ALL SAINTS DAY supersedes Halloween to show a Happy Hallow way All Christians,.. now no longer are you to claim Halloween, there is a new Hallow way, Now seeing… Claim All Saints Day, a Holiday.  Freed from the crushing depression, I can see clearly now, the rain has stopped but not happily ever after. My Mother said I will understand it better, by and by.

All Saints Day 2015 will mark 1-year since mom died on earth, to transition unto the LORD. Sainted to be introduced by JESUS to GOD the FATHER. For those who keep to choose Halloween, I sang a refrain…


Amen, LORD I ask for your protection as I venture forth after years of imprisonment of the mind, I ask for your power to EXODUS in Numbers, that I do it so boldly, is all Glory to GOD. Spirit to Spirit, let this movement be a Passover, for those who do not LOVE you in this way.

“In the Book” even the Mighty MOSES drew a hard line in the sand of the Wilderness, with the Commandments of the LORD by his side, on his side, choose you this day who you will serve. In visions of the future, “IN THE BOOK” , do I see Brother Peter with a sword cutting off an ear of a would be attacker, (AMEN) Can you hear me now..!

As I go around and around the Promise, and the Promise land, it is time to choose. Choose out of FEAR, Choose out of LOVE, but choose and be seen of GOD Almighty for your choice.

I choose ALL SAINTS DAY, from now and forever more…

Hallow way onto ALL SAINTS DAY!!! Hallelujah, JESUS !!! yeah yeah yeah!!!

Praise GOD… It’s a Duty to honor GOD (DEUTERONOMY) and since my Mother’s death, the honor to Praise ALL SAINTS DAY as a WORLD PRAISE DAY is left to me and I say, leave it to us. (LEVITICUS) Now delivered from bondage, knowing that there is Power in the name of JESUS Christ of Nazareth, we are now all gathered together here on the banks of my tears.

An ocean of tears is between us and a new land, renewed Holiday.


Look.. Look.. the past, and all of it’s strength is approaching with deadly intent to kill, steal, and destroy. There’s no escape from the pain of losing a loved one. GOD knows this pain… having seen his own SON JESUS, die on the CROSS., but never does GOD one-up you, or will he say, me too, I also am in pain, when you come to him for comfort or when he comes to you as the Comforter.

GOD had Mercy on our pain, GOD by Grace freed us (ME) from depression, despair and the emotional slavery of tears from a broken heart. Now gaining my senses back only to face the 1-year anniversary of my Mother’s death is to me as the children of JACOB, now ISRAEL, faced the Red SEA with a great enemy coming fast.

I cannot see my daily Blessings of being chosen and having a covenant with GOD. Moses and his Brother Aaron (Minister-In-Training) enact the POWER given to them by the LORD, as I NOW SEEING, enact the POWER to proclaim…


Holy Bible book of EXODUS Chapter 14: verse

14 The LORD shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace.

I Pray,… LORD BE A FENCE around my family, friends and loved one’s, LORD let the Saint’s hear this call, as even I have heard my calling.

Imagine my broken heart as the RED SEA, and see this vision as lighting the darkness to show the way forward. My research tells me, this crossing of the Red Sea is a 9 miles long journey, now when you look; with your heart, see that the Red Sea was 300 feet deep and that closer to 2 Million people (your seed and mines) would cross in a Miracle of GOD’S LOVE, for those chosen to forever PRAISE HIS HOLY MAGNIFICENT and POWERFUL NAME. Yahweh, Jehovah, GOD, Allah, Jah, El Shaddai, JESUS.

The Red Sea

GOD I choose you, GOD… I choose Your Son JESUS, GOD I choose The HOLY SPIRIT of JESUS left here on earth as a comforter, for the dark days and soar tribulations, that are sure to come, thank you That you allow me to choose you…

Holy Bible book of I Corinthians Chapter 1 – 1 – 31 verses 20, 21

20 Where is the wise man? Where is the scribe? Where is the debater of this age? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world? 21 For since in the wisdom of God the world through its wisdom did not come to know God, God was well-pleased through the foolishness of the message preached to save those who believe.



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The Centenarian, Centurion, Century Addendum

1914-2014 in thus, encompasses 100 years in time. I now have a more pertinent cause to study the dash between the years,

1914 – (1980) 2014.

The 100 year dash for me signifies more than a passing fancy of historic remembrances, this 100 year dash stands in duality for time. The Centenarian, Centurion, Century Addendum is now an actual addendum to the addendum as I have picked up writing this story, partially finished in June of this year 2014.

