e-Labor Day Holiday

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Winning…Over… You!!!

Imagine the great racehorse Secretariat speeding past the 3/4 pole.

We now know the story,  he was on the way to winning the 1973 Kentucky Derby.   His eyes and nose are wide-open, every sense is in tune, as he continues onward to the finish line, performing at the highest level.

That’s the feeling I connect with, when an online job earns me money.

Labor on the computer has its day, e-Labor Day.

Labor Day in the real world became a Nationally celebrated Holiday in 1894.

The internet can be compared to one-of-a-kind Champions and to the record-setting horse Secretariat.  The internet provides a wide variety of money-making opportunities.  This blog will open revenue opportunity for the business Man and Women.   The internet is a champion of the job search and a cure for unemployment.  It’s important to grasp this out-of-thin air medium.

I say out-of-thin air to stipulate the magical quality of  limit-less…

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