Monumental Moments..Leslie Christian on Monument Mountain in Grand Junction,Colorado (CLICK PICTURE) to hear Leslie’s Oprah Winfrey tribute song-“Oprah We Love You” produced by Phil Davis

Part 3 of 3  Onward..Leslie Christian.. Country Music Soldier

In God we Trust, Pride goest before you fall, We hold these truths to be self-evident, You can not legislate morality, Can’t we all..just get along, (God Bless Rodney King) and taken from the lyric’s of a Leslie Christian song,

I know a itsy bitsy little bit about love.

There is another saying made popular in New Millennium U. S. A, which inspired unity after a woeful day of  infamous terror on September, 11th 2001; Red White and Blue, These Colors Do Not Run.

Twin Dreams of Freedom, Towers into the Heavens with Lights

These were significant day’s that are gone by now, not only in the space of time but also gone in spirit.  For that brief time “We The People” of the United States began each day as a part of the Human Race, unified and on a glorified planet.

Unity was a common theme throughout the Fall and Winter of 2001, in my writer’s 3rd Eye now envisioned, enraptured and captured upon WordPress, the New Year of 2002 began with every American citizen claiming,

My Country Tis of Me, You and Thee.

One of our Nationally treasured songs begins, “My Country Tis Of Thee” not the Country tis of thee.

By stating My Country..! this symbolizes taking possession with feeling, a beautiful song  America (My Country, Tis of Thee)  was written by Samuel F. Smith in the year 1831.

These are the points that matter, subtle direct references that let you the reader know there was care injected for the sake of love.

When did that All-American unity feeling leave? Where is that feeling of camaraderie we all felt in those days. I am described as a path finder, if you’ve ever searched for something.., something that requires the definite delicate balance of me first then you, you are a path finder.

The pathway is clear but we got lost again somewhere along the way in 2002. Maybe it was personal tragedy, maybe it was road rage, maybe it’s as simple as being scared, but we as a Country returned to cold isolation.

In the movie “What’s Love got to do with it” Ike Turner had a catch-phrase used to focus the band member’s attention. Find yourself was the phrase and was used with a theatrical hand movement and it worked, so virtually let’s find ourselves.

(Bloggonit, found the original B2B – business to business)

“America! America! God Shed His Grace On Thee”  is for me to be taken aback again; as in part 2 of this story.

Wax poetic, as I am want to do, twisted in Internet eCommerce linguistics, this story looks real good when it’s back linked up.

I’m taken aback; aback, realizing the conjunction junction I present here are the great lyric’s, America! America! God Shed His Grace On Thee.

Within the context of this Leslie Christian trilogy,

those lyric’s roar by the senses (like a midnight freight train) awakening the theological backbone of another great National song which; beckoning..,promises a great Country.

This song is titled “America, The Beautiful” and was written in 1895 by a women named Katherine Lee Bates.  My Country Tis Of Me..You and Thee is part 3 of the Leslie Christian trinity trilogy, declaring Leslie Christian is anointed to sing Country music.

The trilogy trinity is.. The Black First Lady of Country Music, The Star-Spangled Banner and Oh say can you see..My Country (music) tis of me, you and thee.

The Star-Spangled Banner our National Anthem, was written in 1814 by Francis Scott Key and just like the revered songs, America, the Beautiful and America, (My Country Tis of Thee) The Star-Spangled Banner endured growing pains on its way to becoming our National Anthem.

(Watch Leslie Christian sing National Anthem at Atlanta Braves game)

Endure growing pains, it’s almost a cliché or even a biblical passage akin to patience is a virtue.  In my interview of Leslie Christian she made it clear to me that the question of skin color would not be ignored or politely glossed over, she is proud of her heritage.

This was remarkable for me since I immediately realized how versed I had become in the art of avoidance when the question of Race arose in business or in the pursuit of happiness.

It had become common for me to participate with little passion in the business world. I had trained myself so well that I didn’t notice my professionalism and desire to be considered a business asset had replaced joy in the work I do.

