Author Of Hard Praise

Hear “Christ The King” click the picture – Gospel Singer Songwriter Howard Anderson Jr. HGA

The Lord knows the sounds of His Praise. “Praise On Down The Road” a story of non-traditional praise. Gospel music is traditional and classic, coming from the heart, with an unmistakable feel and sound of a church worship service. Gospel music uplifts the spirit and ushers in the praises of GOD.

The world knows the sounds from a predominantly African American church congregation, from organ to piano to drums to expressive soul singing and preaching, but one GOD.

Howard Anderson Jr. ; Author Of Hard Praise, is expressive with non-traditional style and instrumentation for Gospel songs. The lyric’s he writes offer traditional praise, but he follows the beat of a different drummer to create Gospel music as a voice for GOD.

The beat of a different drummer is a direct reference to the original drum built by Africans, which also provided communication between different tribes. I like the communication between traditional Gospel and the unique praise you hear in this song by Howard Anderson Jr titled “Can’t Nobody Do Me Like Jesus” 

Mycybermap Gospel –

He knows how to slow it down or amp it up without missing a beat, he is a breath of fresh air. Howard’s music is a unique mixture of pop, edgy guitars and Christian lyrics that will have you listen again. 

A man who has an urban music ministry that is made for a time such as this!

Howard Anderson Jr. Hard Praise Productions

The origin of Black Gospel music is found in the drums of the tribes of Africa, but one GOD. 

There are different presentations of Gospel music, but one GOD. 

There are different Religious denominations, but one GOD.  

Let us continually embrace Gospel singers and song writers like Howard Anderson Jr., they are the worship leaders, who are anointed and appointed to move to the beat of different drummers from the ancestors.

Peace and Be Blessed

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