Brimstone And Trial by Fire, Indivisable

Move ease, Faith Trek… The Wrath of Zhon
And the evil one states.. To the last, I grapple with thee; From Hell’s heart, I stab at thee; For hate’s sake, I spit my last breath at thee.
Doctor Bombay, Doctor Bombay emergency, emergency come right away!
Where is your Church? where is your fellowship, Who is your Pastor?
Do you have an emergency exit just in case!
In case of what?
I’m Glad you asked……..!
I Peter Chapter 5, 1 – 14 (KJV)
7 Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.
8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:
9 Whom resist stedfast in the faith, knowing that the same afflictions are accomplished in your brethren that are in the world.
This truth of mine; I write like murder she wrote, is not reverse psychology but a psychology in reverse. Backwards and mind teasingly void of direction, appearing to play with your sub-conscious mind.
A mind now striped of alteration, now clear thought seems cloudy. The Bible says,
I Corinthians 13:12 (KJV) for now we see through a glass dimly.
12 For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.
13 And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.
Charity is love, the Love to search and find you, to let you know that the LORD IS on your side, that you are chosen by the LORD as peculiar. The peculiar are to praise and worship JESUS Christ as the only begotten Son of God, The Great I AM, That I AM.
And speak by faith, that JESUS walked on earth as perfect Man and gave his life; by Crucifixion on the CROSS, shedding the BLOOD of GOD, dust to the dust, The Creator’s Blood, now back to the dirt of its original self.
The BLOOD is the rebirth, to cleanse all of our SIN, to present those who believe in their heart, that JESUS DIED FOR US, to save us from HELL. Now we are ON THE ROAD to salvation, faith to faith, blessing to blessing and like I heard my Mother say, I’m coming up on the rough side, I’m climbing up the rough side of the Mountain.
Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano 2018
We must live by the LORD’S PRAYER. And whether you are in the pulpit flying high, or in the pulpit flying low, or in the Church in any service pew to pew, let us all who know the LORD and his Chastening, encourage one another in this day, consider today as every Man’s status is in inventory for the HARVEST.
People of GOD, please know that GOD is real AND just as GOD Talked to Balaams’ beloved Donkey to get through to him; a non-believer who believed enough to fear the LORD, and the WORD OF THE LORD. By any means God will get through to the people, you and I can hear, unmistakably from GOD.
GOD talks to whom GOD pleases, and he TELLS on YOU!!!
Check your status with the living GOD, the RISEN SAVIOR, If not…
What is your emergency exit plan?.
II PETER Chapter 1 – 21 (KJV)
19 We have also a more sure word of prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts:
20 Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation.
21 For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.
Peace and Be Blessed.



click picture to hear HOWARD ANDERSON Jr song titled “LIGHT OF THE WORLD”

Once again; as if slavery times have never changed, the African-American is back inside one ship of State, which began as a nightmare called the Middle Passage to slavery.

The Middle Passage  years total more than 400; from the 15th century into the 19th century, with slave ship destinations going to South America, The Caribbean islands and in North America. African men and women; who sang in different Homelands in Africa, now would sing as one tribe within one ship called The United States Of America.

Although this time, the walk around the wilderness of Space, we see believers in the Trinity of GOD the Father, JESUS the Son and Holy Spirit of JESUS not just talking of the ancestors and traditions, we teach the new generations, who must learn the traditions of the past, “We Shall Overcome”.   The civil rights anthem will forever be the song everyone sang together, titled We Shall Overcome  .

Isabella Baumfree a.k.a Sojouner Truth, click picture for 16th USA President Abraham Lincoln

I relate songs sung in bondage to Sojourner Truth , who had an evangelical nature born in the Truth, Spirit and Light of the LORD. These songs and chants are known as Negro spirituals, and just like the drums were important in Africa, so are these songs the backbone of praise and communication in a new world.

Chants are short call out and answer songs, mostly a capella for example, one would sing “Do You Have Good Religion” and the crowd or congregation would sing back “Certainly Lord” in repeat fashion. GOD is our relief, we sing His Praises handed down to our parents; I refer to as the Giants, by the early ancestors, these songs (hymns) are sung during today’s church worship services of every denomination.

