The Future throw back is a window of time past and what you see, Harvest Time is Heir

John Gary:MyCyber Talk

California is the scene for the heavy lift team of Man’s reach for the Stars and Planets.

Imagine the rebirth of your dormant dreams and desires working themselves into a reality (Spring Time) now made easily recognizable by the continued growth and display of beautiful colors,

(Summer Time) heavy with the fruit of a nurtured labor of Love.

Completion bears an undeniable  fruit, it’s time to harvest (Fall Season).

The Fall of Leap year Summer is upon us; in the title line you should notice the catch phrase, Harvest time is Heir. An Heir is defined as the person next in line for an inheritance. The inheritance I write of is a promise fulfilled, a Harvest of faith. The Harvest of faith necessary to write this story, as an opposite for the predictions of bad things to come for our Planet.

The Sun over, down-under also Sets. picture by GWP Studio

The temperatures begin falling like the leaves…

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