Chocolate Kisses and Mistletoe Jam

537773_3880746021745_1371650407_3474601_526063056_n All over the World…

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… a magical time when dreams meet reality…

Dreams… are what wonder is made of at Christmas time.

Christmas is a birthday party!  a celebration of the birth of  JESUS on earth…

Chocolate kisses and mistletoe jam

Misunderstanding the reason for the season of celebrating life can bring everything to your life but a celebration, if we get caught up in material gift receiving or material gift giving. Guard your heart, for during this season it’s easy to lose focus and begin to Bah Humbug! an experience that’s to be enjoyed.

Too many people fall victim to Holiday season depression and only feel relief when Christmas is over. Relief overcomes an experience that is based on pure love, an experience to rejoice, revive and gleefully relive yearly.

Big things… we can easily talk ourselves down when it comes to purchasing expensive diamonds, high technology or a brand new luxury car. I call these big things, hopefully big things can be reasonably explained away from our covetous heart of desire.

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater dancer Linda Celeste Sims performs an excerpt form the piece Cry in honor of Artistic Director Judith Jamison at the White House. Jamison is the current artistic director for the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater. Credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images
Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater dancer Linda Celeste Sims performs an excerpt from the piece Cry in honor of Artistic Director Judith Jamison at the White House. Jamison is the current artistic director for the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater. Credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Subtlety is not so easy to detect and under the cover of non-aggression covetousness can bring your spirits down; unaware to your consciousness, you can then forget the pure love on which the Christmas season is based.

It happened to me a few years ago when I heard a speech from former President of the United States George W. Bush. In this speech made before supporter’s of a fund-raising dinner,

( Paraphrase ) the former President referred to the attendee’s as

the have’s and the have-more.  I was amused when I first heard this phrase, quietly commending the writers for designing such a catchphrase.

The impact on me was subtle on the outside, but inside strong.

I fell hook-line and sinker as the well-timed punch line delivered a direct hit.

I was speaking in unison with the former President and as he said have-more, I said have-nots’.

2010 National Christmas Tree.
2010 National Christmas Tree.

“You got to know when to fold them”… What’s happening! as the late great legend Richard Prior once said, I know something is happening, because everything is moving!…

I have a Dream, I have a Dream… that one day, down in Alabama with its vicious racists, with its Governor having his lips dripping with the words of interposition and nullification…

Parliament, “Get Up on the Down Stroke, Everybody Get Up”…

“Yes We Can”… Forward…

“I know we can make it, I know darn well we can work it out.. I know we can, I know we can can, yes we can.. great God almighty”…

Toto! I have a feeling we are not in Kansas anymore!                                              (hello Dorthea – DKempdesigns)

In the sport of boxing, what preceded would be called a standing 8 count…

I did need a moment to regroup after being hit with the have-more statement, it was a real zinger…zingers

I shall proceed, I am the host not the Hostess running on borrowed time.

The have-more do have more but with more comes more responsibility.

I am fighting my way to consciousness,

just like the bakers of the struggling company called Hostess, who have a skill and will recover.

We both know zingers are best known as food cakes and come covered in chocolate, iced vanilla or raspberry; all are cream filled.

Zingers have found a new life as political satire. Seemingly a well placed vocal zinger can take the place of a direct statement of dislike under the guise of political correctness.

The Speech writer or writer’s who wrote the have-more diatribe for our former President, would get a kick out of knowing the statement shock I received nearly knocked me out. As faith would have it, the house I’m in; although in the midst of a storm, landed on the wicked witch.

Thus, this story of Chocolate kisses and mistletoe serves multi-purpose as my have-more speech retort, my touche turtle . In connective depth we’re off to see the wonderful wizard for the problems that ail America.

Mr. wizard the lizard (baby that’s old school) is still and forever to be known as the 44th President of the United States of America; living history records his name, Barack H. Obama.

Whether we are partial to the Wizard of Oz starring Judy Garland or the Wiz starring Stephanie Mills or Diana Ross, power to the people mandates we move Forward, and not over the fiscal cliff.  (remember Mr. Cliff Fiscal)

The oompa loompa’s of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory are beginning another riddle for me, something about Mycyber radio hitting like the lottery. I know it’s time for me to shake off the pictionary of a chocolate filled river flowing with silver kisses filled with diamonds.

A Diamond Kiss, click picture

The fight is not over, the boxing referee asks me do I want to continue?

I say yes.. then he says are you alright, do you know where you’re at?

I then say.. I am here with you now ref !

He dusts off my gloves and says forward! follow the yellow bricks and ease on down the road..

On the way take a look back; just in this story at first, find where you left the Joy of Christmas.

Find it and you have found the subtlety behind being misled, that subtlety in this story leads you off the road of pleasantries and a traditional kiss.

Apply the detective work In real life and you will find the reason you say..

Bah Hum Bug! to Christmas.

The have-not and the have-more can have a common experience of Christmas joy and wonder, it’s a kiss from a loved one.

“Have you ever been good and kissed” is a stand out line from a cool music movie I like titled “That Thing you do” .

Dorthy Chapman Fuqua Conservatory in Atlanta Botanical Gardens

If you are counting commercials during the Holidays, add mine to the list. Mycyber radio and Mycybermap provide consumers with a listing of quality businesses.

Quality means effective customer service and reasonable prices and profit. Fortunately or unfortunately there is an undeniable business side tied into Christmas, which can obscure the reason for the season.

A major portion of the American economy depends on the revenue generated by Christmas season spending.

When taken out of context and materialized, the commercialization of Christmas and the entire Holiday season can take away from the good feelings this season is meant to bring.

The reason for the Season is the birth of Jesus Christ onto our World…

click picture for more info.

Holiday Lights, Atlanta Botanical Nights
Holiday Lights, Atlanta Botanical Nights

Gifts and gift giving replicate the pure love of Our Father God, who gave his one and only Son to the World, to save it and you and I. The best gift is a gift of love, a gift that the recipient will know was given with thoughtful wishes, good will and heart-felt love.

Present your best! to the best!

Until such time as another..Adieu!

Contact John G. Dewberry by phone 404-328-0708 or email

©2012 All Rights reserved to reproduce this document obtain written permission

4 thoughts on “Chocolate Kisses and Mistletoe Jam

  1. This Christmas 2012, was without a doubt a most trying and emotional time as a human being on this planet. Peace on Earth, how precious is that? Maybe as precious as life itself. Little did I know when i WROTE OF DISTRACTIONS PULLING ONE AWAY FROM THE jOY OF cHRISTMAS DID i KNOW HOW TASTY my own advise would be.

    The spoonful of sugar, which is diligently searching out the reason for the Christmas Season; and finding it!, saved me from a man-made habit to naturalize the things of the senses, in a almost, I give up kind-of-way.

    Faith is the belief of and in things not seen and as for me the belief that Father God sent his only Son to dwell with us on Earth to avail us of his infinite mercy and Love.

    Thank you Jesus!

    It took that and all the more to hold on to Christmas Kisses and Mistletoe Jam, my stolen joy returned by readers from around the World and the like button being pushed by Wind against current and techsnoop.

    Kisses were a little bit sweeter this year, hugs a little longer and the New Year awaits..

    Happy New Year.


  2. Reading this story eMobile on cell phone provided a 3rd dimension, when I had to turn my phone as a result of a standing 8 count reference. That was so cool, I can see now clicking the links in the story and Mycybermap ebusiness #tagline creation coming to virtual light, multi channel connectivity and revenue streams. I wonder what reading this comment in the future will bring!?


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