flipscriptFlipping the script like Yavonovitch I go Secular with a Holy message but it came to me this way, to flip the Bible script my way, given to me.
Remember what I told you to forget, a Word for the sleepers in Christ Jesus, you who don’t know who you are, or who you are with.
Call it a Non disclosure agreement but this one is made in the Blood of Jesus, Not only couldn’t you tell it, but you didn’t know you knew it. But when called, you hear the voice of the Lord as a Commandment from your Father, even you who are rebellious.
You who are so grown, the Spirit of The Lord brings you to your knees in a desperate prayer, saying I don’t know how to Pray.
Now Remember what I told you to forget, Remember the Devil is a liar, Satan’s truth to power cannot take you away from the power of Jesus.
In the Bible you will find me in the book of Matthew Chapter 16v23 The Rock is human, The Rock is Peter, build the Church on the truth.
Now Remember what I told you to forget, Jesus said I must be Crucified, that the Comforter will come.
Jesus says, He is Coming Back to collect those by the deeds of their works, now hearing get thee to work.
Peace and be Blessed.



From the debut album For You, Soft And Wet click the link

Thank You Prince , It was my older Sister Beulah who told me that PRINCE was reported to have died on April, 21st, 2016. She, my older Sisters Emma and Jennifer and my older Brother Ira Jay, introduced me to playing music on the stereo and putting multiple 45’s RPM singles on the fat 45 record holder, that you placed on the spindle.

Rest In Eternal Peace Prince, who pressed the down button on his in home elevator, but I believe stated to Jesus Christ that he wanted to go up. I met his music in 1978 on a 45 record that turned me out as I was learning how to be a DJ, I was not on the radio yet, still practicing on the turntables, the 1’s & 2’s. One mix I really dug was a Prince record “Soft & Wet”  that I would mix with another 45 by Foster Sylvers called “Misdemeanor”, the sonic boom I got in that mix I will nevah forget, it was all that for me and launched me into the world of DJ-ING.

I loved Prince and his flair to be (old school term) Nasty, man you play a Prince record and all the sudden you are a good DJ; John Gary Dewberry, DJ NICETY, if you please, I just dug his whole set, from being cool to putting that cool into everything he did, which is in full display in the movie Under The Cherry Moon

He was 57 years old when he died, just 2-months before turning 58, that’s 2 years older than myself, Prince is right there in my age ball park and his death does touch my heart. I pray for the Comforter; The HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS, to ease the pain of all that loved him. I am left with great music memories and a profound feeling of the Spirituality of Prince, you can hear in all of his music.

Prince had purpose in his being, his presence on earth and in the music scene put God talk into the mainstream, making it like it’s cool to be cool and talk about GOD, and like I said when you put on a Prince record you could turn a party out.



I dig the Kid and because of PRINCE RODGERS NELSON this kid right here, is a sexy dancer, for me Prince will forever be, IN RARE FORM… Peace and Blessings


Angel Star

What is severity? what is the cost of doing things to please man, or to succumb to the trickery of the devil, I say it is PAIN! Try the type of pain of it all, like the pain of Dr. Smith, a character made famous in a popular TV show LOST IN SPACE, Oh! the pain of it all he would say, as he led ; by lies, his crew mates into constant dangers. OH THE PAIN, pain is a severity of life on earth, our planet dominated by the devil, who is the prince of the air.  But touch not mine ANOINTED, and do my Prophets no harm says the LORD, and for those who would mislead you, those who would say as the Serpent said to the Woman named Eve, surely dis obey GOD… SURELY you won’t die!

Psalm 105 :14,15 1Chronicles 16 :21,22

But to be dead to the LORD is to be TRULY DEAD; and in affect, LOST IN SPACE.


STOP Thinking that anything will do, there is a severity for your actions on earth, for your knowing or unknowing ways of deceit of a man or woman who; without your stumbling block, would pursue GOD. It is as Momma, Daddy, Grand Momma and Grand Daddy have said, there is a right way. What is the right way? It is written in the Bible, and even though written, you have to pray for an understanding, and even though written, you would need to hear the preached Word of God, to gain even the understanding of the Books of Moses and the 10 Commandments.

