The Author Of Hard Praise click the pic
The Author Of Hard Praise Click the picture

The Lord knows the sounds of His Praise. “Praise On Down The Road” a story of non-traditional praise.

Gospel music is traditional and classic, coming from the heart, with an unmistakable feel and sound of a church worship service. Gospel music uplifts the spirit and ushers in the praises of GOD. The world knows the sounds from a predominantly African American church congregation, from organ to piano to drums to expressive soul singing and preaching, but one GOD.

Howard Anderson Jr. ; Author Of Hard Praise, is expressive with non-traditional style and instrumentation for Gospel songs. The lyric’s he writes offer traditional praise, but he follows the beat of a different drummer to create Gospel music as a voice for GOD. The beat of a different drummer is a direct reference to the original drum built by Africans. The drums also provide communication between the different tribes. Hear the drums as Howard Anderson Jr. sings his song titled “Christ The King” .

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Like a breath of fresh air, Howard’s music is a unique mixture of pop and edgy guitars with Christian lyrics that will have you listening again and again. He knows how to slow it down or amp it up without missing a beat.

a man who has an urban music ministry that is made for a time such as this!

Howard Anderson Jr. Author Of Hard Praise Click the picture to hear the Gospel song HGA
Howard Anderson Jr. is also known as HGA Click the picture listen to the song titled HGA

The origin of Black Gospel music is found in the drums of the tribes of Africa, but one GOD. There are different presentations of Gospel music, but one GOD. There are different Religious denominations, but one GOD.  

Black Africans were captured, traded and transported enslaved, on slave ships during years known as the Middle Passage.

The Middle Passage  years total more than 400; from the 15th century into the 19th century, with slave ship destinations going to South America, The Caribbean islands and in North America.

I believe the Black African ancestors suffered from the affects of Post Traumatic Stress from the months long trip across the ocean and being forced into slavery. We; the descendants of these African tribes, are the living links and a living testimony to slavery. As living links; to the blood of ancestors, we suffer from nightmare dreams, as descendants of these ancestral giants. We gained; as an inheritance, the hidden mental illness problem, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

GOD is our relief; as we sing His Praises handed down to our parents by our ancestors, to battle legalized slavery; which in-turn legalized skin color hatred, imposed with evil and intentional mindset.

Legal slave-holding is unlike the helping hand-up offered to a would be slave called indentured servant . Slavery is an evil wind; thought to be justified, when called White supremacy. Slavery was brutally sustained by offering no human rights or dignity, and no escape from a biblical like system of oppression.

African men and women; who sang in different Homelands in Africa, now would sing as one tribe within one ship of State, called America. Songs sung in bondage, became the Sojourner Truth , and have an evangelical nature. These chants and songs; known as Negro spirituals, are the backbone of the hymns sung during today’s worship services; of every religious denomination unto everlasting.

The civil rights anthem, will forever be We Shall Overcome  .

Negro spirituals; like the drums in Africa, are songs of praise and also served as news of escape opportunities on the underground railroad. People worked together as conductors on the underground railroad, to free slaves who want to be free.

Harriett Tubman said.

I freed a thousand slaves I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.

 Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.

The Trinity of GOD would lead GOD fearing people; by faith, to be conductors of escape, from the plantations of the Southern slave States and their owners. The underground railroad worked through a series of private homes and stores, hiding the escaped slaves, moving them from the Southern slave States, into the Northern States and into Canada by the Toronto Underground Railroad .

Kansas Underground Railroad .

Praise on Down the road

The underground railroad led to freedom from the bondage of slavery; while delivering a Race of people and their African traditions to America, changing the world, economically, domestically and spiritually.
There were many great men, women and families of White people, who would put their lives in jeopardy to help enslaved Africans gain freedom, the world would never be the same.
The African in America influences every walk of life; even denied the truth of their own history, create a new Black culture. The underground railroad delivered the soul of the new Black culture, which would not forget the past religion, but pray to one GOD.

The church and the altar; which is the foundation of fellowship was rebuilt to fulfill the Commandment of GOD,

Remember the Sabbath day, and keep it Holy.

