click picture to hear HOWARD ANDERSON Jr song titled “LIGHT OF THE WORLD”

Once again; as if slavery times have never changed, the African-American is back inside one ship of State, which began as a nightmare called the Middle Passage to slavery.

The Middle Passage  years total more than 400; from the 15th century into the 19th century, with slave ship destinations going to South America, The Caribbean islands and in North America. African men and women; who sang in different Homelands in Africa, now would sing as one tribe within one ship called The United States Of America.

Although this time, the walk around the wilderness of Space, we see believers in the Trinity of GOD the Father, JESUS the Son and Holy Spirit of JESUS not just talking of the ancestors and traditions, we teach the new generations, who must learn the traditions of the past, “We Shall Overcome”.   The civil rights anthem will forever be the song everyone sang together, titled We Shall Overcome  .

Isabella Baumfree a.k.a Sojouner Truth, click picture for 16th USA President Abraham Lincoln

I relate songs sung in bondage to Sojourner Truth , who had an evangelical nature born in the Truth, Spirit and Light of the LORD. These songs and chants are known as Negro spirituals, and just like the drums were important in Africa, so are these songs the backbone of praise and communication in a new world.

Chants are short call out and answer songs, mostly a capella for example, one would sing “Do You Have Good Religion” and the crowd or congregation would sing back “Certainly Lord” in repeat fashion. GOD is our relief, we sing His Praises handed down to our parents; I refer to as the Giants, by the early ancestors, these songs (hymns) are sung during today’s church worship services of every denomination.

The new generation of Black African culture comes to church suffering from racial inequality in the United States and the Elders will rightly lean on the tradition of singing hymns (Negro Spirituals) to bridge the generation gap to the youth

Click the picture to listen to Howard Anderson Jr. sing “Didn’t He

Howard Anderson Jr. Hard Praise productions 

Lyric’s for “Didn’t He”

Gospel Singer and Songwriter Howard Is Author Of Hard Praise
Didn’t he love you, Didn’t he love U
Didn’t he love you, Didn’t he love U
repeat 4x
I Thought I wasn’t Having Fun
Cause It Seemed That The World Was So Much Fun
Looking At The Church Like Can’t Repeat It
Cause I Thought I Wanted The World Achievement
Digging Trying To Find Some Dirt
But The Lord Has Already Took The Earth
My Flesh Wants Me to Be Conceded
But God won’t Let Me Forget Who Freed It
Didn’t He Didn’t He Didn’t He Save U
Didn’t He Didn’t He Love U
Didn’t He Didn’t He Heal U
Didn’t He Didn’t He Die For U
Didn’t He Didn’t He Forgive U
Didn’t He Didn’t He Fill U
Didn’t He Didn’t He Renew U
Didn’t He
I Must Admit It Looks Real Nice
But The Deadly Cost OF The World Ain’t Nice
Didn’t God Save You! click the picture to tweet
Can’t Believe I Almost Cheated
On My God That Makes Me So Completed
When I Think About The Things He’s Done
Dump Joy in me overtakes and run
Can’t Stop Dancing On Why He Did It
Got The Rhythm In My Feet On How He Did It
Didn’t He Didn’t He Didn’t He Save U
Didn’t He Didn’t He Love U
Didn’t He Didn’t He Heal U
Didn’t He Didn’t He Die For U
Didn’t He Didn’t He Forgive U
Didn’t He Didn’t He Fill U
Didn’t He Didn’t He Renew U
Didn’t He
He Still Love You
He Renewed Me
Even When You Turn Away
Even When You Turn Away
Even When You Turn Away

The Lord knows His Praises, new generations are coming back to the church hearing and listening to expanded categories of Gospel music, which are not traditional, let’s embrace righteous praise and keep Gospel music as a bridge over soul sickness, from the sea of troubled waters called the Middle Passage. Creativity is a GOD given talent so each one reach one and teach the willing that the sounds of Gospel music can be flexible, with lyric’s that are from the teaching of JESUS.

Onward…LESLIE CHRISTIAN…Country Music Soldier

I Love my Country… says Leslie Christian.. Country Music’s Black Female Powerhouse.
( Click here to hear )

The 2012 recipients of the highest civilian award gathered at the White House to be honored with the Presidential Medal of Freedom presented by President Of The United States Of America, Barack  H. Obama.

Being the first to do something great is special, such as being the first astronaut to orbit the earth; Mr. (Senator) John Glenn, has a unique perspective of the accomplishment of our 44th President.

I too shall orbit a universal wonder, I will cyber-space walk and observe the (super) star that is Leslie Christian,The First Black First Lady of Country Music.

The next time you look skyward, find a star and relate to the work required to effortlessly shine.

When you think of the Women Stars of Country Music you think of great American songs, sung by great Women.

Now add to that list a Women of Color named Leslie Christian breaking through real and imagined barriers, just as fellow pioneer

Rissi Palmer faced, to become a female Country Music Star.

Although her honest humility would dare admit to being a Star, what you and I may miss does not diminish the truth, Stars shine and so does Leslie Christian.

