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The Centenarian, Centurion, Century Addendum

1914-2014 in thus, encompasses 100 years in time. I now have a more pertinent cause to study the dash between the years,

1914 – (1980) 2014.

The 100 year dash for me signifies more than a passing fancy of historic remembrances, this 100 year dash stands in duality for time. The Centenarian, Centurion, Century Addendum is now an actual addendum to the addendum as I have picked up writing this story, partially finished in June of this year 2014.

In June My Mother was still alive, she is not alive as I write this insert. On November 1st 2014; All Saints Day, my Mother Irene Dewberry died at the age of 88. A life well lived, a universally respected Women by all accounts as I prayerfully accept this reality. Irene Dewberry is now reunited in spirit with her husband, my father John G. Dewberry Sr.

I was pleased to pull thoughts out of my mind and write them in para-graphic form to celebrate my earthly fathers berth in 1914 and time which has passed since John Gary Dewberry Sr. , died in 1980.

2014 is the 100 year anniversary, I’ve heard the dash orated as a line between the years connecting birth and passing on from this life on earth. The dash is often referenced as a yardstick to frame and measure time, highlighted within an obituary.

That is not what I am doing; at least not in a conventional manner, I am celebrating life.  Reading is fundamental to uncover the wonderful information readily available by Internet through a computer. The Internet helps to make history available at your fingertips.  An internet link opens to information that was written down in a book or some other formal context.

Information is now more easy to access but reading and the ability to understand what you have read, is the foundation of knowledge and the greatness of the library system.

Think of your computer as a library system and read, research and never stop learning. I am the living internet link; a Book of Eli, in this relay race of time traveled. I was handed the life baton at birth in 1960, of this life story begun in 1914.

I am a generational seed of my Grand Father, spiritually, mentally and now in cyberspace I am able to say hello to

Mr. Preston Brooks Dewberry.

My 3 Son's & 2 Grand-Daughters, Promising, Promises and Promise.
My 3 Son’s & 2 Grand-Daughters, Promising, Promises and Promise.

Picking up the race; epitomized by the dash between nineteen fourteen and two thousand fourteen (1914 – 2014 ) , I see the baton in front of me as my willingness to chronicle the 100 Year Dash according to John Gary Dewberry Jr.

These trippee trips into the mind & soul happen as you go along for the ride, unknowingly moving forward and backwards in time. You’ve been prepared for your Training Day but you should know, with the links I provide within a story..

“King Kong ain’t got s@#* on me”.

Just like in the movies where the good guys always win!,

are lyrics akin to Bloodstone the band and the first time I saw time measured, as teachers/coaches stopped time, to see time measured. The stopwatch measured time to show that I ran the race in 7.2 seconds in training for combined elementary school field day competitions.

In elementary school, that time was fast enough for me to qualify for the relay team and the 50-yard dash. 50-yard dash means run as fast as you can for 50 yards, I also ran the 100-yard dash in 12.4 seconds. The stopwatch measured my elapsed time to run a certain distance as a time measuring piece.The 100 year dash, measures some of lifes’ times, some of my fathers times, and mines.


Built in 1914, this is the Sather Clock Tower on the College Campus of the University of California, Berkley. Click picture for a dusk view of the San Francisco Bridge

UC Berkley Visitor Information I have enjoyed my life, I had fun while growing up living as comfortably as possible with 2-Black working parents in America. I had a relatively easy learning experience throughout my elementary and Junior High school years 1965 – 1975. I did not face the brutal reality of Jim Crow laws and second class citizenship of my parents. I was shielded and protected from the heartbreak of racism,

taught to treat people as I want to be treated.

Raised in the Church, I am a God fearing Christian and I praise God for my Mother and Father. My father went to elementary school until 5th grade; my Mom until grade 6, then he had to stop going to school and go to work, bringing home the extra money to help the family survive.

There was always a great knowledge with my father, far beyond a 5th grade education. My fathers’ wisdom taught me many things (everything) and is still teaching me unto this day.

I was proud of my first place blue ribbons won at field day; as part of the relay race teams, my parents were proud too, in lieu of not having the same opportunity I had. I love learning, constantly I seek knowledge. I can still hear my father stating,

he wanted me to be better than him.

