Daddy’s Shoes One Hundred and Two


May 12th 2016 finds me in my right mind, praising the LORD and putting up the good fight, today is a quiet celebration of my Dad’s would be 102nd Birthday. It amazes me to see some of our senior citizen’s that are that old and older, as I imagine what they have seen and what they feel.

I have lived 36 years without the presence of my dad on earth, this day has always caught me by surprise. I found myself celebrating my dad on Father’s Day instead of his birthday, you know that tough guy stiff upper lip stuff, which lasted until the 100 year anniversary celebration.

I had my breakthrough; which was going to be the title of this story, Breakthrough 102


This picture is taken in the early 1940’s , the phone is 1940 model

Breakthrough came as my public proclamation of love for JESUS in February 2009, it was then that I wanted to know exactly how my dad felt about my Church and my Baptism. Even more so on today as I have furthered my relationship with GOD, accepting his call on my life to Minister the Gospel.

My dad was nicknamed “in the book” (the Bible) but any and every time I try to step in his shoes they would not fit; it’s the kind of fit I remember from younger days of falling in love with a shoe that looked like your size, but your feet knew the shoes were too big. My dad’s feet walked through the United States of America’s early 1900’s separation of the human Race by color, walked through the racist South, born in South Carolina and later residing in North Carolina.

These shoes walked through America’s economic Depression, being born at the beginning of World War I in 1914, and walked through

World War II in 1943 until the end of that War, receiving honor and receiving

The Purple Heart, a distinction nobody wanted to receive and everyone respects.

American Black Man, Soldier WWII circa 1943

My father’s feet walked within 8 decades on earth, leaving the body to be present with the LORD, 5 days into a new year and a new decade 1980. I asked my dad to tell me stories of war and he would not talk about it. I kept asking as an inquisitive child until my dad said words I will never forget. He said listen good and don’t ever ask me again, hear this 1 story I will tell you. The story unfolded as a nightmare and I became scared to hear anymore, my dad told me not to move until he was finished talking and I froze in my shoes, as the story was told of two men opposing each other until death would claim the loser.

These men were in opposing fox holes and the first one to go to sleep would lose, I shook my father’s hand and started to talk all brave like dad you did good. I am glad you were so strong and stuff like that until my dad looked at me and said, he had respect for the fallen soldier.  Although he was the enemy, the hours and hours of standoff could have gone either way.

That’s the watered down version and I seldom think of it, it is days like today that bring it out of me, I love my dad he was so tough,

I am not worthy to untie his shoe lace.

My dad fought so I could choose, and be chosen by the LORD to follow a call into Ministry, I pray and praise the LORD to be a worthy soldier of the LORD. The LORD will never leave you or forsake you. The troubles of the days in the new millennium may have their perils, even the end of days, which no man knows the date, but

I am prepared in the blood, to lead my family and lead those who would call JESUS, Father GOD. I pray my dad to Rest In Peace continually, as I understand it better by and by.


November. 2014 picture in Canaan Baptist Church Springfield, Massachusetts at my Mother’s repast. John G. Dewberry Jr. John G. Dewberry III

I thank GOD I can wish you a Happy Birthday JOHN GARY DEWBERRY SR.

Thank you to my niece Nakia Dewberry for providing the pictures of my dad online.

2016 picture at Greater Rehoboth Baptist Church Decatur Georgia (shoes are similar pattern) Papa Son, Wife Karen S. (Ware) Dewberry


One thought on “Daddy’s Shoes One Hundred and Two

  1. Fine_Art online newspaper has featured me before and I am appreciative each time, but this time is emotionally significant. That I can relate my generational story of love for my Dad and love for my son and love for Our Father Who Art In Heaven; within multiple dimensions of artistic truths and the forever-ness of social media, is fine art.

    Sure shoes are to protect your feet and even ease your walk over changing terrain, but that they can also do it as they beautify feet and feats, answers my heart as an echoing prayer and timeless cascading praise.

    All this and all that, when Thank you, I am sure, would be enough in this artistic reaction as cause for your action. Art.


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