Mycyber Thanksgiving Dinner…Meet Mr. Cliff Fiscal

America is built on the Rock of Salvation.The Memorial pictured, covers Plymouth Rock, the landing site of the Pilgrims in Plymouth, Massachusetts

Thank you…                                       (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)

Mycyber Press Agent says eBook “em” with the story of personal growth over the impending Fiscal Cliff of 2012/2013. Math is Truth! A Financial Love Story-The Chronicles of Mr. Cliff Fiscal
it’s a welcome sound or a welcome gesture of appreciation.  Giving thanks is a double positive of being a Blessing and praising the Blessings of your being.

Thanksgiving as a Holiday does present an absolute in this world of uncertainty, in a present world that often ratifies mediocrity and procrastination.

Thanksgiving is! never put off tomorrow what you can do today.

Thanksgiving is! the desired effect with fervent and effectual prayer.

Thanksgiving is! give and take and the quantitative cognitives of counting Blessings.

Thanksgiving is! an undeniable self-inflicted truth serum to the questions, are you thankful and do you give thanks?

Consider Mycyber Thanksgiving a Spiritual Emancipation Proclamation.

I Love this Holiday on every level, Spiritual, Family, Food, Football, Friends Fun and incredible memories. Enter your favorite memories here; don’t wait, pour on your memories like gravy over potatoes. Holiday memories hold Sway Chic over our emotions.

Thanksgiving begins the year end celebrations, savor the memories but don’t dwell in the past. New memories await your full participation.

In my ebook story, her name is Justyna Tymes, but this perfect angel is a model for New York, New York Designer Lorraine Tyne. Click here.

Explore my archives of July 2012 for the story titled “Pumpsie Green”  within it you will find a Link to the late great Minnie Riperton Song “Memory lane”.  

Memory lane for Mycyber Thanksgiving Dinner goes back in time almost 400 years to the year 1621. Let’s travel by computer technology to history’s reputed First Thanksgiving.

“Then out of them shall proceed thanksgiving And the voice of those who make merry; I will multiply them, and they shall not diminish; I will also glorify them, and they shall not be small.”  This is verse 19 from Chapter 30 in the King James Version of the Holy Bible book of JEREMIAH.

Iceland-eyjafjallajokull Volcano erupts causing Lighting, the surreal picture is A W E S O M E !!! Thankful for the Internet…Click picture to get in (side) formation.

Click here for a Gospel song break inspired by this volcano picture, the song is titled “Well Done” by Deitrick Haddon.

Breaking bread with one another is the common thread that connects the celebrations of the first Thanksgiving to today. The table centerpiece is thankfulness and a meal featuring meats, cakes, drinks and throughout my times on God’s green Earth, a turkey with stuffing.

God Bless the Native Americans, they are the unsung hero’s of the human race in North America. They are also unsung hero’s of Pilgrims who landed on Plymouth Rock in the State that is now called Massachusetts.

The settlers will go on to form the original thirteen Colonies, giving birth to what is now 50 United States.

The American Indian showed great Spirituality through the reverence of the sky and the Most High Spirit of the sky. Our common thread is the continuing traditions of all Races stopping;  if just for a brief moment, for this yearly gathering to give thanks and be thankful.

Stop, in the Name of Love!

eReaders, this quote of mind-space is the emotional fulcrum of  this story. I’m thankful for this feeling, it arrives without warning and you can’t plan on it. There are no guarantees it will appear; I call IT the soul of a story, if and when IT does appear, you embrace and enjoy IT!

I am enjoying this story as it unfolds and as we enter the change room; the change room introduces my minds-eye character Mr. Cliff Fiscal as a dessert on Mycyber Thanksgiving dinner.

The object is to create a character to explain financial growth opportunities in the fiscal cliff  Tax conversation. Meet Mr. Cliff Fiscal, he is the lead character for my upcoming ebook.

The question is to meet Cliff Fiscal or not to meet the fiscal cliff.      – Mycyber Talk

The Pilgrims took a leap of faith to travel the ocean and land on the North American Continent. After a disastrous first year the Pilgrims needed help to survive, help they would receive from Native American people who looked different with a different culture.

