John Gary MyCyber Talk is my further excursion into cyber space with a variety of topics.  I began blogging without knowing it on Mycybermap.com.

I did not really know I was blogging because that effort includes many business links and does not follow the more classic pattern of blogs I’ve seen.  I have always enjoyed writing, but looking back at my efforts reveal business proposals and writings to promote business ideas.

On the Mycybermap.com Home Page you will find my business Link blog simply titled Mycyber Talk and I enjoy the format I’ve created there.

Here with WordPress  I look to open up my thoughts on the wide world of ebusiness topics, from a cyberspace connective view.

The best way to explain John Gary:MyCyber Talk, it’s how the internet interacts with my topics. Topic’s will include domestic story’s, sports, ecommerce and business matters.

That’s an introduction and the rest will come out in the story telling.

Thank you, I do appreciate your time and feel free to reply.

Respectfully, Yours


John G. Dewberry


What is your Cyber Talk? Please responsibly Reply.

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