Leslie Christian, Tracy Hamlin, Grace Jones, Gloria Gaynor and Chaka Khan

A Woman of Color did receive the 2012 Presidential Medal of Freedom, her name is Toni Morrison.  This renowned Novelist can relate to my nuanced wordplay intended and unknown as I write with pomp and circumstance; placing fact right here, Leslie Christian writes her own music.

At the age of 12 Leslie wrote her first song “My Dog Got Hit By A Tractor Trailer Truck”.  That song title sounds like Country music just as her latest video and single release “Do You Ever Think Of  Me” is a hit song.

There are 2 more among the greats whom received a 2012 Medal of Freedom I believe tie-in to Leslie Christian, University of Tennessee Women’s basketball coach Pat Summit and “The Times, They Are A-Changing” lyrical hero Bob Dylan.

In Boston Massachusetts; the historical backdrop of my last story, there’s a saying used to substantiate a thought while debating, the saying is “you’re making my point”.  (add your own accent)

Leslie Christian.. sure is pretty.., she has a great voice.. and can sing too..  (now everyone say it together in 3-part harmony)

you’re making my point!

Pretty is a picture of Leslie Christian, posing for video shoot.  click here for latest CD titled..My Life Is A Country Song.

The Times, They Are A-Changing is a great song with great lyric’s delivered in style by a great performer in 1964, all these factors coming together in a perfect storm marking the 60’s.

The song now serves as a historical bookmark, as I say this story will bookmark the Boniface of Leslie Christian.

If it says Libby’s, Libby’s, Libby’s on your label, label, label you will like it, like it, like it on your table, table, table.. is a memorable jingle for a popular commercial of the 70’s.

Labels for the sound of music have been tossed about since the 1920’s commercialization of  recorded entertainment.

Labels are a necessary part of the business of Gospel, R & B, Rock & Roll, Jazz, Country and other music but it’s not possible to “Walk The Line” as Johnny Cash sang, stating Country music is Black or White music.

When Leslie Christian wrote her first song as a 12-year-old she dubbed it a country song but give or take some instruments and that song could be called The Blues, which is considered Black folks music.

When you have the Blues and put them to music, The Blues know no color and as for Country music, all we Americans got a little country in us.

The color history of Country music is predominantly White but the color of business is green (Dollars) add e-commerce for today’s Internet market. The playing field levels out, fans of an Artist can now be as diverse as the world is diverse, the times have changed.

I grew up loving the Motown sound, Classic Rock and Soul music; if you will, I was separated from Country music, only the most popular Country song would make the music rotation on the radio.

I liked Country music legend Boxcar Willie and “King Of The Road”.

When I met Leslie Christian; the Country music girl from Shelby, North Carolina, my music world lost its prejudice, I received a similar feeling when watching Pat Summit receive the Presidential Medal Of Freedom.

Watching this Woman receive her ceremonial flowers reminded me how my mother taught me dignity and instilled a hard work ethic.

I’ve always respected Coach Summit but knowing a portion of her intimate story and seeing her gracefully acknowledge a President’s and a Nation’s Love was the picture of amazing grace.

On this occasion I looked at this great Women’s Basketball Coach and did not see a coach with the most wins (Men or Women) in the history of College basketball.

This time I saw a great Women who fought prejudice for all Women by building a family tradition that revolves around love, not other people’s opinions.

Click here for facebook. Leslie in studio with Dad.. Buddy

In meeting Leslie Christian it was apparent family is important.

She was managed by her Dad until recently,

as now the talented Horn Man (#HornsUnlimited )

and Entertainment Industry veteran Producer

Jason P. Freeman lends  his expertise.

Click here for You Tube. For Leslie it’s a family affair, shown here in studio with sister Lauren

Onward Leslie Christian, Country music soldier.

My interview with Leslie was set up by  Anita Johnson, owner of

Johnson Consulting Group.

Anita briefed me on Leslie and her Manager, I remember hearing Black female Country music singer but my Spirit led me to prepare for a Gospel music artist.

Preparation for this interview should have included listening to songs and looking at pictures.

Not this time! for this occasion I would let the experience come to me and write down notes as a reporter.

It’s a beautifully pleasant pre-Memorial Day Weekend Thursday evening as I sit on the picaresque patio of the W. Hotel, Mid-Town Atlanta, Georgia.

Understated elegance is the phrase that comes to mind when I see Leslie Christian for the first time, take note that Artist and Manager are right on time.

Hallelujah.. this man, met the moment!

Leslie Christian can sing under any label she chooses, or no label at all as I found out while listening to her music after our interview.

I had not listened to Leslie’s music prior to the interview, I had been prepared for a Spiritual encounter with

Now by the good news according to MyCyber Talk, “You had to be there” will not apply, I wrote down the interview experience.

Come back for part 2, the further story titled, Conjunction Junction.

Onward Leslie Christian, Country Music Soldier, forward as to the studio.

Beech Creek Studios
The Band is all here! (L to R) Kelly, Gordon, (Producer), Larry, Scotty, Duncan, Leslie, Ilya, Steve, Ben

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