flipscriptFlipping the script like Yavonovitch I go Secular with a Holy message but it came to me this way, to flip the Bible script my way, given to me.
Remember what I told you to forget, a Word for the sleepers in Christ Jesus, you who don’t know who you are, or who you are with.
Call it a Non disclosure agreement but this one is made in the Blood of Jesus, Not only couldn’t you tell it, but you didn’t know you knew it. But when called, you hear the voice of the Lord as a Commandment from your Father, even you who are rebellious.
You who are so grown, the Spirit of The Lord brings you to your knees in a desperate prayer, saying I don’t know how to Pray.
Now Remember what I told you to forget, Remember the Devil is a liar, Satan’s truth to power cannot take you away from the power of Jesus.
In the Bible you will find me in the book of Matthew Chapter 16v23 The Rock is human, The Rock is Peter, build the Church on the truth.
Now Remember what I told you to forget, Jesus said I must be Crucified, that the Comforter will come.
Jesus says, He is Coming Back to collect those by the deeds of their works, now hearing get thee to work.
Peace and be Blessed.



From the debut album For You, Soft And Wet click the link

Thank You Prince , It was my older Sister Beulah who told me that PRINCE was reported to have died on April, 21st, 2016. She, my older Sisters Emma and Jennifer and my older Brother Ira Jay, introduced me to playing music on the stereo and putting multiple 45’s RPM singles on the fat 45 record holder, that you placed on the spindle.

Rest In Eternal Peace Prince, who pressed the down button on his in home elevator, but I believe stated to Jesus Christ that he wanted to go up. I met his music in 1978 on a 45 record that turned me out as I was learning how to be a DJ, I was not on the radio yet, still practicing on the turntables, the 1’s & 2’s. One mix I really dug was a Prince record “Soft & Wet”  that I would mix with another 45 by Foster Sylvers called “Misdemeanor”, the sonic boom I got in that mix I will nevah forget, it was all that for me and launched me into the world of DJ-ING.

I loved Prince and his flair to be (old school term) Nasty, man you play a Prince record and all the sudden you are a good DJ; John Gary Dewberry, DJ NICETY, if you please, I just dug his whole set, from being cool to putting that cool into everything he did, which is in full display in the movie Under The Cherry Moon

He was 57 years old when he died, just 2-months before turning 58, that’s 2 years older than myself, Prince is right there in my age ball park and his death does touch my heart. I pray for the Comforter; The HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS, to ease the pain of all that loved him. I am left with great music memories and a profound feeling of the Spirituality of Prince, you can hear in all of his music.

Prince had purpose in his being, his presence on earth and in the music scene put God talk into the mainstream, making it like it’s cool to be cool and talk about GOD, and like I said when you put on a Prince record you could turn a party out.



I dig the Kid and because of PRINCE RODGERS NELSON this kid right here, is a sexy dancer, for me Prince will forever be, IN RARE FORM… Peace and Blessings

THE Golden Role

Orlando, Florida Dolphin Sea World

Beware, the Ides of March is a Pisces fish story of faith, even though it deals with Caesar AD, which is like having a system of power likened to Presidents.

A common denominator is disobedience to God by the chosen of God, is that you Disciple? I pray not to be wicked, and bury my talent given to me by the Lord, I find wisdom in the parable of talents, written in the book of Matthew, chapter 25: v24 – 30

See the wicked times of today like the treacherous times of Julius Caesar, who met his death on March 15th, 44 BC taken down by those around him, the leaders of the Roman Senate. Whenever the chosen choose to praise Satan; or any of his kind, we the people suffer. Some don’t know they are chosen, some don’t believe they are chosen and some of the chosen, choose to give away their birthright.

One act of betrayal, worthy of losing your birthright, is to lead the people of God for worldly gain, be it wealth or high position. It is wickedness to mislead the children of God; presenting yourself Holy, then found out to be a wolf in sheep clothing who builds stumbling blocks to dissuade believers, who become disheartened and begin to believe in other gods and praise idols as gods.

The golden rule is love one another as you love God, treating each other as you would want to be treated. The golden role is to be a fisherman of Jesus, and present the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to his sheep, for encouragement and discernment.  The wolf, and the wolf in sheep’s clothing, devour those who are lost in the wilderness of the oceans of this world, who are found only by Jesus.

Modern day Sea of Galilee, fishing click here for more information

The wolf in sheep’s clothing will talk like they’re born again, and use the Words of the Bible to manipulate you to their gain, rather than edify your Spiritual Soul. The wolf, hidden in plain sight, can only be seen through Spiritual eyes, blessed to come forth out of darkness, and into the marvelous light of the truth of Jesus Christ. Now Born again, the Chosen seek the daily bread from the Lord’s Prayer in their life, and submit to JESUS Christ, He is the Son of God,  putting down their allegiances to worldly things to see the true treasure is Heaven, and the promise of Eternal life with Jesus.

