The Stars represent The Gospel Music Ministry of Howard Anderson Jr, the Train Symbolizes The Faith Strength Of Harriet Tubman, The Mother Of Freedom from Slavery. Click Picture

Night Train is a famous song and dance from the late great James Brown, who is known as the God-Father of Soul music and a leader in the Black Power movement after the assassination of Spiritual and Civil Rights leader, Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“Are you ready for the night train!”

James Brown would scream out to the audience. It doesn’t take much imagination to connect the thoughts and dreams of freedom from slavery, which the escape plan called the Underground railroad promised. The Underground Railroad of America was a sort of night train that ran through the South, moving Black people to freedom until slavery was abolished in 1865, through the 13th amendment to the Constitution.

James Browns’ night train was a freedom of his artistic expression from his Soul (click Pic to get your ticket)

Use your imagination to think of the excitement and fear of death; if caught trying to escape, when first time dreamers of escape from slavery would hear of the Underground Railroad. After careful secret planning, you can meet the great woman of freedom; revered in Black History as a giant, her name is Harriet Tubman. I say again ARE YOU READY FOR THE NIGHT TRAIN!

Yes! is the emphatic answer.

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The civil rights anthem, will forever be We Shall Overcome  . Negro spirituals; like the drums in Africa, are songs of praise and also served as news of escape opportunities on the underground railroad. People worked together as conductors on the underground railroad through a series of private homes and stores, hiding the escaped slaves, moving them into the Northern States and into Canada. There were many great men, women and families of White people, who would put their lives in jeopardy to help enslaved Africans gain freedom, the world would never be the same.

The underground railroad led to freedom from the bondage of slavery; while delivering a Race of people and their African traditions to America, changing the world, economically, domestically and spiritually. The African in America influences every walk of life; even denied the truth of their own history, create a new Black culture. The underground railroad delivered the soul of the new Black culture, which would not forget the past religion, the church and the altar; which is the foundation of the fellowship, which was rebuilt. Remember the Sabbath day, and keep it Holy, the church is a hospital for our soul, Home of the Holy Spirit and the place for prayer and singing praises.

ARE YOU READY FOR THE NIGHT TRAIN!, “PRAISE ON DOWN THE ROAD” right here with Gospel music Singer/Songwriter Howard Anderson Jr. from Lenexa, Kansas (outside Kansas City) by way of Gary, Indiana.

Howard Anderson Jr. ; Author Of Hard Praise, has a non-traditional sound for Gospel songs. The lyric’s he writes offer traditional praise, but he follows the beat of a different drummer to create Gospel music as a voice for GOD. Howard uses guitar sounds and defined instrumentation to sing his praises and we know he hears the beat of a different drummer, my direct reference to the original tribal communications through the drums, discovered in Africa.

Are you ready for Howard Anderson Jr, To Hear the song “BLESS ME” click the pic to see the track.

Let’s guard the church to always present the truth and the light of GOD, which is the only escape from evil. Even though there are some that reject any sound that does not adhere to the sound of traditional Gospel music, God judges the heart.  Gospel music can be flexible, if the lyric’s are of the teaching or revelation of JESUS Christ.

Let us continually embrace Gospel singers and song writers like Howard Anderson Jr., creativity must be seen as a talent given by GOD.  Black Gospel music is a bridge over troubled waters of bad memories. Gospel songs, singers and songwriters help us to remember traditions handed down through the years and generations which make up the new millennial African Black American culture.

The Lord knows the sounds of His Praises, regardless of the drums or instruments used and there are worship leaders and singers, who are anointed and appointed by GOD.  The seeds of generations have moved on down the tracks of the underground railroad to the beat of different drummers from the ancestors. I will never forget the story; more likened to a parable, I’ve been told, which helps me in my everyday walk of life.

The cautionary story goes as follows, if you see a light coming towards you, and you hear a whistle blowing, get off the tracks a train is coming.

“People get ready there is a train coming, you don’t need a ticket, you just praise the LORD” ARE YOU READY FOR THE NIGHT TRAIN!!!?


Harriet Tubman said

I freed a thousand slaves I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.


The Muse, Fancy And Coincidence

Water View, Majestic Power, Awe Inspiring
Water View, Majestic Power, Awe Inspiring

Click the Pictures to enhance perceptional trips..

Imagination turns into reality..

Reality becomes actuality..

when the keyboard keys..

drop QWERTY characters..

into the flow of thought processes..

pen to paper or keys to word processing..

from a creative writing pool..Imported and Exported..

giving substance to breath and breadth..floating this story swimmingly..

gently down the knowing into every life a little rain must fall..

Life's dead calm at the Dead Sea
Life’s dead calm at the Dead Sea

Point given for set-up, delivery leads the sub-conscious to anticipate impending story lines. In perfect stillness, new story ideas await zephyr breezes that give direction to creative whims, like tributaries bringing water to a larger water source.

The pool of ideas include wide-ranging actualities, realities and causalities, bringing a virtual Matrix of possibilities to the Mycyber Talk launch pad.

Computer keyboard characters drop, forming words and paragraphs and a writers’ thought. The thought process causing ripples of differing thought waves, moving like water after a pebble hits the surface.

The small rock drops into the river water and the resulting splash; regardless of size, heads outward. In likewise manner thought travels towards understanding. Let’s follow this thought wave to its ending point, without limits.

