From the debut album For You, Soft And Wet click the link

Thank You Prince , It was my older Sister Beulah who told me that PRINCE was reported to have died on April, 21st, 2016. She, my older Sisters Emma and Jennifer and my older Brother Ira Jay, introduced me to playing music on the stereo and putting multiple 45’s RPM singles on the fat 45 record holder, that you placed on the spindle.

Rest In Eternal Peace Prince, who pressed the down button on his in home elevator, but I believe stated to Jesus Christ that he wanted to go up. I met his music in 1978 on a 45 record that turned me out as I was learning how to be a DJ, I was not on the radio yet, still practicing on the turntables, the 1’s & 2’s. One mix I really dug was a Prince record “Soft & Wet”  that I would mix with another 45 by Foster Sylvers called “Misdemeanor”, the sonic boom I got in that mix I will nevah forget, it was all that for me and launched me into the world of DJ-ING.

I loved Prince and his flair to be (old school term) Nasty, man you play a Prince record and all the sudden you are a good DJ; John Gary Dewberry, DJ NICETY, if you please, I just dug his whole set, from being cool to putting that cool into everything he did, which is in full display in the movie Under The Cherry Moon

He was 57 years old when he died, just 2-months before turning 58, that’s 2 years older than myself, Prince is right there in my age ball park and his death does touch my heart. I pray for the Comforter; The HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS, to ease the pain of all that loved him. I am left with great music memories and a profound feeling of the Spirituality of Prince, you can hear in all of his music.

Prince had purpose in his being, his presence on earth and in the music scene put God talk into the mainstream, making it like it’s cool to be cool and talk about GOD, and like I said when you put on a Prince record you could turn a party out.



I dig the Kid and because of PRINCE RODGERS NELSON this kid right here, is a sexy dancer, for me Prince will forever be, IN RARE FORM… Peace and Blessings

Once Around My Writer’s (SELF) Block

The Lesser Light inspires Daily and Dominates as a Blue Moon
The Lesser Light inspires Daily and Dominates as a Blue Moon


Click the picture for “Blue Moon” by The Marcels

Click this Link —> for “Blue Moon” information: 

The daze of days passing by since I last wrote a story is wearing off like a January Thaw, built up ice begins to fall as if chipped away.

There is a familiarity to this sensation, a forced remembrance filled with cliff notes like Loose Ends, “Hangin On a Sting”. I remember my first flush of readership success as a fight with contentedness and thoughts of why should I continue to write.

There are great incentives to publishing a story on WordPress.com . WordPress makes available a world-wide readership and seemingly shrinks this magnificent Planet of over 7-billion people to a reachable quotient.

I am learning to let a story tell itself and not ( self ) block the creative process with over bearing pressure. One requirement to get back to writing was to re-read some stories and comments previously published.

This task did wonders for my confidence when I began remembering story segments and a particular cut-away or edits I had done. I had not considered myself an Editor prior to this talent search and assessment inventory.

Editing was an unrecognized talent just as writing was unrecognized as a career opportunity. On the road to self-awareness I found perception and a new truth as Writer and Editor. Editor and Writer are now listed on my resume under the category professional experience.

Working as an Editor and critically editing my own material was an empowering experience.

It could be that my best work is left on the editors’ cutting room floor.

Take 2:  Could it be! have I lost my best work to the editors’ cut?                                              (oh the drama of speaking in 2nd person)

Good Night Sun Set Light
Good Night Sun Set Light

I am ready for my third year of writing in this forum.

This time due to advanced learning from writing archives, I can hear the proverbial tree fall in the forest.. This time around I’ve confirmed thoughts of my Mind’s eye.. This time I see the forest and the tree’s..

This time spent is time well spent, an investment that multiplies in value as personal skills are discovered and rediscovered in the inventory. The “Raiders of the lost Ark” type mining of previously written material turns into an archive treasure hunt.

The self-study runs parallel in my mind to Bible study and study in particular of 2 Timothy, Chapter 2: verse 15


The self-study uncovered a writing catch phrase I call double dimension mention. A double dimension mention is a play on words made possible by Internet links. The Internet provides increased story depth through links that make you think.

Investing into my own story content is similar to a Smart phone learning from the owner’s usage patterns. Yahtzee! I unlocked my self block by applying the #FutureTrend of a Computer being able to fix itself .

I have worked and studied my content to market and show a working concept on how Content Marketing works.

It does pay, to pay attention to yourself.