The Lent Season of Repentance begins with the 3rd New Moon of the New Year, the ides of March; as it pertains to Julius Caesar, mark a different sense of changing times, that highlight betrayal in the first 15 days of the month.

These days for Christians are days of loyalty, believing that Jesus overcame the trials of temptation from Satan; the wolf, that immediately followed His Baptism by John The Baptist.  Baptism by water is required to be born again and began the march of Jesus Christ of Nazareth through the Lent Season. Jesus begins the final stage of HIS Holy walk onto the old rugged Cross, lasting 40 days; plus the Holy Week, unto Resurrection Day. 

The Roman calendar of history and the modern day Gregorian calendar are a great study in time, click picture for information.

Who can give me faith, what is knowledge; if not given by the Lord, when is the Lord available, where is the Lord God Jehovah and how can I buy the favor of God? Favor cannot be bought, let’s NOT go back to slavery or the mentality of being slaves in Egypt. Let’s not allow wicked Kings into our faith, let us turn away from a world that would make us modern day slaves, doomed by our Sins. Some who are called out of the darkness of the world, will fall to the wolf, resisting the light of the truth and prove to be the wickedness that resides in high places.

Discernment, a Spiritual gift from God, gives you the knowledge to understand the fight against evil is not between flesh and blood. Discernment lends the gifts of Spiritual eyes, ears, tongue, touch and smell, that leads not into temptation, but delivers from evil, delivers you from the wolf in sheep clothing. The Lord is mysterious in His ways, the Delivered cannot comprehend the ways; large and small, that the Lord uses to confound the evil one. By discernment, we learn how to fish for knowledge, casting our mind, heart, body and Soul as fishing rods into the ocean that is the Holy Bible.

By discernment, we live in the world, but are not of the world. We use a loving heart as bait, to be caught by God and be a catch of His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the Fisherman of the ocean between Heaven and Earth.

Nintendo Fishing gamesmanship on the sea of life, click the picture to get it

God is the author of every promotion, He is the giver of every good and perfect gift, as it is written in the Holy Bible book of James, chapter 1, also see a temptation of Jesus by people using verses in the Bible to trap Him. Has anyone tried to convict you by throwing Bible verses at you to knock you down, not lift you up? This is not mutual Edification, it’s the lack of mutual edification and a wicked sign, discernment will expose these tactics. The Bible is the Living Words of God, mortal men of higher education used this tactic against Jesus in the book of Matthew, Chapter 22 :v23 – 33, to question Jesus, saying if a woman marries 7 men in her lifetime, who would she be married to in the Resurrection.

Verse 29 Jesus answered and said unto them, Ye do err, not knowing the scriptures, nor the power of God. Verse 30 For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven.

The accusers use double talk to trap Him, and Jesus by meekness, gives just due to mere men; when He is Son of the God, it is written that no man can get to God, but by the Son who is Jesus Christ. Jesus is; let us Create mankind in Our Image, He is mankind made from the dirt, Created by God and Jesus, He is Christ, having the Power of the Creator, He did humble Himself to walk among us on earth, to be with us on earth as it is in Heaven. Mankind is saved by faith in Jesus, we are called by God to come forth out of the oceans of the world as a fish comes to the bait on a hook.

Look in the Bible book of Matthew, chapter 17 :v24 – 27 to see the Disciples get help for their unbelief, when told to pay tax to Julius Caesar. See JESUS; having no money but all the riches of the world, send a Disciple to fish in the lake and take the first fish caught; open his mouth to find enough of Caesars’ coin, to pay to Caesar the tax that is required. Believe in the Father and His Son Jesus, stay obedient, SO SAYS MY SAVOIR AND YOUR GOD.  See the people play their games during the march of Jesus Christ through the month of March onto Resurrection Day, don’t you be entertained. DON’T PLAY WITH THE DEVIL, and laugh at who walks down the road to fish for the tax money, believing by the Words of Jesus Christ, that they will find money in the mouth of a fish. 

IN THE NAME OF JESUS, who is the perfect Sheppard of the sheep called by His name, count yourselves priceless Souls of the Creator of all things, and see simple minds fail to be Anointed, and fail to be pulled out of the mouth of the deceiver, called a wolf in sheep clothing. The children of Jesus Christ claim Jesus, and are Pulled out of the mouth of the devil as Gold, to be presented to God, the KING OF KINGS.  


I PRAY AND PRAISE ON THE WAY TO PASSOVER, Thank God for Jesus, who did lay down His life, and was Crucified on that old rugged Cross, and the Blood of JESUS CHRIST DID leave His Body To HIT THE EARTH. 