The Native American, called the American Indian has indeed taught us all how to survive off the land and with the land. It’s the give and take we celebrate with family and friends expressing thankfulness.

Foxwoods Resort Casino in Ledyard, Connecticut on the Mashantucket Pequot Indian Reservation is one of the largest casino complexes in the World.

Click picture:

What a turn we take right here to recount the travesties of the Native American’s within United States History. We can forgo our daily bread of forgiveness and drink from water contaminated with a bitter pill of mankind’s weakness. Let us all together chose to be thankful in the Thanksgiving Season.

Respect the Native American by understanding the truth behind the building of our great Country. Our amazing growth has endured the pains of evil and misgivings, In God we do Trust!

American history is coming! American history is coming!                                       One if by books in the library, Two if by books on the Internet.

The Internet makes it easier to learn how the American Indians negotiate the fiscal cliff that plagued the Native American Nation. Native American tribes persevered through the persecution of being relegated to large area’s of non-desired land called Indian Reservations.

The Reservations would prove to be a Blessing and a Curse as they turned into to desolate, dens of dashed pride and dreams of prosperity which turn into nightmares of despair. Generations were being lost to high unemployment and various sicknesses mental and physical until that fateful day when someone shouted bingo!

Not the dog named bingo, but the game of bingo, more accurately super bingo. Super bingo games were played on the Reservations as a means to add revenue to the small stores that sold souvenir’s and other products like cigarettes, beer, wine and liquor at discount prices.

This revenue stream showed modest profit until America’s tax policies changed in favor of the Native American initiatives in 1979, continuing super bingo and opening the door to build casino’s.

The fiscal cliff the Native Americans faced was seemingly deep enough to engulf everyone and everything. Divine intervention in the form of a great idea turned the fiscal cliff into a financial footstool.

Successful casino’s can now be used to promote historical facts and pictures in the grand lobby’s of these beautiful structures, as many of America’s casino’s are built on Native American Reservations.

The financial windfall for the tribes is immense, but money can not erase the pain of the past. It can help restore the present needs of Native Americans and solidify the future, where there once seemed to be none.

I now see the fiscal cliff of 2012/2013 as an opportunity to write an eBook with The Johnson Consulting Group. The book is titled The Chronicles of Mr. Cliff Fiscal, a financial love story.

There is financial growth potential in the impending fiscal cliff crises that America is now facing, you can ask Mr. Cliff Fiscal.

Atlanta Food Bank Please click the picture to enter
Atlanta Food Bank Please click the picture to enter

Until such time as another..Adieu!

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3-Card Shelly, Staring Shelly St. Denis

The Ultimate Liaison, Kapri Jackson..MsWallst

When we gonna get to the good part? cut to the chase! scan the page! the camera is rolling! These action phrases meet a subject at its action point, the action point is the entry point of this story.

The spotlight shines on 3-card Shelly, a play on the words taken from the street card game known as 3-card Monte.  Shelly is short form for the Shelly’s which is short form for our specialized WWWebStarr Award named after a fictional business Women, Shelly St. Denis.

3-card Shelly, plays a game unlike the street game, in our game the selected player enjoys a win-win-win scenario.  To be a winner at our game you must pay attention to the visual cues we provide and engage with the websites.

We instruct you so you’ll know the golden rules of participation and you get to know the other players. You must click the Links to win at 3-Card Shelly. The Shelly St. Denis Award is created to celebrate an ebusiness person who can multi-task effectively and help a business or individual set and achieve goals.

Please meet our 2012 Shelly St. Denis Award Recipient

Kapri Jackson

Click here for entry into Ms Wall Street Newspaper

The Shelly St. Denis Award is modeled after Anita Johnson who is my business coach and the kind of person that get’s things done, Anita is an accomplished accountant and businesswomen. Every facet of my business got an upgrade including the most important and over-looked skill of closing a deal.

Anita Johnson JCG (Johnson Consulting Group) structured my business/ebusiness presentations with sound financial strategy, while providing initial project ideas and points of contact. The Shelly’s (Shelly St. Denis Award) is a growth product of my association with Anita and her Company, The Johnson Consulting Group.