The new generation of Black African culture comes to church suffering from racial inequality in the United States and the Elders will rightly lean on the tradition of singing hymns (Negro Spirituals) to bridge the generation gap to the youth

Click the picture to listen to Howard Anderson Jr. sing “Didn’t He

Howard Anderson Jr. Hard Praise productions 

Lyric’s for “Didn’t He”

Gospel Singer and Songwriter Howard Is Author Of Hard Praise
Didn’t he love you, Didn’t he love U
Didn’t he love you, Didn’t he love U
repeat 4x
I Thought I wasn’t Having Fun
Cause It Seemed That The World Was So Much Fun
Looking At The Church Like Can’t Repeat It
Cause I Thought I Wanted The World Achievement
Digging Trying To Find Some Dirt
But The Lord Has Already Took The Earth
My Flesh Wants Me to Be Conceded
But God won’t Let Me Forget Who Freed It
Didn’t He Didn’t He Didn’t He Save U
Didn’t He Didn’t He Love U
Didn’t He Didn’t He Heal U
Didn’t He Didn’t He Die For U
Didn’t He Didn’t He Forgive U
Didn’t He Didn’t He Fill U
Didn’t He Didn’t He Renew U
Didn’t He
I Must Admit It Looks Real Nice
But The Deadly Cost OF The World Ain’t Nice
Didn’t God Save You! click the picture to tweet
Can’t Believe I Almost Cheated
On My God That Makes Me So Completed
When I Think About The Things He’s Done
Dump Joy in me overtakes and run
Can’t Stop Dancing On Why He Did It
Got The Rhythm In My Feet On How He Did It
Didn’t He Didn’t He Didn’t He Save U
Didn’t He Didn’t He Love U
Didn’t He Didn’t He Heal U
Didn’t He Didn’t He Die For U
Didn’t He Didn’t He Forgive U
Didn’t He Didn’t He Fill U
Didn’t He Didn’t He Renew U
Didn’t He
He Still Love You
He Renewed Me
Even When You Turn Away
Even When You Turn Away
Even When You Turn Away

The Lord knows His Praises, new generations are coming back to the church hearing and listening to expanded categories of Gospel music, which are not traditional, let’s embrace righteous praise and keep Gospel music as a bridge over soul sickness, from the sea of troubled waters called the Middle Passage. Creativity is a GOD given talent so each one reach one and teach the willing that the sounds of Gospel music can be flexible, with lyric’s that are from the teaching of JESUS.

Author Of Hard Praise

Hear “Christ The King” click the picture – Gospel Singer Songwriter Howard Anderson Jr. HGA

The Lord knows the sounds of His Praise. “Praise On Down The Road” a story of non-traditional praise. Gospel music is traditional and classic, coming from the heart, with an unmistakable feel and sound of a church worship service. Gospel music uplifts the spirit and ushers in the praises of GOD.

The world knows the sounds from a predominantly African American church congregation, from organ to piano to drums to expressive soul singing and preaching, but one GOD.

Howard Anderson Jr. ; Author Of Hard Praise, is expressive with non-traditional style and instrumentation for Gospel songs. The lyric’s he writes offer traditional praise, but he follows the beat of a different drummer to create Gospel music as a voice for GOD.

The beat of a different drummer is a direct reference to the original drum built by Africans, which also provided communication between different tribes. I like the communication between traditional Gospel and the unique praise you hear in this song by Howard Anderson Jr titled “Can’t Nobody Do Me Like Jesus” 

Mycybermap Gospel –

He knows how to slow it down or amp it up without missing a beat, he is a breath of fresh air. Howard’s music is a unique mixture of pop, edgy guitars and Christian lyrics that will have you listen again. 

A man who has an urban music ministry that is made for a time such as this!

Howard Anderson Jr. Hard Praise Productions

The origin of Black Gospel music is found in the drums of the tribes of Africa, but one GOD. 