Content Marketing through a variety of subjects can teach as well as promote for clients and for yourself, this strategy on Mycybermap is called Integrated Synergy.

The Phases Of Moon Glow effect Earth’s Flow and now you Know. CLICK THE PICTURE

Now that I am “back on the block”  I will reward myself for the peaceful resolutions of creative expressiveness, conflicting emotions, and spiritual must needs be. Although I attempted to preemptively strike this point with witty psycho banter, there is a cake of information under the pretty icing.

My last 2 blog stories took me for an extra sensory perception ride when I clicked the story links. MyCyber Talk is a journey of discovery and universal connectives; case in point, as the next paragraph presents a unique intersection of tangible joy for some, intangible for others.

How about you!?

The Heart Beats… Under a Cherry Moons’… Mid-Winters’ Fury … Springs’ impending Fever – JGD, a wax poetic


prince Cherrymoon


The Muse of Fancy and Coincidence,

What are you going to do with me now that you got me

The God Father of P-Funk; George Clinton, Female group is “Parlet”. Referencing the Brides of Funkenstein; Parlet, is to parley this story I’ve written “Mind Out of Body X-PERIENCE” into advanced readership through enhanced SEO search engine optimization.

The smart highlighted links are digital wormholes, connecting story lines as tangent paths of information footnotes. A blog is different from a soft or hard-cover book in the ability to transfer more of a writers’ creative contents’ intent, in an instant by Internet.

Never count your money when you’re sitting at the table..

I got up from the writer’s block and had to do all of the above to return to this point.. Let’s begin again, anew and renewed.

In my defense,  my attention was focused on the start-up phase of Mycyber Internet radio station WMCR, which began broadcasting in December 2012.  WMCR has expanded the scope of eBusiness by developing Digital Marketing channels through Mycybermap.com

The Orange (Creamsicle) Moon Cycle Delicious Information Click Inside

Once Around My Writers Block did reveal many things and maybe the most important revelation was of the work that was already done.

What is working for Mycybermap is self-examination which reveals answers to questions and new opportunities. I expect everyone that writes has to deal with writer’s block, that stretch of time with no idea’s.

The constant push of ambition consumes creative energy and must be replenished.  Taking from the pool of your gifts without a return proved to block further growth for MyCyber Talk.

This stumbling block for me is now and forever removed.

Atlanta On Ice – Shaken Not Stirred. Everyday That I See, I See Opportunity To Get Better – Give Thanks

Now, Then And Forever is the Title of the New Earth Wind & Fire (EWF) CD/Album, released at the beginning of the 2013 Holiday season.

EWF  in the 40th year together as a group produces all new music to add to a super classic catalog of great hit music.  This was certainly not a necessity but a want and result of their creative drive. In studying their path to this great recording, I’ve taken note of their self-study and spirituality fueling the astonishing feats of song writing.

In my opinion, their success comes from not only the immense talents of the group but humility, hard work and self research. EWF helped me to a clear understanding of what you do, how you do it, why do you continue and even if you should continue at all.

This story clearly shows me there is a time to invest thought power into what you have already accomplished. Thought power that in effect creates a self block, done correctly a (Self) block to unblock the future.

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to reproduce this document please obtain written permission

eRadio Synonyms Antonyms and Innuendo

The Glass is always half-full when the Glass Ceiling Is a Glass Floor. Which, Which way, Is Up!

Click on picture:

Intentional grounding is a costly penalty in the game of football.

The essence of the penalty seems to state that under duress from the pressure of losing yardage (gains), the quarterback (thought-leader) attempting to pass must pass the ball (advance my business) in the reasonable area of an eligible teammate or suffer a double loss for the failed effort.

In the marketing world, intentional grounding is a penalty if the right social media action plan is implemented for the wrong company.

The right plan wrong company intentional grounding penalty is probable when the real world (non-Internet) practice of saturating a market with a broad stroke advertising campaign is the action plan.

Broad stoke marketing campaigns can not compete with the expanding capabilities of a social media management plan (eMarketing). The Internet requires unconventional thinking since it virtually remakes itself constantly, the hard rule is there is no hard rule.

Prevent your Internet business relationship (eBusiness ) from becoming “Computer Blue”, find a partner that is smart, caring and sharing.

Many businesses are aimlessly entering into social media management (commercial social media), I advocate hiring an eBusiness Specialist to guide your eCommerce goals and help to achieve them.