This BLOOD is our only saving Grace. THIS BLOOD THAT by Faith, our Spiritual ears hear, as the Holy Spirit, left behind IN THIS BLOOD translates our silent moans to JESUS. We give Thanks, THAT WE CAN HEAR Our LORD and SAVIOR through our Praises and Prayers. Be Blessed, PEACE.


fb_img_15390378791431*Seek ye first, the Kingdom of the Lord, at once a confounding statement to those who would deny JESUS Christ. (pic. Zimbabwe Africa- Roxanne Hoke Chandler

Holy Bible 1 PETER Chapter 3: verse 15,16 (1 – 22 KJV)

15 But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:
16 Having a good conscience; that whereas they speak evil of you, as of evildoers, they may be ashamed that falsely accuse your good conversation in Christ.

*I choose JESUS… and to be about the business of Our Father who Art in Heaven. Now is the time for compassion, Now is the time to Preach the acceptable Word of JESUS… Crucified, JESUS… the only begotten SON OF GOD, willingly giving his life between AD30 – AD33, about 2000 years ago, to save Mankind, to save me.

And even right now whenever you are reading this… JESUS is BLESSING someone through the HOLY SPIRIT…


To any that would subscribe to the trials of your personal troubles, or seek justification in the troubles of the WORLD; to deny JESUS, the times be ripe.
The ripeness of these troubled times, do not bear the fruit of Praises and Worship of the LORD, but give into practical solutions, to the problems on earth, of evil and evildoers.

I will not be the one to even try searching the unsearchable MIND OF GOD (Yes I’m in the book). It is not for me. Even though I have the wisdom to submit to GOD The Son, and the power to Praise the power of my LORD; and your GOD, it is not to think more highly of myself than any other.

Dr. J Julius Erving back in the day when high was how high

AND now having Praise Power, not to LORD it over the People in any way shape form or fashion; as a 3-piece fashion Holy Suit, to follow me or come to me for understanding.

I keep messing up that plan, when I pass my Blessings on to be a Blessing; onto whom the LORD leads me to, doing onto his chosen. Hallelujah!!!

Blessings empowering your righteous mind, as I was led out of darkness into the marvelous light of JESUS. In your right mind, you can obtain the POWER in the name of JESUS.

See now the giver of all knowledge and truth… AMEN
The doors of this status update are now open.
Now is the time to enter into the Chosen World of the LORD, Now is the time to understand the WORD of the LORD.
COME to JESUS… Speak his name now as living waters of Praise… Repent come home to JESUS…
Whomever, YOU ARE.

A beautiful place with inside the Historic Fabulous Fox Theatre in Atlanta

Be a Blessing to a Bible based Church, where humble and meek is not considered weak, it is known to be strong.

Game recognize game and so the Spirit knows the Spirit.

Should I go, to prove to Man what I know of the LORD…
Heaven forbid… In Boastfulness, truly the blind, lead the blind.

No I shall not be moved in my vanity to uproot any that stand against the LORD, unless compelled by the LORD.
Neither will I stand in my own vanity to Preach to whom the LORD did not send me, to deliver his WORD.

Al B. Sure and you better get off on your own…

If granted a new day on this earth; ruled by the Prince of the Air, Get Thee hence to the nearest Altar Too Worship and Praise on the Sunday Sabbath Day.

And then he said let there be light, and there was light to reach even the darkness in your mind. GOD is BLESSING me right now!

The Ferris Wheel in Downtown Atlanta moving through the light, thank you for smiling on me



The London Eye Lights Up Social Media

The World Olympic’s happen every four years.

The Heatwave of the 2012 Summer Games in London will be followed by the 2014 Winter Games to be held in Sochi of the Russian Federation.

The countdown to Brazil (hello Wilka Seto-Gehlen) has begun, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil hosts the Summer Games of 2016.

The winner’s of the various competitions receive a Gold metal which has a “podium value” worth approximately $708 or 451 pound GBP , according to the World Gold Council.

Researching this story feeds my hunger (games) for knowledge, I now know British currency is backed by Sterling Silver pound (100 pence).When the Pound is exchanged for United States of America currency (backed by Gold) One U.S. dollar $1.00 (100 pennies) transfers to 0.64 or 64 pence.              (click Link above)

Receiving a Gold Medal as a symbol of your accomplishment is priceless, just as multi-channel Social Media interaction is an invaluable component of the 2012 London Olympic Games.

Twitter.com rules the night lights of the London Eye

(a running theme of reference to Kenny Rodger’s song “The Gambler”

I’m not ready to get up from the table or to begin counting money, the mix of ambition and success demands a narrow focus. After 2 plus years of writing Mycyber Talk, the stories still flow freely from my idea pool.

