ALL SAINTS DAY supersedes Halloween to show a Happy Hallow way All Christians,.. now no longer are you to claim Halloween, there is a new Hallow way, Now seeing… Claim All Saints Day, a Holiday.  Freed from the crushing depression, I can see clearly now, the rain has stopped but not happily ever after. My Mother said I will understand it better, by and by.

All Saints Day 2015 will mark 1-year since mom died on earth, to transition unto the LORD. Sainted to be introduced by JESUS to GOD the FATHER. For those who keep to choose Halloween, I sang a refrain…


Amen, LORD I ask for your protection as I venture forth after years of imprisonment of the mind, I ask for your power to EXODUS in Numbers, that I do it so boldly, is all Glory to GOD. Spirit to Spirit, let this movement be a Passover, for those who do not LOVE you in this way.

“In the Book” even the Mighty MOSES drew a hard line in the sand of the Wilderness, with the Commandments of the LORD by his side, on his side, choose you this day who you will serve. In visions of the future, “IN THE BOOK” , do I see Brother Peter with a sword cutting off an ear of a would be attacker, (AMEN) Can you hear me now..!

As I go around and around the Promise, and the Promise land, it is time to choose. Choose out of FEAR, Choose out of LOVE, but choose and be seen of GOD Almighty for your choice.

I choose ALL SAINTS DAY, from now and forever more…

Hallow way onto ALL SAINTS DAY!!! Hallelujah, JESUS !!! yeah yeah yeah!!!

Praise GOD… It’s a Duty to honor GOD (DEUTERONOMY) and since my Mother’s death, the honor to Praise ALL SAINTS DAY as a WORLD PRAISE DAY is left to me and I say, leave it to us. (LEVITICUS) Now delivered from bondage, knowing that there is Power in the name of JESUS Christ of Nazareth, we are now all gathered together here on the banks of my tears.

An ocean of tears is between us and a new land, renewed Holiday.


Look.. Look.. the past, and all of it’s strength is approaching with deadly intent to kill, steal, and destroy. There’s no escape from the pain of losing a loved one. GOD knows this pain… having seen his own SON JESUS, die on the CROSS., but never does GOD one-up you, or will he say, me too, I also am in pain, when you come to him for comfort or when he comes to you as the Comforter.

GOD had Mercy on our pain, GOD by Grace freed us (ME) from depression, despair and the emotional slavery of tears from a broken heart. Now gaining my senses back only to face the 1-year anniversary of my Mother’s death is to me as the children of JACOB, now ISRAEL, faced the Red SEA with a great enemy coming fast.

I cannot see my daily Blessings of being chosen and having a covenant with GOD. Moses and his Brother Aaron (Minister-In-Training) enact the POWER given to them by the LORD, as I NOW SEEING, enact the POWER to proclaim…


Holy Bible book of EXODUS Chapter 14: verse

14 The LORD shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace.

I Pray,… LORD BE A FENCE around my family, friends and loved one’s, LORD let the Saint’s hear this call, as even I have heard my calling.

Imagine my broken heart as the RED SEA, and see this vision as lighting the darkness to show the way forward. My research tells me, this crossing of the Red Sea is a 9 miles long journey, now when you look; with your heart, see that the Red Sea was 300 feet deep and that closer to 2 Million people (your seed and mines) would cross in a Miracle of GOD’S LOVE, for those chosen to forever PRAISE HIS HOLY MAGNIFICENT and POWERFUL NAME. Yahweh, Jehovah, GOD, Allah, Jah, El Shaddai, JESUS.

The Red Sea

GOD I choose you, GOD… I choose Your Son JESUS, GOD I choose The HOLY SPIRIT of JESUS left here on earth as a comforter, for the dark days and soar tribulations, that are sure to come, thank you That you allow me to choose you…

Holy Bible book of I Corinthians Chapter 1 – 1 – 31 verses 20, 21

20 Where is the wise man? Where is the scribe? Where is the debater of this age? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world? 21 For since in the wisdom of God the world through its wisdom did not come to know God, God was well-pleased through the foolishness of the message preached to save those who believe.


In the Year of the Lord 2015.

This year marks in time One Hundred and One years for the father, born twelve years before the Mother, John G. Sr. and Irene. They must be happy in the Spirit to know of this breakthrough, this moment of written characters brought together in Honor of their memory.

My Parents together, without me as I am without them, and I write to fill the void. Proper use of the moment would be to state I fill the void with my writing but only the Lord can now help me to fill the Human void of being left behind, to live in my times.

It was told to me in a cold truth that one day I would know the feeling of losing both parents and truly it is different strokes for different folks. I am re-blogging this Story, titled The 100 Year Dash -.

This story was to be a sort of misery loves company Lamentation of the awful pain of recently losing my mom. I was to smartly write on a general scale to fulfill the all to true cliche, “Misery Love Company”.

I had every intention to blather on and on in underlying tones and written intonations like, man I can’t hardly take this anymore! In truth I can not and have not; over the dash of the few months of this New Year, done well for any length of time. It truly is the Lord JESUS Christ of Nazareth; and the Comforter he left behind as the Holy Spirit, that has Uplifted me, has even brought me Joy.

Thank you Lord!

Goodbye Merry Month of May 2015,  the month that has brought me to my knees, bowed my stiff neck Spirit of rebellion. A willful and bad Child; maybe even spoiled, now indignant with screams of HEY I’M in PAIN!!! Even while “In The Book” even while praising the Lord and as some would say going to Church.

The expectant favor of a faithful Man, can give way to an arrogant vanity, in a I deserve something! anything I want! kind of way, like God you owe me!! Did I touch anyone or go down someone’s street as my Pastor would say? I certainly gained the attention of the squeaky wheel and received the oil of my anointing, Chastisement and Chastening of the Lord.

I’m sure both Mother and Father said alright now Son, that is enough! get on with your life.

I repent Lord of my selfish ways and blindness to your awesome Mercy and Grace and Love and Favor on my life, (AMEN) please forgive me, I Love you.

I close this Month of May by re-blogging this story and facing the reality of Life and the sure oncoming of tribulations on this earth, I face them just a little bit stronger than I was even yesterday. I am not going to be able to get by with much; now that Mom and Dad are together in Heaven, the only place I will run too is the Holy Bible. I begin to understand why my Mother would tell me, one of My Dad’s nicknames was “in the book”.

Thank you Lord for Chastising me with the love of a Father, for his Son, Parents for their child.

Hebrews Chapter 12 verse 11
11 Now no chastening for the present seemeth to be joyous, but grievous: nevertheless afterward It yeildeth the peaceable fruit of righteousness unto them which are exercised thereby.

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The Centenarian, Centurion, Century Addendum

1914-2014 in thus, encompasses 100 years in time. I now have a more pertinent cause to study the dash between the years,

1914 – (1980) 2014.

The 100 year dash for me signifies more than a passing fancy of historic remembrances, this 100 year dash stands in duality for time. The Centenarian, Centurion, Century Addendum is now an actual addendum to the addendum as I have picked up writing this story, partially finished in June of this year 2014.

In June My Mother was still alive, she is not alive as I write this insert. On November 1st 2014; All Saints Day, my Mother Irene Dewberry died at the age of 88. A life well lived, a universally respected Women by all accounts as I prayerfully accept this reality. Irene Dewberry is now reunited in spirit with her husband…

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