2012 Leap Year, 2013 Leap of Faith

New Year.. Same Old Man Winter..

Hello world, hello New Year, hello to my writer voice.. us getting back together is a cause for celebration!!

The great I AM provides human beings with a mind dampener, which allows us to move on from good and bad experiences.

Men, Women, boys and girls have a wonderful ability to move on in life just as The 44th President of the United States; Barack H. Obama, states… Forward.

The mind dampener can be called selective amnesia, better yet it’s the magnificence of the unknown within a human brain. We have a built-in survival mode that kicks in with life coping skills and only the strong survive.

That sounds grim; 2012 had the grimness of a Leap Year prediction for catastrophe in December.

In the Holy Bible you will find Chapter and verse that reads no Man will know the time of the end of the Earth. 

There’s revelation for “ears that hear”, stating to be ever ready for the end times, as such a time will come as a thief in the night.

Night Moon rising

This pause, for dramatic effect is in a 2-part harmony.

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Mycyber Talk prose.. is supposed to give pause.. creating thought-provoking.. mind openings..

Spiritual awakenings.. to the wonders and the mystery of life .. the mysteries of the Universe..  the mysterious ways of the Lord.

I used what my Mother calls Mother wit to search out and study the Living Word contained in the Holy Bible.  In praise and in prayer I received a born-again break-though and Spiritual awakening.

Onward, Forward.. with the deductive power of Banacek ; the classic old school television mystery investigator. I will find the energy for a New Year Leap of faith into 2013. ( R.I.P Mr. George Peppard )

2013 Leap of Faith off fiscal cliff !! Cliff Dive, into a financial splashdown..

Click here – Acapulco Mexico

Much like the diver in the above picture, leaping into 2013 required a belief in your skills and faith that after you jump off the cliff you will land safely. The cliff pictured is in Acapulco, Mexico.  I related cliff diving to the fiscal cliff drama America faced to end 2012 and begin 2013.

There are similarities; the fiscal cliff of American politics was made of money problems, surrounded with danger like The Perils of Pauline.

The Doomsday talk of catastrophe in December was replaced with financial doom predictions of the United States economy falling off the fiscal cliff at Midnight on New Years Eve. Falling off the fiscal cliff would have the un-desired effects of higher taxes, food prices and other financial hardships like not extending the workers employment insurance benefits.

By faith, our President along with Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. pushed Forward to pull together a fractured political process for an 11th hour agreement, avoiding the fiscal cliff.

Inauguration Day 2013 Hello... Physical, Mental and Spiritual Niceties.. Two Sirs with love On Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Inauguration Day 2013 Hello… Physical, Mental and Spiritual Niceties.. Two Sirs with love On Martin Luther King Jr. Day

The fact this team had won a 2nd term as leaders of our Country In the November elections, seemed to be old news by New Years Eve.

This administration, when compared to cliff diving, has performed many successful dives off the cliff’s of Americas’ problems. Every victory seemed to be met with an equally challenging new task.

I can relate, take a look at my blog readership numbers within the Year-End review. MyCyber Talk readership numbers describe a successful year.

I cannot rest on the laurels of last year.

We have reached that point again…

it’s a most thankful point for me, one that I never take for granted. This inner-dimensional realm appears when it wants.

Join me on a trip within the brink of  New Year thoughts, dreams and wishes. This will not be the equivalence of “falling Up“,

it’s more like “The Man Who Fell to Earth

This Leap in October 2012 is from 24 miles above the Earth, The edge of Space, the highest that Man has achieved.
This Leap in October 2012 is from 24 miles above the Earth, The edge of Space, the highest that Man has achieved. click Picture

It’s my leap of faith into 2013

which, like this story, is in suspended animation.

The faith leap into 2013 began during the Holiday season; a  season and Christmas like no other in my lifetime.

America seemed doomed, depressed, deprived, and determined to dive into destruction.

I could clearly see angry intentions to manifest a negative destiny wrapping itself neatly within the phrase: America is heading straight off the fiscal cliff !

A mustard seed’s measure of faith was all it took to be blessed and able to walk through this modern-day valley of death.

Consider this,

the catastrophic event, thought to be predicted for planet Earth by the Mayan Calendar, would have occurred December 22nd.

I plant this seed of Supernatural interjection; maybe the Mayan Calendar was right, but the Grace and Mercy of God saved us. (again)

Click Picture
Click Picture

It’s time for a definitive earthly response to our savior; a response of Brotherly love.  Maybe, just maybe, The Lord saw fit for us to continue Forward…    

pressing toward the mark  Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King so eloquently referred to as The Promised land.

There were many tears and tense moments to end 2012.

A perfect storm of hot tempers, cold actions and a strong evil wind of death that swept through Newtown, Connecticut.  Innocence was attacked and lost in a way that had not been felt on American soil, shaking the very foundation of faith.

A renewed faithfulness appeared and what was meant for our demise; by faith, became our Country’s Spiritual turn around. American’s young and old, of all skin colors and Races come together on one accord, to bring Love Forward.

Quality of life is precious again!  The fiscal cliff became a self-made financial problem, not a doomsday scenario. Work and the pursuit of happiness have, I feel, forever been split and reconfigured.

The two need not separation or segregation but a balanced healthy relation to self, family and friends. I want to share a personal revelation about my leap of faith.

I would leap and prepare to land with my eyes looking down, by faith, I have been delivered; each time.  I would say I am trusting in the LORD, or so I thought until the traumatic Holiday season of 2012.

Tragedy revealed to me how valuable my faith is as it was attempted to be stolen. The battle to keep my faith re-taught me how to hold on and move Forward while trusting the LORD.

Like receiving daily bread, I have to give thanks daily and fight for my faith, trusting in the LORD for all things. Everyday is a fight against the tribulations of life that worry your soul; it’s worry which leads to doubt, which is not really trusting The LORD.

The Holy Spirit revealed to me that looking down in a leap of faith keeps me from looking up for my blessing. Listening to the Holy Spirit, I am learning to ascend to my potential by doing what I had heard before,

but had not done… I let go and let God!

While we are suspended in our Leap of faith, let’s agree to focus on achievement.

Put the LORD first in everything you do, then do what you do. 

Whatever you do and whatever you are doing in your life, prepare for the New economy.

Get involved with technology! Incorporate your talents into your livelihood and engage with people.  Remember give and take!

2013 Leap with Faith, hit's the ground running.. (click on picture)
2013 Leap with Faith, hit’s the ground running.. (click on picture)

Okay! New Year.. Lets Dance!!

Until such time as another..Adieu!

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©2013 All Rights reserved to reproduce this document obtain written permission

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