The Fall Of Leap Year Summer, Harvest Time Is Heir

heavy lift rocket

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Imagine the rebirth of your dormant dreams and desires working themselves into a reality (Spring Time) now made easily recognizable by the continued growth and display of beautiful colors,

(Summer Time) heavy with the fruit of a nurtured labor of Love.

Completion bears an undeniable  fruit, it’s time to harvest (Fall Season).

The Fall of Leap year Summer is upon us; in the title line you should notice the catch phrase, Harvest time is Heir. An Heir is defined as the person next in line for an inheritance. The inheritance I write of is a promise fulfilled, a Harvest of faith. The Harvest of faith necessary to write this story, as an opposite for the predictions of bad things to come for our Planet.

The Sun over, down-under also Sets. picture by GWP Studio

The temperatures begin falling like the leaves from the trees and there is a chill noticeable in the air, the Fall season will soon drop into Winter.

I began 2012 relating to doomsday predictions of the Mayan Calendar. The Mayan Calendar hype, promotes calamity for Earth in late December. In line with my recent penchant for dramatic and theatrical hints within my writing, I’ll place some tension inducing music*right here. (keyboard riff, drops into rhythm, dun, dun, dat, dunnn).

Our Planet, the 3rd planet from the Sun is an impossible testimony for the simplicity of a scientific big bang theory.

Elementary study reveals a wondrous Planet, who’s distance from the Sun and the Sunshine prove an unobtainable logic that includes  gravity, spin, water, food and air.

These everyday miracles lead me to submission to the Creator’s love. In the beginning, I believe the shot heard around the Universe (my big bang theory), was the voice of God, the foundation of this story.


The voice said “Let there be Light”… We respond… the beautiful light!

I equate this story to the inner voice heard by all of Earth’s life forms at harvest time. Call me Mr. October like Baseball legend Reggie Jackson, while I command this moment,

calling my shot like the great Home Run hitter Babe Ruth. Center stage is home plate, I’m pointing to the heaven’s to state this Home Run will be out of sight, it can only be seen by faith.

What a grand time this is right now for those who’ve put in the work for this harvest season, a harvest like no other, a Harvest for the World.

Springfield Mass.
A common leaf peep is a breeze in these New England trees.

Trick or treat the Autumn equinox sits at its highest point in the sky, truly an attest to the phrase high noon.

The Sun rises from the East and the Eastern Star never let’s you down. Sunshine is the constant gardener, fulfilling its duty as nurturer of Planet Earth.

Would that it would be so simple to figure out Earth and Universal complexities with eloquent speech, or speech at all. We inhabitants of Earth speak many dialects (tongues). The body communication of shrugging your shoulders would be the universal answer to the questions, when and how is Planet Earth going to end?

Noah built an Ark to carry mankind and life across a World not yet flooded; when by faith, he listened to and believed the Creator’s call to Harvest. In the Good Book known as the Holy Bible, Moses heard a call from the Sacred Ground of a burning bush to go to Egypt and harvest the people.

On the road to Crucifixion, through the Resurrection…

onto Ascension… Jesus;  and the Holy Ghost, instructed the Disciples; previously harvested,

to harvest believers of the Word of God. What now is this Harvest season of 2012 to you?

Arethusa Falls. The highest single-drop waterfall in New Hampshire (and maybe the highest in New England) is Arethusa Fall
Arethusa Falls. The highest single-drop waterfall in New Hampshire (and maybe the highest in New England) is Arethusa Fall

What signal, like a leaf on a tree limb do we receive to prepare for the literal prediction of the Fall of 2012.

This story is the harvest of a harvest, to be harvested. I did not plan to be here in thought or character, these words are a gift of the season.

I suppose this moment can be related to a card game, do I have what it takes to win, or am I playing a bluff hand? It’s show me time… my cards are face up!

This quote is meant to be like an out-of-body segue within this story. My writer’s voice and my real life voice are occupying this one space, especially for this Leap year prediction of doomsday.

As for me and my house, I will double down (popular phrase these days) on faith in the Son of Father God or as I acknowledge in the title line, The Heir.

As a way of blurring the lines between my writer’s voice and the voice in my heart, I’m declaring literary license.

I need to pick up this story where it once was… that is, a leaf preparing to fall from the tree limb. Using my creativity and creative control I could fast-forward to the re-generation that Spring Time represents.

I could do that in fiction but in truth we must walk through the Valley of the shadow of death in these oncoming days. No one knows the future and there is no way to predict what is to come, but that is not to say don’t prepare.

Prayer changes things, while praises of the Lord go up! Blessings come down.

My Fall season Harvest for the senses takes me to Brazil, where it is Spring again.

Oh happy day!  Thank you for the picture Wilka Seto-Gehlen.

There is one way I can fast forward to Spring Time right now, that’s when I learned to explore more of the World we live in. Social media management and engagement introduced me to new friends and new facts about South America and Brazil, where it is the Spring season.

The World is a magnificent stage, North America’s Fall season is South America’s Spring time.

In North America; the leaf, responding to an inner voice changes during the Fall season to prepare for the next phase, the Harvest.

The weather outside can be frightful, at times our planet proves less than delightful. We must endure the uncertainty of volcano’s, earthquakes, heavy storms and the fact we are traveling through space.

Houston, we have a heavy lift program.. Rodger that Delta V

The Heir is everywhere,

even by Mars and if you must, deeper into the

Stars and galaxy.

While we are here we must love

and tend to Mother Earth’s atmosphere.

This planet paradise is all we got,

this is our Harvest we’ve got a lot.

Escape from New York or Escape from (LA) Los Angeles these rumors or plans confound me.

The thought of  Space travel and visiting other planets truly astound me.

What plans of mice and men, only Jesus knows.

We were not created for mediocrity and even I can understand the curiosity, but as Detroit Gospel Artist Rob J sings,

Let Jesus be your motivation!

I believe in the Holy Trinity, within these paragraphs looms divinity, let’s close this saga definitively, Harvest time is Heir…!

Until such time as another..Adieu!

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©2012 All Rights reserved to reproduce this document obtain written permission

2 thoughts on “The Fall Of Leap Year Summer, Harvest Time Is Heir

  1. Until back again here! we weren’t there!

    A triumphant return to self commentary,if i SAY SO MYSELF, AND i DO ..say so myself in first person, second person and in third person.
    It all fits in place and goes along with “the fall of leap year Summer” story I’ve written,which this space allows comments.

    I comment on the stories I write from the director’s cut point of view,which is hard to do and make sense to anyone who maybe following. I Loved writing this story, I am so thankful for the inner voice and the not to subtle intended coincidence of word and verse, like Oh Happy Day!

    This comment neatly plays along here as the first one under my newly named comment feature titled, Your Cyber Talk.

    My last story,Starring Shelly St. Denis was closed to commentary, which stopped even me from commenting but also allowed me the opportunity to add a follow blog by email option and a Talked about section to view my archives.

    I will upgrade John Gary:Mycyber Talk to Pro, as a Christmas present to myself, and I look forward to that.

    Thank you for reading my stories, Peace to you and be Blessed, I; we, know each other is out there.


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