The church is a hospital for our soul, Home of the Holy Spirit and the place for prayer and singing praises. The Elders of the church will rightly lead you to lean on the traditions of singing hymns (Negro Spirituals), which keep a bridge to the ancestors. There is a struggle in the church with participation of the young and old.

New generations of Black culture are not attaching to the traditions of the ancestors. That struggle is going away, due to the continued hardness of the world and the renewed perceptions of a racial inequality. Once again; as if times never changed, the African American is back inside the one ship of State, which began as a nightmare Middle Passage to slavery.

Although this time, believers in the Trinity of GOD, walk through the wilderness and don’t just talk of the traditions of the ancestors, now we must teach and learn the traditions. “We Shall Overcome” .

The Lord knows his Praises, and regardless of the drums or instruments used, young people are necessary to carry forth the past ancestral traditions to the future. The youth are coming back to the church and they’re bringing some contemporary Gospel songs into the church, some which bend to much into things of the world.

Church is a hospital for the soul, it’s the world view points; which are not of GOD, that are trouble. Let’s guard the church to always present the truth and the light of GOD, which is the only escape from evil. The wrong songs can bring evil into the soul and into the church through half truths and watered down messages, which enter the soul through subterfuge, and enter into the church subtly as confusion.

We all are on guard for Spiritual wickedness in high places, those songs of confused messages can no longer carry the righteous praise. There are some in the church, that will reject any sound that does not adhere to traditional Gospel music. The music can be flexible, if the lyric’s are of the teaching or revelation of Christ, creativity must be seen as a talent given by GOD.

Hear Howard Anderson Jr. praise within the song “Everlasting Love”

“Hard Praise Wind & Gospel Song” is a bridge over the  troubled waters from memories of the Middle Passage, to help remember; as part of tradition, African Black American culture and its effect on worship and worship service.

Let us continually embrace Gospel singers and song writers like Howard Anderson Jr., they are the worship leaders, who are anointed and appointed to move to the beat of different drummers from the ancestors.

Peace and Be Blessed


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Let’s re-commit to the promised land that him, the great man relayed to us in a vision called, I Have A Dream. Black America has to come out from under the bed of emotional scars that have covered the wounds of American Slavery and 2nd Class Emancipation.

It’s time to re-open the Spiritual, Physical and Psychological wounds of the American African to re-apply the salve of Love, Mercy and Grace from the Lord; our Savior who Art in Heaven, JESUS Christ of Nazareth.

The Man made the Robe do great things, The Word of GOD flowed through the Man
The Man made the Robe do great things, The Word of GOD flowed through the Man

Click Picture to hear a Word from The Kings’ King

I learned from my Mother and Father that I am inferior to no one Black or White, bad things happen and will happen, don’t hate and keep my trust in the Lord. I have forgotten to honor the dream spoken of in the history shaping 1963 March on Washington DC. This is the dream where I learned and the World re-learned, to not judge people by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

Monumental King Monument to defeat despair.
Monumental King Monument to defeat despair.

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Happy 88th Birthday to you, Rest-In-Peace; as the world sings the Great Stevie Wonder song Happy Birthday.

I am drawn to the song “We Shall Overcome”, a song synonymous with the Civil rights movement and the beliefs of the Great man, Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Everyone can learn from the living history lessons of great sermons and Biblical teachings to hold on to your dreams and prayer.

The memories of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ; Born in Atlanta Georgia on January 15th 1929, become greater with the addition of years in time.

The birth-date; now a National Holiday since 1986, brings warmth to the World and to mid-winter cold temperatures which can freeze with the resolutions of a New Year.

MLK Day works to keep up with living history
MLK Day works to keep up with living history

Click the picture

Have you carried self inhibitions into 2017? Self inhibitions are the rarest of birds that fly in the universe of creativity. The mind is a terrible thing to waste and now is the time to see clearly, and not in perceptions which lack faith, which stops growth.

No mental justice, no mental peace when you play gymnastic’s with the truth. The truth is you are equally empowering positiveness with negativity, which cause inhibitions and even leap-less faith.