Who is ready for this pass?  Mycyber catch phrase for this story touts a smart commercial social media ad campaign drawn up by a Specialist.

Click on picture:

A great Tourist Attraction for Toronto, Canada, this is the CN Tower at night. Compare to top picture which looks down through a glass floor.

I’m developing a cyber launch pad to propel my own Internet radio station (eRadio) called Mycyber radio. Mycyber radio is also a catch phrase and a eMarketing theme for this campaign.

WMCR-CyberSpace,“Saving The World of Music,One Listener At A Time”

Mycyber eRadio pass goes to London, United Kingdom.  In London the NFL (National Football League) continues its trend to develop an audience for American Football in London.

In Europe, Soccer is called Football, a geographical synonym and antonym when the NFL plays a regular season game for the sixth year in 2012.

The NFL presents a great social media management model, I look forward to growing an eRadio audience in London and various other cities and Continents for Mycyber radio.

The word parity is a catch phrase for the NFL of today, call it competitive balance, but on “Any Given Sunday” you can pick any team to win.

Pick Mycyber radio WMCR, Cyberspace to win audiences.

A Mycybermap ad campaign for a Commercial social media client will multi-link the clients’, consumer to the company and the product. The synergy produced would create and enhance demand and effectively connect supply.

The synonymity of linking  social media entity’s like Google+, Facebook, You Tube, Twitter, Linkedin and others will provide an aha! moment.

This is an  e, i, oh! moment.  Internet radio can be signified with an iRadio or an eRadio, i-radio (ex: movie i-Robot), signals digital marketing whereas eRadio signals eMarketing.

eRadio synonyms antonyms and innuendo iConnect your reading venture into a mental football workout.

The oncoming scene is built for you to play-act by reading the line you are given.  Playacting; or not, will allow you to evaluate how coach-able you are. Deliver the following line using your favorite Al Pacino imitation…

Action –

It is a mistake to buy and it is a mistake to sell the wrong social media management plan. 

(Quick Click Pic.) Lalah Hathaway, Timeless Beauty of the World, London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta and Mycybermap.

“Like a good neighbor State Farm is there”, is a great catch phrase. I am your good social media neighbor, like the cast in this Stephen King movie titled The Mist.

Click the link to watch The Mist.

Mycyber World is an Oyster. The Jazz Cafe London is a Pearl.
Mycyber World is an Oyster.The Jazz Cafe London is a Pearl.

Click the picture to go to the Jazz Cafe website.

Today’s Internet business account requires an authentic platform with customer engagement, service, savings and customer service personnel empowered to make decisions. – Mycyber eFX

Every company needs a cyber foot-print to thrive in the new economy, hiring an eBusiness coach is trending for eFinancial empowerment. Selling or buying the wrong plan is costly. I’ve highlighted this penalty by comparing it to the football penalty, intentional grounding.

Operating as a eBusiness referee, intentional grounding is as follows:

Commercial Social Media Consultants-

“You can not sell a big company commercial social media plan to a small company, being under pressure to sell is not an excuse. Actual business size does not determine who is considered a big company or a small company”.

Commercial Social Media Clients-

“You can not buy a big company commercial social media plan, for a small company, being under pressure to present an Internet account is not an excuse. Actual business size does not determine who is considered a big company or a small company”.

I can not write that there is a right or wrong way to present commercial social media campaigns, but there are rules. The rules dictate a certain business rhythm to avoid the eBusiness Blues, of intentionally grounding your return on your Internet investment (ROI).

2011/2012 first ever Social media command center.
2011/2012 first ever Social media command center.

Click the picture:

Short cited Internet strategy will destroy the enthusiasm for our business opportunity, a one size fits all ideology can not be the action plan. Examine the beginning of  the 2012/2013 football season, which provided a free business education class.

The NFL experimented with the idea of offering a less efficient product by allowing the games to be officiated by lessor quality replacement officials.

The experiment lasted a few weeks as the game product and the business product began failing. The move did prove the game must have experienced officials to keep its integrity. Experienced officials get the plays right and call the correct penalty’s, a definite necessity for the success of the NFL.

The regular officials are back on the job, proving that money is a flexible negotiation point, quality is not.

Multi-link connectivity is officially Super

In the coming year many clients will enter into social media, due to business peer pressure. Maybe you will not need a social media command center but you will use the Internet for business. Make good decisions, your team is counting on you.

Do it right the first time.

Until such time as another..Adieu!

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