The LORD is Awesome in all his ways, I Praise Him for His magnificence, I Praise Him Just for who He is, I Praise the LORD for JESUS CHRIST. There is an order to GOD, there is a right way and a way that is not right. I Thank GOD for His order, I am thankful that I have another chance to get it right, thankful that I respect the severity of GOD, and YES there are consequences and repercussions for disobedience.

The hope of Presidents past, turned Dream of The 35th President Of The United States John F. Kennedy. The Faith to challenge Men to get to the Moon and back to Home, Earth. (Click for info.)

Disobedience is not a new thing, consider the first man; Adam, who fell from perfection. It is time for all who would call the LORD, Father GOD, to check their Spirit for TRUTH; because the truth is all that you will have, and the whole truth is within the children of GOD. Truth and the pursuit; honest pursuit of life with GOD IN THE EVERLASTING, I did not say perfection, for only JESUS was perfect, as he walked on this earth. On the Sunday Sabbath Day, the LORD purposed my Heart to Praise Him in the Sanctuary, Praise Him at the Altar.

Oh LORD give me a clean heart, not that I would offend Thee; Mighty Father, but to earnestly repent, and to honestly enter the throne room of GOD; not having been misled by the devil, believing that anything will do, anyway I enter is okay.  Believing LORD that I can change or re-interpret the Words of the Lord, written in the Holy Bible saying any which way I come forth, the LORD will accept me, but we should know that no man can come to the Lord, unless he is called by God. John 6 :44

I See Deep Space; Click Picture, you See Deeper

Can’t get Right! That is Lost in Space on this earth, and to turn your back on GOD is not a good thing, clean your heart, ask in prayer for a clean heart, if the LORD is calling you, go to Him in prayer, and know there is an IF!!!!! THEN ANSWER HIM IN TRUTH, LEAN NOT ON YOUR OWN UNDERSTANDING. Proverbs 3 :5,6 Psalm 51 :10


I claim JESUS, to the jealousy of those who do not, I claim the Salvation offered by our Savior JESUS, I even claim the mystery of GOD’S WILL TO BE DONE. If you are complacent, shake yourself UP! or get shook, as the Lord can knock you off of your high horse and bring down any man, even a man who thinks to himself, I am a protector of God on earth, I know the Word of God. But you, even you should check yourself by the Stars and the Planets, and the most marvelous of things created, because all things are created of God, And man did not create himself, neither did he educate himself, the lord is the Author and the Finisher. Hebrews 12 :2, Psalm 100 :3, John 1 :3


The LORD IS our guidance from the beginning to the conversion, every man, every woman, in his or her time, even the unwitting allies of the devil; those who thought to be good, can be not good.  Have you considered a man named Saul, who believed his own greatness in GOD. Saul of Tarsus, a great and mighty man on earth, who would persecute; to death, those who claim, or would claim JESUS as Savior. Saul saying God is God, All by Himself, He has no need of a son, and certainly not the mere man who would be Prophet, named JESUS of Nazareth. Acts 9 :3

Saul did become the great Apostle Paul by a great transformation, which will happen to you, when you are called out of darkness and into his marvelous light. You too; also, will see your own transformation from one who does not care, and would see believers of JESUS stoned to death, for stating JESUS Christ is the Son Of God.

You will turn from the ways of the world, to Confess for the Blood of JESUS, that the blood still works, that there is power in the Blood, which is the only way to cleanse the believer, who now becomes a servant of mankind, a servant of God. Once Lost, now found in space, claimed onto the Everlasting until that Day we all must share; our death day.  On that day presented by the Holy Spirit, unto JESUS… Father this is…

(insert your name) …  In Whom I am well pleased.


