Mind; Out Of Body, X-PERIENCE

And It goes a little something like this.. Two years ago, a friend of mine asked me to say some MC Rhymes.. so I said this Rhyme I’m about to say.. The Rhyme was def a-then It went this way..

Run DMC -“Sucka MC’s

That’s the way I look at blogging, writing and assimilating myself as an Author. That’s the way Run DMC put it in a game changing Rap song.

It was two years ago when the Johnson Consulting group expanded my skills in marketing, advertising and entertainment onto the Internet stage.

My first response was a mix of sarcasm and skepticism, “I think I will concentrate on the REAL WORLD”. “That’s The Way Of The World” to make my heart turn cold, as the World famous Spiritual group Earth Wind & Fire sings.

That would be so cool, re-start your creative self by writing your ideas down in blog format, eBooks, magazines and News Letters. This will open up writing opportunities to develop commercial and cinema scripts. Don’t live to regret these times, which you will by not taking advantage of the opportunity.

God bless the sweet sounds of encouragement.

I replied with  a “Valley Of Dry Bones” aurra that rocked my mind, body, soul, senses and my (prayed for) spirit so much that I caught a glimpse of the real me talking to me about the false me I had become.

That coldness of the World response, awakened my dormant creativity to the reality that without an out-of-body experience, my mind geared down to shut-down these thoughts.

I just used the X factor in the previous paragraph, mind out-of-body to connect with pure energy. The pure energy that manifest’s itself as a self thought. That little piece of sunshine I was allowed to perceive, is the light that chases all darkness away.

Each venture into the mind to capture thoughts and phrases to write a story is a journey for me. Writing takes you on a mental excursion that does not become easier with time, although time and experience make it easier to begin anew.

The  journey is now officially two-years old  and has helped to produce and develop Mycybermap.com which is a platform for Internet radio station WMCR and commercial/social media.

I consider WordPress.com a valuable asset for what I term commercial/social media. That term alone is made possible through the enhanced challenges of a bold new (cyber) world.

Mind, Out Of Body X-PERIENCE is a STAR TREK thankfully wonderful, wondrous and full of wonderment. My writing and works of writing projects have received notice from readers around the World Wide Web.

What are you going to do with me now that you got me” is the refrain I hear in my brain, a play on words when The God Father of P-Funk, George Clinton produced a group called “Parlet” .

Strength of your mind over... Matters.
Strength of your mind over… Matters.

Click picture

Referencing ; the Brides of Funkenstein, Parlet is to parley this “Mind Out of Body X-PERIENCE” in succession with experiences I’ve gained through writing over the past 2-years. Doing so in such a manner and with an unmistakable intonation, setting the stage of continuance, further, farther.

Self expression and no literary boundaries lead me unto a distinguished penchant for run-on connective thoughts, run over traditional structure. Everything we do is on the 1-ness.

This is a “Weird Science” continuance;  in a movie titled  “Holy Man” kind of way. The modus operandi spelling the singular and unique experience of MyCyber Talk within a run-on sentence, ergo a run-on paragraph. (love to use ergo)

Is it possible to double dimension mention, what you’re doing while you’re doing it in written form, providing more character to the statement of character shaped by character, lending character to the future, past and present tense of Mycyber Talk.

“giving and receiving nothing and everything at the same time”.

The aforementioned is a double entendre with a side of catch 22, which works every time, when I refer to the Internet as..

“nowhere and everywhere at the same time”.

I am prudish in my approach to writing, I respect the craft, It must be handed down (in the case of the Internet, handed up) correctly. As much as I flaunt the freedom of creative story telling and owning your company brand, checks and balances is necessary even if only a self check.

Mind, Out of Body X-Perience is a look backstage or behind the curtain; in theory, like the first time The Wizard of OZ or The WIZ setup shop. Once I began to take the Internet business seriously, I did a skill inventory.

My skill inventory revealed a love for writing, a penchant for event organization, energy for Producing / Directing and an ear for playing and mixing music.

Like a Hollywood movie script; or Atlanta, Georgia (The Hollywood of The South) movie script, I did not pursue these talents on the Internet until I was fired from my job managing a Men’s Suits department.

(Totally a story unto itself filed under to be written, Titled: Once bitten, Twice shy, Third time The Comforter stopped by.)

When 1 door closes, by faith, another door opens, this spiritual logic is true. I also by faith, saw my talents written down as part of the self-inventory.

This door which I perceive as open now for me, was open while I Sold Men’s Suits. Likely I would have continued on my former job without unearthing my talents to write or build through internet business.

This is a celebration!

I thank you for sharing cyberspace with me, I appreciate the mind encounter, there will always be an x-factor and when you and I consider the spacial universe we have crossed to be within each other mind space….. wow that’s out-of-body!

Contact – John G. Dewberry by phone 404-828-0708 or email mycybermap.com  ©2013 All Rights reserved 

to reproduce this document please obtain written permission

One thought on “Mind; Out Of Body, X-PERIENCE

  1. If I could go back and tell the me that wrote this story in 2013 some things or even looking back would I be proud of the me I am today! I would tell me don’t be trippin that I am back to talk to myself after four years. And to prove it, I would wear the Brown pinstripe suit, the worsted wool one that looks expensive and feels great.

    I would say!, I can’t really tell you anything but I can say by Faith is the key to get back to me, oh by the way how do I look. I am sure the 2013 me would say man you look Good, remember by Faith and come back and visit me in 2017. On my way out, 2013 me gives 2017 me some dap, we both say peace and as I disappear I notice some paper in my Hand saying, Ain’t that a Trip, book/movie/TV….


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