There are different presentations of Gospel music, but one GOD. 

There are different Religious denominations, but one GOD.  

Let us continually embrace Gospel singers and song writers like Howard Anderson Jr., they are the worship leaders, who are anointed and appointed to move to the beat of different drummers from the ancestors.

Peace and Be Blessed



Click the picture

The Centenarian, Centurion, Century Addendum

1914-2014 in thus, encompasses 100 years in time. I now have a more pertinent cause to study the dash between the years,

1914 – (1980) 2014.

The 100 year dash for me signifies more than a passing fancy of historic remembrances, this 100 year dash stands in duality for time. The Centenarian, Centurion, Century Addendum is now an actual addendum to the addendum as I have picked up writing this story, partially finished in June of this year 2014.

In June My Mother was still alive, she is not alive as I write this insert. On November 1st 2014; All Saints Day, my Mother Irene Dewberry died at the age of 88. A life well lived, a universally respected Women by all accounts as I prayerfully accept this reality. Irene Dewberry is now reunited in spirit with her husband, my father John G. Dewberry Sr.

I was pleased to pull thoughts out of my mind and write them in para-graphic form to celebrate my earthly fathers berth in 1914 and time which has passed since John Gary Dewberry Sr. , died in 1980.

2014 is the 100 year anniversary, I’ve heard the dash orated as a line between the years connecting birth and passing on from this life on earth. The dash is often referenced as a yardstick to frame and measure time, highlighted within an obituary.

That is not what I am doing; at least not in a conventional manner, I am celebrating life.  Reading is fundamental to uncover the wonderful information readily available by Internet through a computer. The Internet helps to make history available at your fingertips.  An internet link opens to information that was written down in a book or some other formal context.

Information is now more easy to access but reading and the ability to understand what you have read, is the foundation of knowledge and the greatness of the library system.

Think of your computer as a library system and read, research and never stop learning. I am the living internet link; a Book of Eli, in this relay race of time traveled. I was handed the life baton at birth in 1960, of this life story begun in 1914.

I am a generational seed of my Grand Father, spiritually, mentally and now in cyberspace I am able to say hello to

Mr. Preston Brooks Dewberry.

My 3 Son's & 2 Grand-Daughters, Promising, Promises and Promise.
My 3 Son’s & 2 Grand-Daughters, Promising, Promises and Promise.

Picking up the race; epitomized by the dash between nineteen fourteen and two thousand fourteen (1914 – 2014 ) , I see the baton in front of me as my willingness to chronicle the 100 Year Dash according to John Gary Dewberry Jr.

These trippee trips into the mind & soul happen as you go along for the ride, unknowingly moving forward and backwards in time. You’ve been prepared for your Training Day but you should know, with the links I provide within a story..

“King Kong ain’t got s@#* on me”.

Just like in the movies where the good guys always win!,

are lyrics akin to Bloodstone the band and the first time I saw time measured, as teachers/coaches stopped time, to see time measured. The stopwatch measured time to show that I ran the race in 7.2 seconds in training for combined elementary school field day competitions.

In elementary school, that time was fast enough for me to qualify for the relay team and the 50-yard dash. 50-yard dash means run as fast as you can for 50 yards, I also ran the 100-yard dash in 12.4 seconds. The stopwatch measured my elapsed time to run a certain distance as a time measuring piece.The 100 year dash, measures some of lifes’ times, some of my fathers times, and mines.


Built in 1914, this is the Sather Clock Tower on the College Campus of the University of California, Berkley. Click picture for a dusk view of the San Francisco Bridge

UC Berkley Visitor Information I have enjoyed my life, I had fun while growing up living as comfortably as possible with 2-Black working parents in America. I had a relatively easy learning experience throughout my elementary and Junior High school years 1965 – 1975. I did not face the brutal reality of Jim Crow laws and second class citizenship of my parents. I was shielded and protected from the heartbreak of racism,

taught to treat people as I want to be treated.

Raised in the Church, I am a God fearing Christian and I praise God for my Mother and Father. My father went to elementary school until 5th grade; my Mom until grade 6, then he had to stop going to school and go to work, bringing home the extra money to help the family survive.