JEHOVAH SHALOM – The Lord is Peace



Mycybermap ebusiness #BlackHistoryMonth presentation is in the Wind of timelessness. Refreshed like Autumn’s fall into Winter’s dormant meditations and into Spring’s rebirth. In due season, vessels of Praise; by chanting and song, represented in the writings of the Howard Anderson Jr. Gospel music Ministry, are the seed fulling Prophecy even breathed over the waters, in the beginning. Now; by our Praise we can hear our living water is the  connection unto the promise of Everlasting life, heard within the breath of GOD, past, present and by Faith, the Eternal Summer’s of tomorrow.

John Gary:MyCyber Talk

The Author Of Hard Praise click the pic The Author Of Hard Praise Click the picture

The Lord knows the sounds of His Praise. “Praise On Down The Road” a story of non-traditional praise.

Gospel music is traditional and classic, coming from the heart, with an unmistakable feel and sound of a church worship service. Gospel music uplifts the spirit and ushers in the praises of GOD. The world knows the sounds from a predominantly African American church congregation, from organ to piano to drums to expressive soul singing and preaching, but one GOD.

Howard Anderson Jr. ; Author Of Hard Praise, is expressive with non-traditional style and instrumentation for Gospel songs. The lyric’s he writes offer traditional praise, but he follows the beat of a different drummer to create Gospel music as a voice for GOD. The beat of a different drummer is a direct reference to the original drum built by Africans. The drums also provide communication between the different tribes. Hear…

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Onward…LESLIE CHRISTIAN…Country Music Soldier

I Love my Country… says Leslie Christian.. Country Music’s Black Female Powerhouse.
( Click here to hear )

The 2012 recipients of the highest civilian award gathered at the White House to be honored with the Presidential Medal of Freedom presented by President Of The United States Of America, Barack  H. Obama.

Being the first to do something great is special, such as being the first astronaut to orbit the earth; Mr. (Senator) John Glenn, has a unique perspective of the accomplishment of our 44th President.

I too shall orbit a universal wonder, I will cyber-space walk and observe the (super) star that is Leslie Christian,The First Black First Lady of Country Music.

The next time you look skyward, find a star and relate to the work required to effortlessly shine.

When you think of the Women Stars of Country Music you think of great American songs, sung by great Women.

Now add to that list a Women of Color named Leslie Christian breaking through real and imagined barriers, just as fellow pioneer

Rissi Palmer faced, to become a female Country Music Star.

Although her honest humility would dare admit to being a Star, what you and I may miss does not diminish the truth, Stars shine and so does Leslie Christian.

Leslie Christian, Tracy Hamlin, Grace Jones, Gloria Gaynor and Chaka Khan

A Woman of Color did receive the 2012 Presidential Medal of Freedom, her name is Toni Morrison.  This renowned Novelist can relate to my nuanced wordplay intended and unknown as I write with pomp and circumstance; placing fact right here, Leslie Christian writes her own music.

At the age of 12 Leslie wrote her first song “My Dog Got Hit By A Tractor Trailer Truck”.  That song title sounds like Country music just as her latest video and single release “Do You Ever Think Of  Me” is a hit song.

There are 2 more among the greats whom received a 2012 Medal of Freedom I believe tie-in to Leslie Christian, University of Tennessee Women’s basketball coach Pat Summit and “The Times, They Are A-Changing” lyrical hero Bob Dylan.

In Boston Massachusetts; the historical backdrop of my last story, there’s a saying used to substantiate a thought while debating, the saying is “you’re making my point”.  (add your own accent)

Leslie Christian.. sure is pretty.., she has a great voice.. and can sing too..  (now everyone say it together in 3-part harmony)

you’re making my point!

Pretty is a picture of Leslie Christian, posing for video shoot.  click here for latest CD titled..My Life Is A Country Song.

The Times, They Are A-Changing is a great song with great lyric’s delivered in style by a great performer in 1964, all these factors coming together in a perfect storm marking the 60’s.

The song now serves as a historical bookmark, as I say this story will bookmark the Boniface of Leslie Christian.