Pursuing a mathematical equation can lead to a repeating decimal, instead of a defined conclusion. We now have to agree to round-up to the highest number decimal point.

Every thought wave; just as a math equation, travels to its logical conclusion. Thought waves are not always conclusive, there is always an unknown component pushing us to search for answers to life’s mysteries.

Being in my right mind is complete with a constant quest for more understanding; even to the point of a well thought out answer, represented in this story by the repeating decimal.

This question is always presented in the form of a statement..


I See Deep Space; Click Picture, you See Deeper
I See Deep Space; Click Picture, you See Deeper

The Muse ; for which I attribute the word fancy as a descriptive, brings forth an ease of conversation style to defuse a confusing explanation.

Fancy like 6 in 1-hand a half-dozen in the other, be careful to count that I have 12 on hand. The old-time saying  “a bird in the hand beats a bird in the bush” is still true but count this story as a bakers-dozen.

Critical thinking, is energy moving through the brain like ripples in water after the splash of the small rock, now gaining prominence in this story. Thought represents a pebble, the splash and resultant ripple represent problem solving and the elimination of confusion.

Fancy.. a Muse

sings songs of eloquent execution and delivery.  Elusive, yes! just enough to keep me in search of  excellence, and in admiration of new stories at a reaches’ touch.

(  I have fancy tendencies for parabolic paragraphs, purposing thoughtful thoughts. )

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

Cherry's Picturesque Blossom's Spring
Cherry’s Picturesque Blossom’s Spring

The muse, fancy and coincidence show my creativity in a way to immerse within the story fabric and flow.

Travel in your mind, like star character Kwai Chang Caine of the classic TV series Kung Fu from the early 1970’s.

“If you can take the pebble from my hand, it’s time for you to leave” is a famous catch phrase from the TV show. If you can take the pebble from this story stream it’s time for you to meet,

the Muse.. Coincidence.

Every action entails a reaction. The reaction of a pebble splashing has an impact, subtlety of origination does not determine the end result.

Coincidence explained in conventional theory, is chance and random factors meeting at an undefined junction point, pulled together by your presence at the encounter.

I give in to the coincidental, like a diamond gives in to surrounding pressure, to shape my story. Coincidence explained; when held up to the light of what is called the big bang theory, falls short to the spiritually discerning mind.

I’ve developed; for the sake of conversation, Spiritual Coincidence as a repeating decimal of thought, to go along with the science of pragmatic thought and serendipity to explain coincidence.

What is the chance, that chance is responsible for an unexplainable happenstance of good/bad fortune? Each unbeknownst act would have to line up in calculated circumstances and then mathematically tabulated to be explained.

I relate that explanation to cascading currents of spontaneous events, with continual outcomes like the repeating decimal.

Pi Face Roundup Click the Pic to get the point. Pi Face Roun...........
Pi Face Roundup Click the Pic to get the point. Pi Face Roun………..

Say you Say me;

Spiritually not so, when opposites attract and both negative and positive coincidental occurrences are tied together by a thought logic based on chance or luck.

Spiritual coincidence is as far as I will go to appease thoughts of chance unwittingly coming together. Coincidence explained is the probability theory, which attempts to make sense of aimless ripples of time converging as a shared experience.

In my writings, creative energy does manifest itself in a tangible way, at a particular time and place in concert with a mind, body and spirit experience. Spiritual coincidence explained is a definitive series of significant events each credited by faith.

The undertow now drags us away from the edge of the beach called coincidence, deep thoughts ripple onward as we are getting deeper.

Make your check out here, although there is not a direct eCommerce link to the 1977 movie, The Deep.

Back link up and click the highlighted phrases that take you back to the future.  Click either Kung Fu or the Matrix to search for The Deep.

England Aquarium near Manchester is called The Deep. The World's Only Submarium
England Aquarium near Manchester is called The Deep The World’s Only Submarium. Click to go inside

I am Lost in emotion .

The Muse coincidence, reminds me to keep both feet planted firmly on the ground, then reach for the star’s.

“Look to the hills from where my help comes from”, is a spiritual reference but the pragmatic would have to have proof.

A thought wave; dropped on consciousness river, titled the muse fancy and coincidence moves towards a conclusion. In defined character you have met the objects of my story’s’ desire, the Muse Fancy and the Muse Coincidence.

Thought waves ripple onward to knowledge, just as a ripple moves from the beach onward to become waves in the oceans.

Every wave begins somewhere, every wave begins somehow with a certainty of movement not dependent on our understanding.

The Muse Fancy links to When we were Kings,

And there went out the king of Sodom, and the king of Gomorrah and the king of Admah and the king of Zeboiim, and the king of Bela ( the same is Zoar ; ) and they joined battle with them in the vale of Siddim;

Holy Bible, King James Version – Genesis 14: 8

The Muse Coincidence links to Sodom and Gomorah.

Led to discover, I have discovered a keyboard characteristic to say hello that combines punctuation marks and parenthesis. Many people are familiar with the smile face : ) and the winking eye smile face ; )

A fancy coincidence has also led me to find; I believe, the first winking eye in the Holy Bible, it’s within the Book of Genesis, Chapter 14 verse 8.

You can find it in the bible verse above, and if you chose to search you can find it in your own bible, look for Zoar.

Captivating Caption Keeps Captives, Takes No-Prisoners. Click Picture
Captivating Caption Keeps Captives, Takes No-Prisoners. Click Picture

Fancy meeting you on Mycybermap ; )

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