There was always a great knowledge with my father, far beyond a 5th grade education. My fathers’ wisdom taught me many things (everything) and is still teaching me unto this day.

I was proud of my first place blue ribbons won at field day; as part of the relay race teams, my parents were proud too, in lieu of not having the same opportunity I had. I love learning, constantly I seek knowledge. I can still hear my father stating,

he wanted me to be better than him.

I did graduate from High School (1978) and I furthered my education going on to Community College, I did not graduate.

I chose to leave College after a year to form and work on my own entertainment business company, as a commercial Producer and Director.

My business dreams are meshed into the 100 year dash.

Even though my father died when I was 19 years old, he did get to see and hear me become a successful college radio disc jockey.

My Mother and Father encouraged me to pursue my dreams and helped me to build my production company. I now operate in all my business talents as , including

Internet radio station WMCR.

The Evening World, New York, New York 1914

Click the Picture link, to go back to the future.

On Mycybermap I have found to be a metaphore for my upbringing and my business/ebusiness philosophy.

Extra, extra read all about it! Newspaper from New Years Eve 1914

I do care yesterday, today and forever.

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Mind; Out Of Body, X-PERIENCE

And It goes a little something like this.. Two years ago, a friend of mine asked me to say some MC Rhymes.. so I said this Rhyme I’m about to say.. The Rhyme was def a-then It went this way..

Run DMC -“Sucka MC’s

That’s the way I look at blogging, writing and assimilating myself as an Author. That’s the way Run DMC put it in a game changing Rap song.

It was two years ago when the Johnson Consulting group expanded my skills in marketing, advertising and entertainment onto the Internet stage.

My first response was a mix of sarcasm and skepticism, “I think I will concentrate on the REAL WORLD”. “That’s The Way Of The World” to make my heart turn cold, as the World famous Spiritual group Earth Wind & Fire sings.

That would be so cool, re-start your creative self by writing your ideas down in blog format, eBooks, magazines and News Letters. This will open up writing opportunities to develop commercial and cinema scripts. Don’t live to regret these times, which you will by not taking advantage of the opportunity.

God bless the sweet sounds of encouragement.

I replied with  a “Valley Of Dry Bones” aurra that rocked my mind, body, soul, senses and my (prayed for) spirit so much that I caught a glimpse of the real me talking to me about the false me I had become.

That coldness of the World response, awakened my dormant creativity to the reality that without an out-of-body experience, my mind geared down to shut-down these thoughts.

I just used the X factor in the previous paragraph, mind out-of-body to connect with pure energy. The pure energy that manifest’s itself as a self thought. That little piece of sunshine I was allowed to perceive, is the light that chases all darkness away.

Each venture into the mind to capture thoughts and phrases to write a story is a journey for me. Writing takes you on a mental excursion that does not become easier with time, although time and experience make it easier to begin anew.

The  journey is now officially two-years old  and has helped to produce and develop which is a platform for Internet radio station WMCR and commercial/social media.

I consider a valuable asset for what I term commercial/social media. That term alone is made possible through the enhanced challenges of a bold new (cyber) world.

Mind, Out Of Body X-PERIENCE is a STAR TREK thankfully wonderful, wondrous and full of wonderment. My writing and works of writing projects have received notice from readers around the World Wide Web.

What are you going to do with me now that you got me” is the refrain I hear in my brain, a play on words when The God Father of P-Funk, George Clinton produced a group called “Parlet” .

Strength of your mind over... Matters.
Strength of your mind over… Matters.

Click picture

Referencing ; the Brides of Funkenstein, Parlet is to parley this “Mind Out of Body X-PERIENCE” in succession with experiences I’ve gained through writing over the past 2-years. Doing so in such a manner and with an unmistakable intonation, setting the stage of continuance, further, farther.

Self expression and no literary boundaries lead me unto a distinguished penchant for run-on connective thoughts, run over traditional structure. Everything we do is on the 1-ness.