If it says Libby’s, Libby’s, Libby’s on your label, label, label you will like it, like it, like it on your table, table, table.. is a memorable jingle for a popular commercial of the 70’s.

Labels for the sound of music have been tossed about since the 1920’s commercialization of  recorded entertainment.

Labels are a necessary part of the business of Gospel, R & B, Rock & Roll, Jazz, Country and other music but it’s not possible to “Walk The Line” as Johnny Cash sang, stating Country music is Black or White music.

When Leslie Christian wrote her first song as a 12-year-old she dubbed it a country song but give or take some instruments and that song could be called The Blues, which is considered Black folks music.

When you have the Blues and put them to music, The Blues know no color and as for Country music, all we Americans got a little country in us.

The color history of Country music is predominantly White but the color of business is green (Dollars) add e-commerce for today’s Internet market. The playing field levels out, fans of an Artist can now be as diverse as the world is diverse, the times have changed.

I grew up loving the Motown sound, Classic Rock and Soul music; if you will, I was separated from Country music, only the most popular Country song would make the music rotation on the radio.

I liked Country music legend Boxcar Willie and “King Of The Road”.

When I met Leslie Christian; the Country music girl from Shelby, North Carolina, my music world lost its prejudice, I received a similar feeling when watching Pat Summit receive the Presidential Medal Of Freedom.

Watching this Woman receive her ceremonial flowers reminded me how my mother taught me dignity and instilled a hard work ethic.

I’ve always respected Coach Summit but knowing a portion of her intimate story and seeing her gracefully acknowledge a President’s and a Nation’s Love was the picture of amazing grace.

On this occasion I looked at this great Women’s Basketball Coach and did not see a coach with the most wins (Men or Women) in the history of College basketball.

This time I saw a great Women who fought prejudice for all Women by building a family tradition that revolves around love, not other people’s opinions.

Click here for facebook. Leslie in studio with Dad.. Buddy

In meeting Leslie Christian it was apparent family is important.

She was managed by her Dad until recently,

as now the talented Horn Man (#HornsUnlimited )

and Entertainment Industry veteran Producer

Jason P. Freeman lends  his expertise.

Click here for You Tube. For Leslie it’s a family affair, shown here in studio with sister Lauren

Onward Leslie Christian, Country music soldier.

My interview with Leslie was set up by  Anita Johnson, owner of

Johnson Consulting Group.

Anita briefed me on Leslie and her Manager, I remember hearing Black female Country music singer but my Spirit led me to prepare for a Gospel music artist.

Preparation for this interview should have included listening to songs and looking at pictures.

Not this time! for this occasion I would let the experience come to me and write down notes as a reporter.

It’s a beautifully pleasant pre-Memorial Day Weekend Thursday evening as I sit on the picaresque patio of the W. Hotel, Mid-Town Atlanta, Georgia.

Understated elegance is the phrase that comes to mind when I see Leslie Christian for the first time, take note that Artist and Manager are right on time.

Hallelujah.. this man, met the moment!

Leslie Christian can sing under any label she chooses, or no label at all as I found out while listening to her music after our interview.

I had not listened to Leslie’s music prior to the interview, I had been prepared for a Spiritual encounter with  LeslieChristianmusic.com

Now by the good news according to MyCyber Talk, “You had to be there” will not apply, I wrote down the interview experience.

Come back for part 2, the further story titled, Conjunction Junction.

Onward Leslie Christian, Country Music Soldier, forward as to the studio.

Beech Creek Studios
The Band is all here! (L to R) Kelly, Gordon, (Producer), Larry, Scotty, Duncan, Leslie, Ilya, Steve, Ben


©2012 All Rights Reserved-to reproduce this document obtain written permission



Atlanta Jazz Festival 2011
The great musical weekend

Part-4 of 5-Part series,  Co-written by Anita Ware Johnson

Failing to plan,  is planning to fail!  This is a variation of a theme touted by an honored man and a legendary Men’s Collegiate Hall Of Fame basketball coach, the late  Mr. John Wooden.