Atlanta Sweet Auburn Street, Houses King Family Dreams
Atlanta Sweet Auburn Street, Houses King Family Dreams

Click picture for Happy Birthday MLK

Let Freedom ring, when we let freedom ring in our minds the rest will follow  we all fall short of the perfection of JESUS Christ on earth as He is in Heaven and if you are this person, feeling the bitter chills of defeat and despair, I come bearing GOOD NEWS!

With your Spiritual MIND ENGAGED, PUT DOWN CHILDISH THINGS AND SPEAK LIKE A MAN  Click picture for more info:


I’ve overcome inhibition to write this story. Now It is your turn.

We shall Overcome…


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e-Labor Day Holiday

John Gary:MyCyber Talk

Winning…Over… You!!!

Imagine the great racehorse Secretariat speeding past the 3/4 pole.

We now know the story,  he was on the way to winning the 1973 Kentucky Derby.   His eyes and nose are wide-open, every sense is in tune, as he continues onward to the finish line, performing at the highest level.

That’s the feeling I connect with, when an online job earns me money.

Labor on the computer has its day, e-Labor Day.

Labor Day in the real world became a Nationally celebrated Holiday in 1894.

The internet can be compared to one-of-a-kind Champions and to the record-setting horse Secretariat.  The internet provides a wide variety of money-making opportunities.  This blog will open revenue opportunity for the business Man and Women.   The internet is a champion of the job search and a cure for unemployment.  It’s important to grasp this out-of-thin air medium.

I say out-of-thin air to stipulate the magical quality of  limit-less…

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Daddy’s Shoes One Hundred and Two


May 12th 2016 finds me in my right mind, praising the LORD and putting up the good fight, today is a quiet celebration of my Dad’s would be 102nd Birthday. It amazes me to see some of our senior citizen’s that are that old and older, as I imagine what they have seen and what they feel.

I have lived 36 years without the presence of my dad on earth, this day has always caught me by surprise. I found myself celebrating my dad on Father’s Day instead of his birthday, you know that tough guy stiff upper lip stuff, which lasted until the 100 year anniversary celebration.

I had my breakthrough; which was going to be the title of this story, Breakthrough 102


This picture is taken in the early 1940’s , the phone is 1940 model

Breakthrough came as my public proclamation of love for JESUS in February 2009, it was then that I wanted to know exactly how my dad felt about my Church and my Baptism. Even more so on today as I have furthered my relationship with GOD, accepting his call on my life to Minister the Gospel.

My dad was nicknamed “in the book” (the Bible) but any and every time I try to step in his shoes they would not fit; it’s the kind of fit I remember from younger days of falling in love with a shoe that looked like your size, but your feet knew the shoes were too big. My dad’s feet walked through the United States of America’s early 1900’s separation of the human Race by color, walked through the racist South, born in South Carolina and later residing in North Carolina.

These shoes walked through America’s economic Depression, being born at the beginning of World War I in 1914, and walked through

World War II in 1943 until the end of that War, receiving honor and receiving

The Purple Heart, a distinction nobody wanted to receive and everyone respects.

American Black Man, Soldier WWII circa 1943

My father’s feet walked within 8 decades on earth, leaving the body to be present with the LORD, 5 days into a new year and a new decade 1980. I asked my dad to tell me stories of war and he would not talk about it. I kept asking as an inquisitive child until my dad said words I will never forget. He said listen good and don’t ever ask me again, hear this 1 story I will tell you. The story unfolded as a nightmare and I became scared to hear anymore, my dad told me not to move until he was finished talking and I froze in my shoes, as the story was told of two men opposing each other until death would claim the loser.

These men were in opposing fox holes and the first one to go to sleep would lose, I shook my father’s hand and started to talk all brave like dad you did good. I am glad you were so strong and stuff like that until my dad looked at me and said, he had respect for the fallen soldier.  Although he was the enemy, the hours and hours of standoff could have gone either way.

That’s the watered down version and I seldom think of it, it is days like today that bring it out of me, I love my dad he was so tough,

I am not worthy to untie his shoe lace.