In June My Mother was still alive, she is not alive as I write this insert. On November 1st 2014; All Saints Day, my Mother Irene Dewberry died at the age of 88. A life well lived, a universally respected Women by all accounts as I prayerfully accept this reality. Irene Dewberry is now reunited in spirit with her husband, my father John G. Dewberry Sr.

I was pleased to pull thoughts out of my mind and write them in para-graphic form to celebrate my earthly fathers berth in 1914 and time which has passed since John Gary Dewberry Sr. , died in 1980.

2014 is the 100 year anniversary, I’ve heard the dash orated as a line between the years connecting birth and passing on from this life on earth. The dash is often referenced as a yardstick to frame and measure time, highlighted within an obituary.

That is not what I am doing; at least not in a conventional manner, I am celebrating life.  Reading is fundamental to uncover the wonderful information readily available by Internet through a computer. The Internet helps to make history available at your fingertips.  An internet link opens to information that was written down in a book or some other formal context.

Information is now more easy to access but reading and the ability to understand what you have read, is the foundation of knowledge and the greatness of the library system.

Think of your computer as a library system and read, research and never stop learning. I am the living internet link; a Book of Eli, in this relay race of time traveled. I was handed the life baton at birth in 1960, of this life story begun in 1914.

I am a generational seed of my Grand Father, spiritually, mentally and now in cyberspace I am able to say hello to

Mr. Preston Brooks Dewberry.

My 3 Son's & 2 Grand-Daughters, Promising, Promises and Promise.
My 3 Son’s & 2 Grand-Daughters, Promising, Promises and Promise.

Picking up the race; epitomized by the dash between nineteen fourteen and two thousand fourteen (1914 – 2014 ) , I see the baton in front of me as my willingness to chronicle the 100 Year Dash according to John Gary Dewberry Jr.

These trippee trips into the mind & soul happen as you go along for the ride, unknowingly moving forward and backwards in time. You’ve been prepared for your Training Day but you should know, with the links I provide within a story..

“King Kong ain’t got s@#* on me”.

Just like in the movies where the good guys always win!,

are lyrics akin to Bloodstone the band and the first time I saw time measured, as teachers/coaches stopped time, to see time measured. The stopwatch measured time to show that I ran the race in 7.2 seconds in training for combined elementary school field day competitions.

In elementary school, that time was fast enough for me to qualify for the relay team and the 50-yard dash. 50-yard dash means run as fast as you can for 50 yards, I also ran the 100-yard dash in 12.4 seconds. The stopwatch measured my elapsed time to run a certain distance as a time measuring piece.The 100 year dash, measures some of lifes’ times, some of my fathers times, and mines.


Built in 1914, this is the Sather Clock Tower on the College Campus of the University of California, Berkley. Click picture for a dusk view of the San Francisco Bridge

UC Berkley Visitor Information I have enjoyed my life, I had fun while growing up living as comfortably as possible with 2-Black working parents in America. I had a relatively easy learning experience throughout my elementary and Junior High school years 1965 – 1975. I did not face the brutal reality of Jim Crow laws and second class citizenship of my parents. I was shielded and protected from the heartbreak of racism,

taught to treat people as I want to be treated.

Raised in the Church, I am a God fearing Christian and I praise God for my Mother and Father. My father went to elementary school until 5th grade; my Mom until grade 6, then he had to stop going to school and go to work, bringing home the extra money to help the family survive.

There was always a great knowledge with my father, far beyond a 5th grade education. My fathers’ wisdom taught me many things (everything) and is still teaching me unto this day.

I was proud of my first place blue ribbons won at field day; as part of the relay race teams, my parents were proud too, in lieu of not having the same opportunity I had. I love learning, constantly I seek knowledge. I can still hear my father stating,

he wanted me to be better than him.

I did graduate from High School (1978) and I furthered my education going on to Community College, I did not graduate.

I chose to leave College after a year to form and work on my own entertainment business company, as a commercial Producer and Director.

My business dreams are meshed into the 100 year dash.

Even though my father died when I was 19 years old, he did get to see and hear me become a successful college radio disc jockey.

My Mother and Father encouraged me to pursue my dreams and helped me to build my production company. I now operate in all my business talents as Mycybermap.com , including

Internet radio station WMCR.

The Evening World, New York, New York 1914

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On Mycybermap I have found Care.com to be a metaphore for my upbringing and my business/ebusiness philosophy.

Extra, extra read all about it! Newspaper from New Years Eve 1914

I do care yesterday, today and forever.

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