I pray to keep a clear heart and mind, approaching each story I write with a workman’s pride in his craft. I remember looking at a blank page, wondering what could I write to fill that void.

Dreaming about blogging is now faced with the reality of actually writing, this moment demands character (keyboard and virtual) and a story title, as a moment can turn into days.

I had to develop confidence and believe in myself, so I began a research strategy to study other bloggers. I was impressed by the wit and quality of writing available on the Internet, what could I add? I began to say to myself!

I did not like anything I wrote, it seemed I would not be able to get satisfaction. I did get no satisfaction (Devo vs: The Rolling Stones) out of comparison to other writers, comparison will stop you in your tracks.

Measuring your talents on WordPress.com is a task and there are many other writing platforms from which to blog. On WordPress you can find hundreds of thousands of bloggers, many presenting beautiful pictures and stories which can intimidate anyone into quitting.

[Click here for sound in picture] We all live in the Yellow Submarine

We are all affected by our social media surroundings.

Let’s participate in good healthy conversation on the Internet, it’s necessary to engage while you develop a brand and a unique writing style.

I took advantage of my social media great fortune to meet Ms. Melanie Hetfield who provided me with some of the first words of encouragement and Ecommerce guidance.

Social media introduced me to Professional Tweeter and Social Media Management business woman Melanie Hetfield and her company Hetfield Services, Ramsgate, Kent U.K.

Conferring across the “big pond”, as I’ve come to know the Atlantic Ocean, has provided a fascinating journey into the power of the world-wide web.

I feel this blog story is my Abbey Road equilibrium tangent point for creativity and notoriety amongst those who would be next in line.

Visualize this page as it once was, an empty void..

Now I humbly state this once empty void is now filled with characters by character, as proof of a literary landing, by flying in a leap of faith!

The Eye has it

The 2012 London Olympic’s have provided a cyber playground for the exhibition of my Ebiz talents, as evidenced by people and business that I follow and who follow me through social media.

The Internet world of expanded financial and professional opportunities; which for me include music, stage and screen production, continue to re-ignite my pursuit of these career passions.

Social media klout has strengthened my cyber footprint in the U.K. through the Olympic games attention, enhancing the stature of a listing on Mycybermap.

We have developed the WWWebStarr Award as a social media campaign for our winners, including 2 singers from the deep talent pool within the United Kingdom, Danica Hunter and Ove Engen.

This elongated thought is a wonder wish of Blog Rhythm, written as part of this story but placement as a subliminal attachment is a more accurate sentiment for you and I.

The London Olympic’s have provided a stream for streaming my idea’s of Ping and Pence. Watch as this competitive race of creative energies come into focus, the finish line is an idea at its inception!

– an Internet radio show, with one of the features titled The London Rush Hour as part of a positive mind, body and world of music mix experience. – The John Gary Dewberry Show.

The London eye is fabulous and the sites are Golden

Mycyber eFX is no longer a play on words, Mycyber eFx is a brand and a catch phrase positioning Mycybermap.com as an Internet company for Ebiz, Digital Marketing, Etail and Ecommerce prosperity.

Mycybermap.com presents multiple opportunities to list your business on our virtual Ebusiness cyber map, smile, you’re on Mycybermap!

Mycyber eFX London Olympic’s, Ping vs Pence is a reflection of the Olympic’s and the Social Media influence of the U.K. (United Kingdom) on my Internet experience.

The Ping is the follow back from interested readers and I also count any click onto a highlighted Link found within my stories.

The business of Social Media proved to be a wonderful awakening as I continued learning on my home PC (personal computer).

To further what I have learned about Etail, I will “follow my heart” into my ebiz  penchant for uniquely plausible sales and taglines.

That ultimate segue, could lead to a new sandwich Combo meal for Subway, but here it Links the original.. (sponsor opportunity)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle’s hit song “Follow your Heart”.

The Atlanta 1996 Olympic flame of Dreams

Award me the Gold medal as I finish 1rst in the Holiday Season gift giving idea race with this promotion for the return of the..

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle’s exclusively at Toys R Us.

This Link provides early shopper’s with a clue and a lead for this year’s must have toy.

The Internet can launch your talents into a solvent business, not to be confused with a home business, since the advent of Emobile puts the cyber world at the tip of your fingers, more precisely within your Smartphone.

How does one prepare to be the best in the World! do you compete with an imaginary foe? or do you dig for the best to emerge from inside of you?

It’s time for me to push forward and upgrade this blog to professional, it is also time to expand my writing prowess and author a book.

Just as movie character Forrest Gump ran out of his leg braces to evolve into life, I must do the same to evolve into a multi-channel Internet business.

In this story, the track back of a Ping contesting in a virtual race with the accumulation of Pence into Pounds, would end in a photo finish.

Click Picture for more info.


Until such time as another, adieu!

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