MAY-12-1914 / MAY-12-2014 Celebrate 100 Years John Gary Dewberry Sr.

The following is written by JohnGary Mycyber talk.May 12th 2015

Home room 101 would take me back to junior High school but on today 2015, May 12th takes me all the way back to the day my Father was born in South Carolina in 1914.

Today I am the bridge over troubled water, today I praise the Lord, my living water of praise is to the Lord. Amen ! thank you for JESUS, thank you for the Holy Ghost on today when I speak for the entire family.

Who…? me that’s who! John Gary Dewberry Junior. Yes it is me that stirs the drink, yes it’s me who shakes the tree, yes it’s my responsibility to open the door of earthly praise to everyone for everyone.

WHO…? the prodigal son. Yes that’s me, yes I can and always could, sometimes in silence now openly and Yes JESUS loves me, and yes I go to praise the Lord, Hallelujah!. Who will come after me…

THE Lord has called! but after me, and make no mistake, I am before any and everyone, who say so ! well it’s “in the book”. This open prayer and open praise was written before time even before 1914.

Yes I seek the approval of GOD to do what it is I am to do, on this day and in this way. I am sure in my Spirit that many have doubted John G.Dewberry, only to be wrong in the end, for the LORD loved my father so much that he gave his begotten Angel, My Mother Irene, unto him to hold and to cherish and to bring forth this fruit on this day.

NO I am not alone, but alone I can stand, with the Lord on my side. What is loose on earth, will now be loose in Heaven, if there ever was a play time it is now over. WHO say so… I stand by the WORD, my job on this task is done, but I go on to other tasks of the calling on my life.

Oh family you have been charged, not to perform to my specifications or as some may get it wrong, because Dew said so or as any one who may challenge to say… Who does he think he is. Oh I know who I am and who’s I am, always have.

This is the first year without Mother and Father on this earth. Let Love be your guide and continue or become a pillar in a good Bible based Church. Time’s up and don’t test – you wouldn’t like the anger.

Happy Birthday to my Father John G. Dewberry Senior, now in paradise with your wife, I thank God for You.

Whoever you are, it is my hope you find the peace that surpasses all understanding, Thank you.

Today the Word is truly in press, for whosoever is called to read and understand.

Ouwee won’t he do it! Peace and continued Blessings

John Gary:MyCyber Talk

1975 Mr. John G. Dewberry Sr. from the Greatest generation 1975 Mr. John G. Dewberry Sr. from the Greatest generation

The Centenarian, Centurion, Century Addendum

I am John Gary Dewberry Jr., there is my son John Gary Dewberry III.

My earthly Father John Gary Dewberry Sr. would turn 100 years old today May 12th 2014, he was born in Spartanburg, South Carolina Tuesday May 12th 1914.

The Third John G. Dewberry The Third John G. Dewberry

My father died January 5th 1980 and 34 years later here I am, still standing.

Papa Son - Still Standing, not Standing Still. Papa Son – Still Standing, not Standing Still.

I am not everything I could be but I am better than I was yesterday and walking with the Lord, promises a better tomorrow.

In 1914; as is still the case when a Black boy, or Negro child is born, skin color is an issue of life and death. I am blessed with an imagination and an anticipation of a better life, a life that my Daddy worked…

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