My dad fought so I could choose, and be chosen by the LORD to follow a call into Ministry, I pray and praise the LORD to be a worthy soldier of the LORD. The LORD will never leave you or forsake you. The troubles of the days in the new millennium may have their perils, even the end of days, which no man knows the date, but

I am prepared in the blood, to lead my family and lead those who would call JESUS, Father GOD. I pray my dad to Rest In Peace continually, as I understand it better by and by.


November. 2014 picture in Canaan Baptist Church Springfield, Massachusetts at my Mother’s repast. John G. Dewberry Jr. John G. Dewberry III

I thank GOD I can wish you a Happy Birthday JOHN GARY DEWBERRY SR.

Thank you to my niece Nakia Dewberry for providing the pictures of my dad online.

2016 picture at Greater Rehoboth Baptist Church Decatur Georgia (shoes are similar pattern) Papa Son, Wife Karen S. (Ware) Dewberry


2015 in review

Thank you WordPress.

Thank you for providing this wonderful format and platform for writing and for writers. I appreciate those who took the time to read my stories and click the internet links within, which enhance the story told.

Mycyber Talk will continue into the New Year and I am sure it will continue to grow, as will Mycybermap.com and the Mycybermap eBusiness family of websites.

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I Look forward to the journey of 2016, the promise of a New Year, the renewal of story telling and the energy which that entails. Please be on the Look out for Mycybermap Promotion of a Gospel Music Showcase featuring Jamaica born Artist Mr. Paul Allen known as Saint Paul.

Saint Paul now resides in Metro-Atlanta Georgia and is my newest client, I will  write a series of stories on our project titled

World Praise – The Spiritual Light.

Happy New Year, let’s celebrate all the possibility.

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The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 620 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 10 trips to carry that many people.

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In the Year of the Lord 2015.

This year marks in time One Hundred and One years for the father, born twelve years before the Mother, John G. Sr. and Irene. They must be happy in the Spirit to know of this breakthrough, this moment of written characters brought together in Honor of their memory.

My Parents together, without me as I am without them, and I write to fill the void. Proper use of the moment would be to state I fill the void with my writing but only the Lord can now help me to fill the Human void of being left behind, to live in my times.

It was told to me in a cold truth that one day I would know the feeling of losing both parents and truly it is different strokes for different folks. I am re-blogging this Story, titled The 100 Year Dash -.

This story was to be a sort of misery loves company Lamentation of the awful pain of recently losing my mom. I was to smartly write on a general scale to fulfill the all to true cliche, “Misery Love Company”.

I had every intention to blather on and on in underlying tones and written intonations like, man I can’t hardly take this anymore! In truth I can not and have not; over the dash of the few months of this New Year, done well for any length of time. It truly is the Lord JESUS Christ of Nazareth; and the Comforter he left behind as the Holy Spirit, that has Uplifted me, has even brought me Joy.

Thank you Lord!

Goodbye Merry Month of May 2015,  the month that has brought me to my knees, bowed my stiff neck Spirit of rebellion. A willful and bad Child; maybe even spoiled, now indignant with screams of HEY I’M in PAIN!!! Even while “In The Book” even while praising the Lord and as some would say going to Church.

The expectant favor of a faithful Man, can give way to an arrogant vanity, in a I deserve something! anything I want! kind of way, like God you owe me!! Did I touch anyone or go down someone’s street as my Pastor would say? I certainly gained the attention of the squeaky wheel and received the oil of my anointing, Chastisement and Chastening of the Lord.

I’m sure both Mother and Father said alright now Son, that is enough! get on with your life.

I repent Lord of my selfish ways and blindness to your awesome Mercy and Grace and Love and Favor on my life, (AMEN) please forgive me, I Love you.

I close this Month of May by re-blogging this story and facing the reality of Life and the sure oncoming of tribulations on this earth, I face them just a little bit stronger than I was even yesterday. I am not going to be able to get by with much; now that Mom and Dad are together in Heaven, the only place I will run too is the Holy Bible. I begin to understand why my Mother would tell me, one of My Dad’s nicknames was “in the book”.

Thank you Lord for Chastising me with the love of a Father, for his Son, Parents for their child.

