presents A continued Leap Year Theme building up interest for the December 22nd or 23rd ebook release of Mycyber Talk: Matter is not Grey. Intimate econnections of stories told like this one! 10 Viva LeFemme

John Gary:MyCyber Talk

In the 5Th Month of Christmas my business coach gave to me,

5 ! revenue streams..,

4 ! ways to Link in,

3 ! recommendations,

2 ! weeks to pay,

and the keys to

the Internet

knowledge tree.

The 12 Months of Christmas is a Leap Year reference to our Award winners.

For a refresher please look back to the story of 9 Ladies (Leap Year) Dancing.

10 Viva LeFemme,  Women that win Mycyber WWWebStarr Award and with 1 click you find yourself in their world sure to commend our star selections.

Oh yes I am purr-fectly content to engage my inner Pink Panther

to pursue clues

connecting perfectly,

the perfumed


We persist on pouring praises on our winners,

I have vision’s of film pioneer character

Cleopatra Jones

running through my mind.

To use one of Cleo’s lines “your under arrest Sugar”

as you are now bound to the duty…

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