This is a “Weird Science” continuance;  in a movie titled  “Holy Man” kind of way. The modus operandi spelling the singular and unique experience of MyCyber Talk within a run-on sentence, ergo a run-on paragraph. (love to use ergo)

Is it possible to double dimension mention, what you’re doing while you’re doing it in written form, providing more character to the statement of character shaped by character, lending character to the future, past and present tense of Mycyber Talk.

“giving and receiving nothing and everything at the same time”.

The aforementioned is a double entendre with a side of catch 22, which works every time, when I refer to the Internet as..

“nowhere and everywhere at the same time”.

I am prudish in my approach to writing, I respect the craft, It must be handed down (in the case of the Internet, handed up) correctly. As much as I flaunt the freedom of creative story telling and owning your company brand, checks and balances is necessary even if only a self check.

Mind, Out of Body X-Perience is a look backstage or behind the curtain; in theory, like the first time The Wizard of OZ or The WIZ setup shop. Once I began to take the Internet business seriously, I did a skill inventory.

My skill inventory revealed a love for writing, a penchant for event organization, energy for Producing / Directing and an ear for playing and mixing music.

Like a Hollywood movie script; or Atlanta, Georgia (The Hollywood of The South) movie script, I did not pursue these talents on the Internet until I was fired from my job managing a Men’s Suits department.

(Totally a story unto itself filed under to be written, Titled: Once bitten, Twice shy, Third time The Comforter stopped by.)

When 1 door closes, by faith, another door opens, this spiritual logic is true. I also by faith, saw my talents written down as part of the self-inventory.

This door which I perceive as open now for me, was open while I Sold Men’s Suits. Likely I would have continued on my former job without unearthing my talents to write or build through internet business.

This is a celebration!

I thank you for sharing cyberspace with me, I appreciate the mind encounter, there will always be an x-factor and when you and I consider the spacial universe we have crossed to be within each other mind space….. wow that’s out-of-body!

Contact – John G. Dewberry by phone 404-828-0708 or email  ©2013 All Rights reserved 

to reproduce this document please obtain written permission

2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 2,200 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 4 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.


The London Eye Lights Up Social Media

The World Olympic’s happen every four years.

The Heatwave of the 2012 Summer Games in London will be followed by the 2014 Winter Games to be held in Sochi of the Russian Federation.

The countdown to Brazil (hello Wilka Seto-Gehlen) has begun, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil hosts the Summer Games of 2016.

The winner’s of the various competitions receive a Gold metal which has a “podium value” worth approximately $708 or 451 pound GBP , according to the World Gold Council.

Researching this story feeds my hunger (games) for knowledge, I now know British currency is backed by Sterling Silver pound (100 pence).When the Pound is exchanged for United States of America currency (backed by Gold) One U.S. dollar $1.00 (100 pennies) transfers to 0.64 or 64 pence.              (click Link above)

Receiving a Gold Medal as a symbol of your accomplishment is priceless, just as multi-channel Social Media interaction is an invaluable component of the 2012 London Olympic Games. rules the night lights of the London Eye

(a running theme of reference to Kenny Rodger’s song “The Gambler”

I’m not ready to get up from the table or to begin counting money, the mix of ambition and success demands a narrow focus. After 2 plus years of writing Mycyber Talk, the stories still flow freely from my idea pool.

I pray to keep a clear heart and mind, approaching each story I write with a workman’s pride in his craft. I remember looking at a blank page, wondering what could I write to fill that void.

Dreaming about blogging is now faced with the reality of actually writing, this moment demands character (keyboard and virtual) and a story title, as a moment can turn into days.

I had to develop confidence and believe in myself, so I began a research strategy to study other bloggers. I was impressed by the wit and quality of writing available on the Internet, what could I add? I began to say to myself!

I did not like anything I wrote, it seemed I would not be able to get satisfaction. I did get no satisfaction (Devo vs: The Rolling Stones) out of comparison to other writers, comparison will stop you in your tracks.