When we began discussing business approaches for outdoor music events, planning became the foundation of mPed Diagrams.   Summer time and outdoor festivals go hand-in-hand.  Before any festival meets an audience, the planning committee must have a vision.

Synergetics is an efficient people moving system;  a study (mPed Diagram) of economic sub-cultures created to optimize the meshing of merchant and consumer inside and outside an event.   What does all that mean?  The planning energy involved in creating this blog co-energized the creation of  mPed Diagrams.

The creation of mPed Diagrams provided the foundation to present media coverage of the 34th Atlanta Jazz Festival.  The promotion of businesses involved in the Jazz Festival, logically transfers to writing about the Mid Summer Music Festival.

The festival takes place Saturday, June 18TH, at Candler Park located in Mid-Town Atlanta, Georgia.  We have opened the doors of opportunity to further relationships with Campbell Manning, The Hotel Midtown Atlanta,  Kat’s Cafe and The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA),  among others.

Anita Ware Johnson utilized mass transit to attend the Atlanta Jazz Festival. Using mass transit is encouraged and also requires careful planning.   The involvement and promotion of mass transit is integral to synergetics.   As a side note, the Edgewood/Candler Park  MARTA station is also a home to the Zip Car. Synergetics demand we include them in our blog,  as we would a people-moving study.

Anita reports:  Observation of Atlanta’s Park and Ride Program.

*(Well lighted and safety patrolled free parking)

The Ease of Travel and Security of the Train and Bus System.

*(MARTA officers were visible and aware of additional non-experienced travelers)

Overall Atmosphere and Piece of Mind.

*(Event information was viable.  Officials anticipated your needs by asking to help or were standing by to direct travelers to shuttle buses or recommend walking path)

Pedestrian accessibility is where we started to understand and enhance synergy. We develop economic impact statements, quantifying the effects on merchants, vendors, the surrounding neighborhood, the bands and the attendees.

A satellite business industry is created by outdoor events.  We identify the revenue generated as financial, holistic-spiritual wellness.  You’ve seen it and participated financially, by paying to park in private lots, eating at a neighborhood restaurant or supporting a sidewalk vendor.

The attraction factor explains our interest in the 4Th Mid Summer Music Festival ( #MSMF11 on twitter.com ).  This is an anticipated well-run community festival,  Candler Park is a green space jewel of Mid-Town Atlanta.   The factors in planning a large event like the Atlanta Jazz Festival,  will be employed on smaller scale for the MSMF.

Mid-Town Atlanta encompasses beautiful, artistic homes and friendly neighborhoods.   Mid-Town is a tourist attraction in and of itself.  When visiting Atlanta, include Mid-Town and little 5-points on your to-do lists.  Mid-Town is also flanked by The Jimmy Carter Presidential Library.

We will be tweeting from the festival at #mycybertalk and report in part-5 of this blog series, click on all of our Links.   790 AM and the Mid Summer Music Festival websites will display set times for the bands and a list of vendors and sponsors.

We are interested in 790 AM The Zone Sports Talk Radio,  and the Street Food Coalition vendors of Atlanta.  The Street Food Coalition Members  promise to deliver great foods.

Sports talk radio provides its own synergy to the Music Festival.   This synergy opens the door for our tagline, “commercial social media”.   Sports talk radio is built on audience interaction and entertainment,  a great fit for the MSMF.

Be prepared,  you’ll enjoy your venture into the world of  outdoor live music. Check your local listings and make an outdoor festival part of your stay-cation, vacation or weekend getaway.  Synergetics,  it works.

Please look forward to part-5 of this series,  it’s titled..  “Get Green”.

Contact John G. Dewberry at 404.877.9171 or mycybermap@gmail.com for Pedestrian Accessibility for your event.

©2011 All Rights Reserved – To reproduce this document obtain written permission from John G. Dewberry