In winters’ mad late season dash, could it be any other season but spring that captivates a cold heart with the promise of a warm demise, a promise whose sweet sorrow, sings songs of rebirth in the morrow. Frozen no more, goodbye winter, my heart thaws, wait can I see you again .. you are my cold, cold weather friend that teaches thankfulness.

John Gary:MyCyber Talk

From bare springs,…day..dreams..

You have nothing to fear but fear itself! No exceptions, except when said fear is a gone past reality, that by Jesus Christs’ mercy, saves you.

The grace of this Angel unaware allows us to continue, as I have heard University of North Carolina Head Basketball Coach Mr. Roy Williams in a candid interview say, “further farther”.

Immediately my quotation voice enters this story to tell you my Mother is from North Carolina and everyone from North Carolina is a proud Tar heel, hence my reference to Coach Williams.

My Dad, the late John Gary Dewberry Sr. was from South Carolina, although I am Northern born please believe I was taught a few things about the segregation and civil rights of America. 

I know about the Carolina’s and the cotton plant and tobacco farms. In this story, bed springs over my head, visually mean Spring time is here. Normally what would be…

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