Hebrews Chapter 12 verse 11
11 Now no chastening for the present seemeth to be joyous, but grievous: nevertheless afterward It yeildeth the peaceable fruit of righteousness unto them which are exercised thereby.

John Gary:MyCyber Talk


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The Centenarian, Centurion, Century Addendum

1914-2014 in thus, encompasses 100 years in time. I now have a more pertinent cause to study the dash between the years,

1914 – (1980) 2014.

The 100 year dash for me signifies more than a passing fancy of historic remembrances, this 100 year dash stands in duality for time. The Centenarian, Centurion, Century Addendum is now an actual addendum to the addendum as I have picked up writing this story, partially finished in June of this year 2014.

In June My Mother was still alive, she is not alive as I write this insert. On November 1st 2014; All Saints Day, my Mother Irene Dewberry died at the age of 88. A life well lived, a universally respected Women by all accounts as I prayerfully accept this reality. Irene Dewberry is now reunited in spirit with her husband…

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MAY-12-1914 / MAY-12-2014 Celebrate 100 Years John Gary Dewberry Sr.

The following is written by JohnGary Mycyber talk.May 12th 2015

Home room 101 would take me back to junior High school but on today 2015, May 12th takes me all the way back to the day my Father was born in South Carolina in 1914.

Today I am the bridge over troubled water, today I praise the Lord, my living water of praise is to the Lord. Amen ! thank you for JESUS, thank you for the Holy Ghost on today when I speak for the entire family.

Who…? me that’s who! John Gary Dewberry Junior. Yes it is me that stirs the drink, yes it’s me who shakes the tree, yes it’s my responsibility to open the door of earthly praise to everyone for everyone.

WHO…? the prodigal son. Yes that’s me, yes I can and always could, sometimes in silence now openly and Yes JESUS loves me, and yes I go to praise the Lord, Hallelujah!. Who will come after me…

THE Lord has called! but after me, and make no mistake, I am before any and everyone, who say so ! well it’s “in the book”. This open prayer and open praise was written before time even before 1914.

Yes I seek the approval of GOD to do what it is I am to do, on this day and in this way. I am sure in my Spirit that many have doubted John G.Dewberry, only to be wrong in the end, for the LORD loved my father so much that he gave his begotten Angel, My Mother Irene, unto him to hold and to cherish and to bring forth this fruit on this day.

NO I am not alone, but alone I can stand, with the Lord on my side. What is loose on earth, will now be loose in Heaven, if there ever was a play time it is now over. WHO say so… I stand by the WORD, my job on this task is done, but I go on to other tasks of the calling on my life.

Oh family you have been charged, not to perform to my specifications or as some may get it wrong, because Dew said so or as any one who may challenge to say… Who does he think he is. Oh I know who I am and who’s I am, always have.

This is the first year without Mother and Father on this earth. Let Love be your guide and continue or become a pillar in a good Bible based Church. Time’s up and don’t test – you wouldn’t like the anger.

Happy Birthday to my Father John G. Dewberry Senior, now in paradise with your wife, I thank God for You.

Whoever you are, it is my hope you find the peace that surpasses all understanding, Thank you.

Today the Word is truly in press, for whosoever is called to read and understand.

Ouwee won’t he do it! Peace and continued Blessings

John Gary:MyCyber Talk

1975 Mr. John G. Dewberry Sr. from the Greatest generation 1975 Mr. John G. Dewberry Sr. from the Greatest generation

The Centenarian, Centurion, Century Addendum

I am John Gary Dewberry Jr., there is my son John Gary Dewberry III.

My earthly Father John Gary Dewberry Sr. would turn 100 years old today May 12th 2014, he was born in Spartanburg, South Carolina Tuesday May 12th 1914.

The Third John G. Dewberry The Third John G. Dewberry

My father died January 5th 1980 and 34 years later here I am, still standing.

Papa Son - Still Standing, not Standing Still. Papa Son – Still Standing, not Standing Still.

I am not everything I could be but I am better than I was yesterday and walking with the Lord, promises a better tomorrow.

In 1914; as is still the case when a Black boy, or Negro child is born, skin color is an issue of life and death. I am blessed with an imagination and an anticipation of a better life, a life that my Daddy worked…

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