We want to make a difference, treat you as we would want to be treated. So with the WWWebStarr Award a platform is created to be a complete Social Media asset. Yes I did award myself a WWWebStarr, even vicariously virtually I get good vibes and work with the designated Men and Women winners in a rare and valuable year-long partnership. “10 Men that win ” will take you on a cyber trip through extraordinary websites and links. Make sure to say hello to our London U.K. International singing artist Mr. Ove Engen!

John Gary:MyCyber Talk

 Award Edition of 10 Lords a Leap (Year) ing

There is a first time for everything and this is the first time Mycybermap.com presents the WWWebStarr award, The 10 Men That Win and their website Links. The Female winners will be presented in the next story, part 2 of this amazing journey.  The winners chosen make the Mycyber WWWebStarr award special, it is the winners who shine and make this award shine.

You can visit 3 cities featured by our award winners and save money with the valuable City Pass for Atlanta, Toronto Canada and Hollywood

Our trophy will be developed by well known award designers,                 Suburban Custom Awards and Framing of Atlanta, Ga.

Each winner has what is defined as IT, please take a look and find IT.

Mycyber WWWebStarr Award:

All recipients are recognized and presented in no specific order,

and the Mycyber…

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