Can I transfer the feeling of anguish to you at the thought of confronting Black and White racial harmony for a music story. Not a story on politics or a dissertation about the merits of cross-color inclusion into the world of commercialized Country music, but a music story

When questioning Leslie on her choice to sing Country music, my natural inclination was to lean away from color and chose a promotion that focuses on her voice and did I mention that she is pretty!

She is so passionate and devoted to her career that meeting Leslie Christian turns you into a fan. She actually talked me down and infused me with a confidence not to hide my heritage or somehow deny my African-American roots to get ahead or be accepted.  (Nuff said)

Leslie stated to me that she did not want to compromise or hide the fact that she is a Black Woman that prefers to write and sing in the style of classic and contemporary Country music.

When you finally break it all down it’s the Pride that you feel, it’s the pride, ooh it’s the pride (Isley Brothers), as if I were writing a song!

The missing Link in today’s Country music, doubles as a reminder to click onto the highlighted Links you see

 and for the sake of the triple net, 3-D tie-in, we color the Leslie Christian trilogy trinity with a video from the legend of a great Country music hit making beautiful singer,  Mr. Charlie Pride.

I digress to progress; pun intended, my next story will cover Mycyber ebiz connections to the 2012 Summer Olympic’s, where my run on sentences and Uncanny tie-ins win a gold metal in England for English.

The heart Tis of Thee.. Every Country Music singer yearns to perform at the Grand Ole Opry. I sense Leslie Christian is not competing for our attention but believes with hard work and the strength of her talent, she will win our ears.

The Grand Ole Opry is destined to happen for Leslie Christian, it’s a dream of her’s since childhood. I don’t know what the prerequisite is to perform on the stage that made Country Music Famous, but if it’s press recognition and a great song take a listen to Leslie’s song Heartbeat.

There is another great performance stage to be put on notice, “My Life Is a Country Song” is a matter of fact statement from Leslie Christian that requires bi-partisan participation and cooperation on both sides of the aisle to get her on the World Famous stage of the Apollo Theater.

Iron sharpens iron as I presented a faith filled testament to my mother on the subject, “nothing in life happens by coincidence”. I thank the Lord for the humility to see her wisdom when she said there’s Spiritual-coincidence.

Go see Leslie perform, and you will want to get an autograph

A Spiritual coincidence? I present the Black First Lady Of Country Music.

A Spiritual coincidence?  Leslie Christian’s Country music awakening occurred on stage.

The stage was pre-set by Family, Mother, Father, Brother, Sister and Aunt Janice.

Leslie with Aunt Janice

Leslie Christian – I remember one night my Aunt Janice took my sisters, my brother and me on the road with her. Well, I was sittin’ back stage, minding my own business, just listenin’ to the music, when all of a sudden I hear some music, but it wasn’t R&B.

My aunt had her band to learn my favorite song, Acky Breaky Heart. I couldn’t believe it! She invited me to come on stage to sing, and every since then I knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I wanted to sing country music and only country music.

The end 

Thank you to Leslie Christian,

and Manger Jason P. Freeman

Until such time as another, adieu!

Contact John G. Dewberry by phone 404-877-9177 or email

©2012 All Rights reserved to reproduce this document obtain written permission

One thought on “MY COUNTRY TIS OF ME.. YOU & THEE

  1. The Leslie Christian Trilogy, this story promised to be a Blessing and it did not disappoint me. Writing the Trilogy Trinity or the Trinity Trilogy was 3 times every sensation, for example the weather and time of our first meeting and interview was even better than I DESCRIBED.

    The conversation was profound and Jason P. Freeman and Leslie Christian were both so very humble and they are truly talented individuals, sincerely I thank them.

    I have come to enjoy writing commentary on my stories, I used to do it to prove to myself that somebody actually was reading my work.

    I’ve grown over time and now my commentary surrounding this story of The Black First Lady Of Country Music.. well it feels to me like a Director’s cut within a well packaged DVD. sponsor placement here..

    To be continued..


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