Measuring your talents on is a task and there are many other writing platforms from which to blog. On WordPress you can find hundreds of thousands of bloggers, many presenting beautiful pictures and stories which can intimidate anyone into quitting.

[Click here for sound in picture] We all live in the Yellow Submarine

We are all affected by our social media surroundings.

Let’s participate in good healthy conversation on the Internet, it’s necessary to engage while you develop a brand and a unique writing style.

I took advantage of my social media great fortune to meet Ms. Melanie Hetfield who provided me with some of the first words of encouragement and Ecommerce guidance.

Social media introduced me to Professional Tweeter and Social Media Management business woman Melanie Hetfield and her company Hetfield Services, Ramsgate, Kent U.K.

Conferring across the “big pond”, as I’ve come to know the Atlantic Ocean, has provided a fascinating journey into the power of the world-wide web.

I feel this blog story is my Abbey Road equilibrium tangent point for creativity and notoriety amongst those who would be next in line.

Visualize this page as it once was, an empty void..

Now I humbly state this once empty void is now filled with characters by character, as proof of a literary landing, by flying in a leap of faith!

The Eye has it

The 2012 London Olympic’s have provided a cyber playground for the exhibition of my Ebiz talents, as evidenced by people and business that I follow and who follow me through social media.

The Internet world of expanded financial and professional opportunities; which for me include music, stage and screen production, continue to re-ignite my pursuit of these career passions.

Social media klout has strengthened my cyber footprint in the U.K. through the Olympic games attention, enhancing the stature of a listing on Mycybermap.

We have developed the WWWebStarr Award as a social media campaign for our winners, including 2 singers from the deep talent pool within the United Kingdom, Danica Hunter and Ove Engen.

This elongated thought is a wonder wish of Blog Rhythm, written as part of this story but placement as a subliminal attachment is a more accurate sentiment for you and I.

The London Olympic’s have provided a stream for streaming my idea’s of Ping and Pence. Watch as this competitive race of creative energies come into focus, the finish line is an idea at its inception!

– an Internet radio show, with one of the features titled The London Rush Hour as part of a positive mind, body and world of music mix experience. – The John Gary Dewberry Show.

The London eye is fabulous and the sites are Golden

Mycyber eFX is no longer a play on words, Mycyber eFx is a brand and a catch phrase positioning as an Internet company for Ebiz, Digital Marketing, Etail and Ecommerce prosperity. presents multiple opportunities to list your business on our virtual Ebusiness cyber map, smile, you’re on Mycybermap!

Mycyber eFX London Olympic’s, Ping vs Pence is a reflection of the Olympic’s and the Social Media influence of the U.K. (United Kingdom) on my Internet experience.

The Ping is the follow back from interested readers and I also count any click onto a highlighted Link found within my stories.

The business of Social Media proved to be a wonderful awakening as I continued learning on my home PC (personal computer).

To further what I have learned about Etail, I will “follow my heart” into my ebiz  penchant for uniquely plausible sales and taglines.

That ultimate segue, could lead to a new sandwich Combo meal for Subway, but here it Links the original.. (sponsor opportunity)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle’s hit song “Follow your Heart”.

The Atlanta 1996 Olympic flame of Dreams

Award me the Gold medal as I finish 1rst in the Holiday Season gift giving idea race with this promotion for the return of the..

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle’s exclusively at Toys R Us.

This Link provides early shopper’s with a clue and a lead for this year’s must have toy.

The Internet can launch your talents into a solvent business, not to be confused with a home business, since the advent of Emobile puts the cyber world at the tip of your fingers, more precisely within your Smartphone.

How does one prepare to be the best in the World! do you compete with an imaginary foe? or do you dig for the best to emerge from inside of you?

It’s time for me to push forward and upgrade this blog to professional, it is also time to expand my writing prowess and author a book.

Just as movie character Forrest Gump ran out of his leg braces to evolve into life, I must do the same to evolve into a multi-channel Internet business.

In this story, the track back of a Ping contesting in a virtual race with the accumulation of Pence into Pounds, would end in a photo finish.

Click Picture for more info.


Until such time as another, adieu!

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