(on Twitter @AnitaJohnsonjcg )

The 2012 Inaugural WWWebStarr Awards and thus The Shelly’s, have provided me with a wealth of writing material.

Presenting Internet awards to 22 people, along with listing their websites, provided the positive boomerang of higher rankings achieved by, according to social media analytic’s.

What started out in February of this year as a story I planned to write about Leap Day and the phrase Sadie Hawkins, has manifested itself into a 4-part series. 3-card Shelly, Staring Shelly St. Denis will lead to more stories surrounding the winners.

This is a solid ebusiness social media management concept, which continues Forward with the selection of next years winners, announced in December. The winners epitomize their category and will leave a legacy to look up to, congratulations Kapri Jackson.

Please take time out to click onto the multi-channel options we highlight in pictures and phrases. Wordplay, just like a good card trick, shuffles the information you will find, so join in and play.

Watch trailer for ROAD 2 DAMASCUS Movie


Once written, twice try! I pay Homage to my Creative inspiration generation. Click the picture to get inside and explore my follow your dreams-team.

Follow this game by our rules.

Click the pictures when prompted, option #1).

Click the website you find, option #2).

option #3). everyone wins when you engage, our highlighted phrases are web-Links.

Our Male winner of the Shelly St. Denis Award will be announced as a promotion within our Holiday season celebrations.

Shelly St. Denis is a character developed out of a creative think tank,  you could say she was  picked up off the editor’s cutting room floor.

(cutting room floor is now a “Digital Display”, the title of a hit song from 80’s R&B group Ready For the World )

Writing is a career option made possible by the Internet and the Internet inter-play and wonder of blogging. JohnGary:Mycyber Talk is my platform for creativity, this edition explores interpretations of a card trick.

The sleight of hand I want you to experience is inter-woven with all-good news,  shuffled through my computer keyboard. This blog is Mycyber Link thought launch pad, enhanced with edutainment.

(Edutainment is a thoughtful phrase I have learned about from legendary Hip-Hop Artist Kris Parker, known as KRS-one)

My hands-fast keyboard character movements present an opportunity; metaphorically, to pick a card! any card! (highlighted phrase) as each card represents a winning choice.

I’m celebrating the successful reception of our Internet awards in high style, and with plenty of pomp and circumstance.

ATL Film 365 Production

I imagine my revelry is similar to a movie or television producer’s celebration upon receiving a contract for show production.

Shelly St. Denis lives by creative license, her secret agent number is double – oh, oh. 3-card Shelly would fit on the big screen as a woman who uses her brain, beauty and boldness to locate our award winners.

The WWWebStarr Awards; Internet and “Real World” are about location, location, location. Today’s and tomorrow’s winners can be selected from anywhere on our planet, if they’re capable of Internet access.

The on-screen character of  Shelly St. Denis would be similar in style to the female agents seen in the 2002 movie “Undercover Brother” or even an updated look, like the heroine of the movie “Columbiana”.

“Working online with the “Infinite Possibilities” ( Amel Larrieux ) of ebusiness, is now a part of the Labor Day Holiday. I’ve re-named the Internet version in a prior blog; recognizing America’s workers, it’s titled eLabor Day.”

The plot thickens as you explore the business/ebusiness wonder that is on twitter @MsWallst  ,Kapri Jackson.

The SSC (Slick Super Chick) is a search engine optimizing organization, created for this story to assist our heroine list ebusiness Men and Women on Mycybermap as WWWebstarr’s.

I’ve celebrated eLabor Day 2012 as a writer thankful for the opportunity to work, this is a work of my art-form. The SSC Agency and 3-Card Shelly, Starring Shelly St. Denis is the full title for this story, enjoy an abstract concept, which can be turned into a movie/play, script, hard-book/ebook, or in its simplest form as a title for my Blog.

I’ll close with another play on words.. the great actress Shelley Winters may agree, as Summer Falls, Murder He Wrote..

Until such time as another..Adieu!

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