“Get Green”

On the scene...Get Green

Part-5 of 5-part series co-written by Anita Ware Johnson

Get Green, the beginning of this end is strangely sad.   Plans within plans were to improve the synergy involved in pedestrian accessibility. The creative energy manifested a new business, mPed Diagrams.   Sadness results from the sense of never being able to return to this exact moment or feeling.

We recognized our planning strategy revolved around synergy.   The concept is to assist an outdoor festivals’ organizing committee present a more efficient model for a people moving system.  Our goals are to optimize the interaction of commerce, comfort-ability and cooperation.

As we moved along in our thought process, this blog series became fun; teaching us so much, that little thought had gone into how it would end. The end literally became evident at the Mid Summer Music Festival (MSMF) at Candler Park in Atlanta, Ga.

There’s still a long list of outdoor festivals to attend as the summer of 2011 rolls along.  But as Robert Randolph and the Family Band (RRFB) ended their set, closing the MSMF,  we realized we were documenting a high point of festival history in Atlanta, hence the strange sadness.

Not the sadness of  troubles, but the feelings associated with saying special goodbyes.  John Gary:MyCyber Talk will continue as a bi-weekly publishing, but certain reflections come rushing back to mind.

790Am TheZone put on quite a show,  a show that would not be deterred by a rain shower.  RRFB had an awesome show,  the kind of set that drew you in and took on its own identity.  Their show became a beautiful scene of combined audience and entertainer energy.  790TheZone has laid the foundation for a significant outdoor music event, based on talented bands, fun and food.

Atlanta has a reputation for outdoor festivals, having fun at an outdoor event is not new.  What’s new is a dedication to the ecology of a venue;  I noticed how little trash was left behind.  I had even separated my recyclable trash for disposal.  We started in Piedmont park with the Atlanta Jazz festival (AJF).  Looking back at our jazz festival memories reveals,  both parks are jewels of green-space within Atlanta.

Piedmont park has one of the leading conservatories in the country.  The AJF is leading the green jazz festival movement and prominently features a green village during events.  Candler Park is smaller;  although it does include a 9 hole golf course, but no less important.

The model to get green set by the Piedmont Park conservatory must be met by outdoor festivals  across the country.  The MSMF at Candler Park emulates the get green model.  My post event inspection revealed the city staff hard at work, leaving little evidence of an outdoor music festival the day before.

Each event crossed a magical line of great performances, sound and efficiency, creating a perfect storm of sensory nicety’s.  The very essence of a magic moment, or in this case a sustained musical nirvana, was witnessed and captured in words and images by MyCyber Talk.  Outdoor festivals present unique challenges to organizers, which are now more intense.  The need to take care of Mother Earth, shakes even the most casual observer these days.

This story and the factions involved in putting it together remind me musically of the duet between Stacy Lattisaw and Johnny Gill.   That collaboration produced a classic hit record,   “Perfect Combination”.

This experience has been a perfect combination, the recollections will always be fond.   Moving ahead is promising but oh! these times.

Get green means carbon-footprints, and preserving  green-space,  it’s also green, as in dollars!  Conservation and energy saving incentives  have financial benefits for home and business.   If you are behind the times when it comes to going green and improving your environmental friendliness, your right on time to catch the next wave.

Get green,  enjoy an outdoor concert or event.

Thank you for joining us, Come back  for the next blog titled                                                   All-American e-Team, enjoy Summertime!

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