The Stars represent The Gospel Music Ministry of Howard Anderson Jr, the Train Symbolizes The Faith Strength Of Harriet Tubman, The Mother Of Freedom from Slavery. Click Picture

Night Train is a famous song and dance from the late great James Brown, who is known as the God-Father of Soul music and a leader in the Black Power movement after the assassination of Spiritual and Civil Rights leader, Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“Are you ready for the night train!”

James Brown would scream out to the audience. It doesn’t take much imagination to connect the thoughts and dreams of freedom from slavery, which the escape plan called the Underground railroad promised. The Underground Railroad of America was a sort of night train that ran through the South, moving Black people to freedom until slavery was abolished in 1865, through the 13th amendment to the Constitution.

James Browns’ night train was a freedom of his artistic expression from his Soul (click Pic to get your ticket)

Use your imagination to think of the excitement and fear of death; if caught trying to escape, when first time dreamers of escape from slavery would hear of the Underground Railroad. After careful secret planning, you can meet the great woman of freedom; revered in Black History as a giant, her name is Harriet Tubman. I say again ARE YOU READY FOR THE NIGHT TRAIN!

Yes! is the emphatic answer.

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The civil rights anthem, will forever be We Shall Overcome  . Negro spirituals; like the drums in Africa, are songs of praise and also served as news of escape opportunities on the underground railroad. People worked together as conductors on the underground railroad through a series of private homes and stores, hiding the escaped slaves, moving them into the Northern States and into Canada. There were many great men, women and families of White people, who would put their lives in jeopardy to help enslaved Africans gain freedom, the world would never be the same.

The underground railroad led to freedom from the bondage of slavery; while delivering a Race of people and their African traditions to America, changing the world, economically, domestically and spiritually. The African in America influences every walk of life; even denied the truth of their own history, create a new Black culture. The underground railroad delivered the soul of the new Black culture, which would not forget the past religion, the church and the altar; which is the foundation of the fellowship, which was rebuilt. Remember the Sabbath day, and keep it Holy, the church is a hospital for our soul, Home of the Holy Spirit and the place for prayer and singing praises.

ARE YOU READY FOR THE NIGHT TRAIN!, “PRAISE ON DOWN THE ROAD” right here with Gospel music Singer/Songwriter Howard Anderson Jr. from Lenexa, Kansas (outside Kansas City) by way of Gary, Indiana.

Howard Anderson Jr. ; Author Of Hard Praise, has a non-traditional sound for Gospel songs. The lyric’s he writes offer traditional praise, but he follows the beat of a different drummer to create Gospel music as a voice for GOD. Howard uses guitar sounds and defined instrumentation to sing his praises and we know he hears the beat of a different drummer, my direct reference to the original tribal communications through the drums, discovered in Africa.

Are you ready for Howard Anderson Jr, To Hear the song “BLESS ME” click the pic to see the track.

Let’s guard the church to always present the truth and the light of GOD, which is the only escape from evil. Even though there are some that reject any sound that does not adhere to the sound of traditional Gospel music, God judges the heart.  Gospel music can be flexible, if the lyric’s are of the teaching or revelation of JESUS Christ.

Let us continually embrace Gospel singers and song writers like Howard Anderson Jr., creativity must be seen as a talent given by GOD.  Black Gospel music is a bridge over troubled waters of bad memories. Gospel songs, singers and songwriters help us to remember traditions handed down through the years and generations which make up the new millennial African Black American culture.

The Lord knows the sounds of His Praises, regardless of the drums or instruments used and there are worship leaders and singers, who are anointed and appointed by GOD.  The seeds of generations have moved on down the tracks of the underground railroad to the beat of different drummers from the ancestors. I will never forget the story; more likened to a parable, I’ve been told, which helps me in my everyday walk of life.

The cautionary story goes as follows, if you see a light coming towards you, and you hear a whistle blowing, get off the tracks a train is coming.

“People get ready there is a train coming, you don’t need a ticket, you just praise the LORD” ARE YOU READY FOR THE NIGHT TRAIN!!!?


Harriet Tubman said

I freed a thousand slaves I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.


  1. Writers’ note, in a Director’s cut –
    The associative notion of Underground railroad and the saving Grace of Gospel song and praise came to me as I researched the historical facts of this uniquely American story.

    The sheer force of spiritual nature that was Harriett Tubman is the foundation of today’s Church, it was by Faith and song that these strangers in a strange land would trust in each other, Thank GOD for his mysterious ways, which delivered the soul of praise and in this case the Hard Praise of Howard Anderson Jr, the son of a man who sang the Gospel ministry of JESUS Christ.

    For JESUS, the conductors of the Faith train all sing in unison, “ARE YOU READY FOR THE NIGHT TRAIN” and even more pointedly poignant,



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