The London Eye Lights Up Social Media

The World Olympic’s happen every four years.

The Heatwave of the 2012 Summer Games in London will be followed by the 2014 Winter Games to be held in Sochi of the Russian Federation.

The countdown to Brazil (hello Wilka Seto-Gehlen) has begun, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil hosts the Summer Games of 2016.

The winner’s of the various competitions receive a Gold metal which has a “podium value” worth approximately $708 or 451 pound GBP , according to the World Gold Council.

Researching this story feeds my hunger (games) for knowledge, I now know British currency is backed by Sterling Silver pound (100 pence).When the Pound is exchanged for United States of America currency (backed by Gold) One U.S. dollar $1.00 (100 pennies) transfers to 0.64 or 64 pence.              (click Link above)

Receiving a Gold Medal as a symbol of your accomplishment is priceless, just as multi-channel Social Media interaction is an invaluable component of the 2012 London Olympic Games. rules the night lights of the London Eye

(a running theme of reference to Kenny Rodger’s song “The Gambler”

I’m not ready to get up from the table or to begin counting money, the mix of ambition and success demands a narrow focus. After 2 plus years of writing Mycyber Talk, the stories still flow freely from my idea pool.

I pray to keep a clear heart and mind, approaching each story I write with a workman’s pride in his craft. I remember looking at a blank page, wondering what could I write to fill that void.

Dreaming about blogging is now faced with the reality of actually writing, this moment demands character (keyboard and virtual) and a story title, as a moment can turn into days.

I had to develop confidence and believe in myself, so I began a research strategy to study other bloggers. I was impressed by the wit and quality of writing available on the Internet, what could I add? I began to say to myself!

I did not like anything I wrote, it seemed I would not be able to get satisfaction. I did get no satisfaction (Devo vs: The Rolling Stones) out of comparison to other writers, comparison will stop you in your tracks.

Measuring your talents on is a task and there are many other writing platforms from which to blog. On WordPress you can find hundreds of thousands of bloggers, many presenting beautiful pictures and stories which can intimidate anyone into quitting.

[Click here for sound in picture] We all live in the Yellow Submarine

We are all affected by our social media surroundings.

Let’s participate in good healthy conversation on the Internet, it’s necessary to engage while you develop a brand and a unique writing style.

I took advantage of my social media great fortune to meet Ms. Melanie Hetfield who provided me with some of the first words of encouragement and Ecommerce guidance.

Social media introduced me to Professional Tweeter and Social Media Management business woman Melanie Hetfield and her company Hetfield Services, Ramsgate, Kent U.K.

Conferring across the “big pond”, as I’ve come to know the Atlantic Ocean, has provided a fascinating journey into the power of the world-wide web.

I feel this blog story is my Abbey Road equilibrium tangent point for creativity and notoriety amongst those who would be next in line.

Visualize this page as it once was, an empty void..

Now I humbly state this once empty void is now filled with characters by character, as proof of a literary landing, by flying in a leap of faith!

The Eye has it

The 2012 London Olympic’s have provided a cyber playground for the exhibition of my Ebiz talents, as evidenced by people and business that I follow and who follow me through social media.

The Internet world of expanded financial and professional opportunities; which for me include music, stage and screen production, continue to re-ignite my pursuit of these career passions.

Social media klout has strengthened my cyber footprint in the U.K. through the Olympic games attention, enhancing the stature of a listing on Mycybermap.

We have developed the WWWebStarr Award as a social media campaign for our winners, including 2 singers from the deep talent pool within the United Kingdom, Danica Hunter and Ove Engen.

This elongated thought is a wonder wish of Blog Rhythm, written as part of this story but placement as a subliminal attachment is a more accurate sentiment for you and I.

The London Olympic’s have provided a stream for streaming my idea’s of Ping and Pence. Watch as this competitive race of creative energies come into focus, the finish line is an idea at its inception!

– an Internet radio show, with one of the features titled The London Rush Hour as part of a positive mind, body and world of music mix experience. – The John Gary Dewberry Show.

The London eye is fabulous and the sites are Golden

Mycyber eFX is no longer a play on words, Mycyber eFx is a brand and a catch phrase positioning as an Internet company for Ebiz, Digital Marketing, Etail and Ecommerce prosperity. presents multiple opportunities to list your business on our virtual Ebusiness cyber map, smile, you’re on Mycybermap!

Mycyber eFX London Olympic’s, Ping vs Pence is a reflection of the Olympic’s and the Social Media influence of the U.K. (United Kingdom) on my Internet experience.

The Ping is the follow back from interested readers and I also count any click onto a highlighted Link found within my stories.

The business of Social Media proved to be a wonderful awakening as I continued learning on my home PC (personal computer).

To further what I have learned about Etail, I will “follow my heart” into my ebiz  penchant for uniquely plausible sales and taglines.

That ultimate segue, could lead to a new sandwich Combo meal for Subway, but here it Links the original.. (sponsor opportunity)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle’s hit song “Follow your Heart”.

The Atlanta 1996 Olympic flame of Dreams

Award me the Gold medal as I finish 1rst in the Holiday Season gift giving idea race with this promotion for the return of the..

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle’s exclusively at Toys R Us.

This Link provides early shopper’s with a clue and a lead for this year’s must have toy.

The Internet can launch your talents into a solvent business, not to be confused with a home business, since the advent of Emobile puts the cyber world at the tip of your fingers, more precisely within your Smartphone.

How does one prepare to be the best in the World! do you compete with an imaginary foe? or do you dig for the best to emerge from inside of you?

It’s time for me to push forward and upgrade this blog to professional, it is also time to expand my writing prowess and author a book.

Just as movie character Forrest Gump ran out of his leg braces to evolve into life, I must do the same to evolve into a multi-channel Internet business.

In this story, the track back of a Ping contesting in a virtual race with the accumulation of Pence into Pounds, would end in a photo finish.

Click Picture for more info.


Until such time as another, adieu!

Contact John G. Dewberry by phone 404-877-9177 or email

©2012 All Rights reserved to reproduce this document obtain written permission

3 thoughts on “MYCYBER eFX London Olympic’s, PING VS PENCE

  1. According to my back office, 51 Country’s have read Mycyber Talk here on WordPress, I am very Thankful for that fact. In this story you should notice a World consciousness and certainly a cyber world recognition on my part.

    The London Eye is a brilliant point of reference and I just now get Marvel Comic creator Stan Lee’s inside joke within the Fantastic Four movie, Silver Surfer.

    What will forever stand out within the confines of wit and paragraph under the title of Mycyber Olympic’s is the beautiful smile and powerful grace of a young women whom; unlike a meteor, will flash across the sky of history ever more as the First African American Women to win a Gold medal as All around Gymnastic Champion.

    Gabrielle Douglas is pictured in this story and that Blessing is priceless, truly priceless as is my announcement of an eRadio show, which will be a World Party.

    I am penny wise, pound sure and make sense, since a pence saved is a pence earned and these pence come from heaven.



    1. Thank you for your response Wilka it is so cool to reply to you in Brazil. I am very pleased that you enjoyed this story,the way you felt when seeing your name and website highlighted is the way I feel about your reply.

      I have used the Google translate button on your blog to experience your culture and Brasil from your point of view.A concert a party? Atlanta to Brazil is what it is, as you are my window into South America, Brazil, Rio and the 2016 Olympics.

      I am Honored to say I have you as a friend in Brazil.
      Peace and Blessings to you and to yours, you are a Star on Mycybermap


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