I did graduate from High School (1978) and I furthered my education going on to Community College, I did not graduate.

I chose to leave College after a year to form and work on my own entertainment business company, as a commercial Producer and Director.

My business dreams are meshed into the 100 year dash.

Even though my father died when I was 19 years old, he did get to see and hear me become a successful college radio disc jockey.

My Mother and Father encouraged me to pursue my dreams and helped me to build my production company. I now operate in all my business talents as , including

Internet radio station WMCR.

The Evening World, New York, New York 1914

Click the Picture link, to go back to the future.

On Mycybermap I have found to be a metaphore for my upbringing and my business/ebusiness philosophy.

Extra, extra read all about it! Newspaper from New Years Eve 1914

I do care yesterday, today and forever.

Contact – John G. Dewberry by phone 404-328-0708 or email

©2015 All Rights reserved 

to reproduce this document please obtain written permission




2 thoughts on “THE 100 YEAR DASH —

  1. Reading this story is a humbling reality. I was carried through each thought with a broken heart and this voice you read now really thought my spirit was broken. It was, and what is so amazing to me at this moment is, even this open space of commentary ; left untouched by written characters, awaiting my thankful return to my good sense. I was carried though this story and I can not tell where I was picked up, or how I was allowed ; by the Grace of God, to write like this or that – Now.. the 100 year dash serves as a healer of 2015 and for the future future future, oouWEE what Time is it!!!


  2. Reblogged this on John Gary:MyCyber Talk and commented:

    2015, One Hundred and one years for the father, born twelve years before the Mother, John G. Sr. and Irene. They must be happy in the Spirit to know of this breakthrough, this moment of written characters brought together in Honor of their memory.

    My Parents together, without me as I am without them, and I write to fill the void. Proper use of the moment would be to state I fill the void with my writing but only the Lord can now help me to fill the Human void of being left behind, to live in my times.

    It was told to me in a cold truth that one day I would know the feeling of losing both parents and truly it is different strokes for different folks.

    I am re-blogging this Story, I’ve titled the One Hundred Year Dash -. This story was to be a sort of misery loves company Lamentation of the awful pain of recently losing my mom. I was to smartly write on a general scale to fulfill the all to true cliche, “Misery Love Company”.

    I had every intention to blather on and on in underlying tones and written intonations like, Man I can’t hardly take this anymore. In truth I can not and have not, over the dash of the few months of this new year done well for any length of time. It truly is the Lord JESUS Christ of Nazareth and the comforter he left behind as the Holy Spirit that has Uplifted me, has even brought me Joy, Thank you Lord.

    Goodbye Merry Month of May 2015, the month that has brought me to my knees, bowed my stiff neck Spirit of rebellion. A willful and bad Child, maybe even spoiled now indignant, with screams of HEY I’M in PAIN!!!

    Even while “In The Book” even while praising the Lord and as some would say going to Church. The expectant favor of a faithful Man, can give way to an arrogant vanity, in a I deserve something, anything I want. God you owe me!!

    Did I touch anyone or go down someone’s street as my Pastor would say? I certainly gained the attention of the squeaky wheel and received the oil of my anointing, Chastisement and Chastening of the Lord. I’m sure both Mother and Father said alright now Son that is enough! get on with your life. I repent Lord of my selfish ways and blindness to your awesome Mercy and Grace and Love and Favor on my life, AMEN please forgive me, I Love you.

    I close this Month of May by re-blogging this story and facing the reality of Life and the sure oncoming of tribulations on this earth. I face them just a little bit stronger than I was even yesterday. I am Not going to be able to get by with much, now that Mom and Dad are together in Heaven, the only place I will run too is the Holy Bible.

    I begin to understand why my Mother would tell me, one of My Dad’s nicknames was “in the book”.

    Thank you Lord for Chastising me with the love of a Father, for his Son.

    Hebrews Chapter 12 verse 11
    11 Now no chastening for the present seemeth to be joyous, but grievous: nevertheless afterward It yeildeth the peaceable fruit of righteousness unto them which are exercised thereby.


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