1975 Mr. John G. Dewberry Sr. from the Greatest generation

1975 Mr. John G. Dewberry Sr. from the Greatest generation

The Centenarian, Centurion, Century Addendum

I am John Gary Dewberry Jr., there is my son John Gary Dewberry III.

My earthly Father John Gary Dewberry Sr. would turn 100 years old today May 12th 2014, he was born in Spartanburg, South Carolina Tuesday May 12th 1914.

The Third John G. Dewberry

The Third John G. Dewberry

My father died January 5th 1980 and 34 years later here I am, still standing.

Papa Son - Still Standing, not Standing Still.

Papa Son – Still Standing, not Standing Still.

I am not everything I could be but I am better than I was yesterday and walking with the Lord, promises a better tomorrow.

In 1914; as is still the case when a Black boy, or Negro child is born, skin color is an issue of life and death. I am blessed with an imagination and an anticipation of a better life, a life that my Daddy worked and fought and YES prayed for.

What wishes does a father have for a son? I’m saying that the Son trust in the Lord, that he’s “In the Book” and a viable, reliable adult Baptized member of a good bible based Church is a good foundation.

God Bless the Child who has his own, John G. Dewberry Sr. had his own, just to be able to live through the times of early 1900’s , Purple Heart Veteran of World War II, the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

My Daddy told me many things and taught me harsh realities and the subtleties of how to live and stay alive in America.

These are a few of the things and phrases you had to know:

Geechi, McGillicutti, Cutty, Roscoe and I had to know different sayings  like no gooood!, box you up, straight shooter, 6-shooter and how to skip a rock, how to throw a rock and how to tap dance a little bit.

Maybe the most important thing to know was how to hang out with your Dad wherever he would take you. There are plenty more but these stick out on today, and the motions and emotions of this day are what I am catching in this forum.

My Intention is to chronicle this day and date in forever history. Forever; and that’s a long time, will the 100 year date of my Dad’s birth date stand out in Cyberspace.

1914 was a significant year in many ways not the least being the National designation of Mother’s Day and the first World War.

2014 has it’s significance also but on this day I have a praise offering and one that I particularly take great care to wave a savory smoke.

Let me get down right smokey Father, father check my Exodus:

(Exodus chapter 16 verse 16 in particular) as I have visited the elevators.

I am moving from milk unto living waters of praise JESUS, JESUS, JESUS Thank you Lord for your Grace and Mercy, thank you Lord for leaving us the Comforter, (AMEN) the Holy Spirit. Thank you for the hunger to find pleasure in your sight of me oh Lord! John Gary Dewberry Jr. standing in the need right now, Hallelujah!

Thank you Lord for the Manna now turned into the bread of (AMEN!) your Son JESUS Christ. The bread is the word, the living word is the Holy bible, eating the bread is to study the word while praying to You Father, father for my knowledge of your approval.

Oh Lord, The Meat, Mighty Father, father the Meat that is the bread made sacrifice by the Blood which touch the ground to wash away the Sins of this like filthy rag, oh yes it’s me Lord. The Meat is the flesh of the Son of God who did walk on this earth as a human and gave his life for he that believes on him; JESUS Christ, will have life eternal and everlasting.

Thank you Father, father my gift is this knowledge, that my gift is giving back the love you have so given me.

This gift given me will keep giving as I see The Centenarian, Centurion and the celebration of the Century of the name


as a means for an addendum to be updated throughout this year.

Truly the Word Pressed.

Happy Birthday to my Dad


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