hard you work at it and for it.  Does the phrase pyrrhic victory mean anything to you, it’s a theory I am aware of from the Great Martial Artist Bruce Lee.

Leslie Christian is a big Miami Heat fan and this year after 9 years of playing NBA basketball Lebron James has won a Championship.

(Call this Conjunction food for thought)

When asked how he felt, Lebron James stated “It’s about time” which seems to be a feeling of relief more than a recognition of a mighty task accomplished. This is by no means a criticism but nothing is guaranteed in sports and in the same token nothing is guaranteed in the music business.

Lebron James’ bold proclamation of winning multiple Championships led to first year disappointment at not winning a Championship and is possibly the foundation for the feeling of relief  at finally winning in 2012.

I have danced artfully, crafting a soft landing for my declaration, spoken as deftly as the Drunken Masters’ moves after a champagne celebration, Leslie Christian.. The First Black First Lady of Country Music.

I realize that years of keeping my talents sharp, of refined practice and defined self-evaluation has delivered me to this moment to shine. Little did I know, or now seeing it do I care that my moment of excellence is exposing someone else to their’s.

Conjunction Junction; 2 beautiful Women Game Changers, Leslie Christian meet Danika Patrick
Bankable Artist.. Leslie Christian inspires Fan’s of all colors and all ages, she wants to be known as America’s Singer

It’s clear now (hindsight being 20/20) why I would dwell on the name Christian and the spirituality surrounding our meeting.

In truth I was meeting the Black First Lady of Country Music, the epiphany manifested itself as I fell prey to Leslie’s’ intoxicating accent, or if you will her country twang.

The Gospel artist reference became clear to me as I looked into Leslie Christians’ eyes and heard her voice elevate as she spoke of her beloved Grandmother.


Grandma Betty Sue sang Country music songs so well that for a time Leslie believed grandma was the legendary Loretta Lynn.

(call this Conjunction Multi-Track)

“Take That To The Bank” is a popular song from back in the day by the group Shalamar, which also penned the theme song to the great R&B television show, history records as Soul Train. (God Bless Don Cornelius)

The talent variety show format is a staple of television past, present and future. Every reference to the history of music on television is incomplete without the mentions of the Ed Sullivan Show and the wonderful show which moved the Skin Color barrier in music, The American Band Stand. (God Bless Dick Clark)

It’s impossible to write about Black people singing Country music without paying tribute to The great Charlie Pride.  Never mind Skin Color, this man sang some of Country music’s greatest songs, proven by a multi-year string of #1 hits. I have 2 other shows in television history that help me understand Leslie Christian’s passion for Country music, laugh-in and of course Hee Haw.

It’s really not a matter for me or for anyone else to justify Leslie Christian’s choice to sing and write Country music and as she says “I want to sing songs that mean something to me, songs from my heart”.

(call this Conjunction abstract love tap)

Leslie Christian is working hard to see her dreams come true, her talent is recognized by R&B Producers and she has (politely) turned all offers down until  a record company is ready to invest in a Black female singing Country music.

In the mean time she has fully invested in herself and the investment has paid off as new fan’s continue to get on board. Record company executives and the like take note, Leslie Christian received an invitation to sing the National Anthem for the Atlanta Braves on the evening of Tuesday, June 26.

I commend Leslie Christian who has left behind a successful business career, stating to those closest, I want to give singing full time a try!.  To the younger set reading about this phenomenal Women,  “She’s All The Way Turned Up”

Conjunction Junction was a 1970’s television show featuring the great voice and distinctive American Bebop jazz music style of Jack Sheldon. This show was part of the overall broadcast called the After School Special and School House rocks. School is in session to learn about Leslie Christian, this is a special time for her and you can feel it in the air. In a personal Conjunction, writing about Leslie Christian has rekindled my own “Fire and Desire” to Produce and Direct entertainment projects.

Let this story inspire you, this is not a history lesson it’s going on right now and it is not over. I am looking forward to writing part 3

I have a partial title for the story, come back for My Country…

The First Black First Lady of Country Music

















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