ALL SAINTS DAY supersedes Halloween to show a Happy Hallow way All Christians,.. now no longer are you to claim Halloween, there is a new Hallow way, Now seeing… Claim All Saints Day, a Holiday.  Freed from the crushing depression, I can see clearly now, the rain has stopped but not happily ever after. My Mother said I will understand it better, by and by.

All Saints Day 2015 will mark 1-year since mom died on earth, to transition unto the LORD. Sainted to be introduced by JESUS to GOD the FATHER. For those who keep to choose Halloween, I sang a refrain…


Amen, LORD I ask for your protection as I venture forth after years of imprisonment of the mind, I ask for your power to EXODUS in Numbers, that I do it so boldly, is all Glory to GOD. Spirit to Spirit, let this movement be a Passover, for those who do not LOVE you in this way.

“In the Book” even the Mighty MOSES drew a hard line in the sand of the Wilderness, with the Commandments of the LORD by his side, on his side, choose you this day who you will serve. In visions of the future, “IN THE BOOK” , do I see Brother Peter with a sword cutting off an ear of a would be attacker, (AMEN) Can you hear me now..!

As I go around and around the Promise, and the Promise land, it is time to choose. Choose out of FEAR, Choose out of LOVE, but choose and be seen of GOD Almighty for your choice.

I choose ALL SAINTS DAY, from now and forever more…

Hallow way onto ALL SAINTS DAY!!! Hallelujah, JESUS !!! yeah yeah yeah!!!

Praise GOD… It’s a Duty to honor GOD (DEUTERONOMY) and since my Mother’s death, the honor to Praise ALL SAINTS DAY as a WORLD PRAISE DAY is left to me and I say, leave it to us. (LEVITICUS) Now delivered from bondage, knowing that there is Power in the name of JESUS Christ of Nazareth, we are now all gathered together here on the banks of my tears.

An ocean of tears is between us and a new land, renewed Holiday.


Look.. Look.. the past, and all of it’s strength is approaching with deadly intent to kill, steal, and destroy. There’s no escape from the pain of losing a loved one. GOD knows this pain… having seen his own SON JESUS, die on the CROSS., but never does GOD one-up you, or will he say, me too, I also am in pain, when you come to him for comfort or when he comes to you as the Comforter.

GOD had Mercy on our pain, GOD by Grace freed us (ME) from depression, despair and the emotional slavery of tears from a broken heart. Now gaining my senses back only to face the 1-year anniversary of my Mother’s death is to me as the children of JACOB, now ISRAEL, faced the Red SEA with a great enemy coming fast.

I cannot see my daily Blessings of being chosen and having a covenant with GOD. Moses and his Brother Aaron (Minister-In-Training) enact the POWER given to them by the LORD, as I NOW SEEING, enact the POWER to proclaim…


Holy Bible book of EXODUS Chapter 14: verse

14 The LORD shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace.

I Pray,… LORD BE A FENCE around my family, friends and loved one’s, LORD let the Saint’s hear this call, as even I have heard my calling.

Imagine my broken heart as the RED SEA, and see this vision as lighting the darkness to show the way forward. My research tells me, this crossing of the Red Sea is a 9 miles long journey, now when you look; with your heart, see that the Red Sea was 300 feet deep and that closer to 2 Million people (your seed and mines) would cross in a Miracle of GOD’S LOVE, for those chosen to forever PRAISE HIS HOLY MAGNIFICENT and POWERFUL NAME. Yahweh, Jehovah, GOD, Allah, Jah, El Shaddai, JESUS.

The Red Sea

GOD I choose you, GOD… I choose Your Son JESUS, GOD I choose The HOLY SPIRIT of JESUS left here on earth as a comforter, for the dark days and soar tribulations, that are sure to come, thank you That you allow me to choose you…

Holy Bible book of I Corinthians Chapter 1 – 1 – 31 verses 20, 21

20 Where is the wise man? Where is the scribe? Where is the debater of this age? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world? 21 For since in the wisdom of God the world through its wisdom did not come to know God, God was well-pleased through the foolishness of the message preached to save those who believe.

eRadio Synonyms Antonyms and Innuendo

The Glass is always half-full when the Glass Ceiling Is a Glass Floor. Which, Which way, Is Up!

Click on picture:

Intentional grounding is a costly penalty in the game of football.

The essence of the penalty seems to state that under duress from the pressure of losing yardage (gains), the quarterback (thought-leader) attempting to pass must pass the ball (advance my business) in the reasonable area of an eligible teammate or suffer a double loss for the failed effort.

In the marketing world, intentional grounding is a penalty if the right social media action plan is implemented for the wrong company.

The right plan wrong company intentional grounding penalty is probable when the real world (non-Internet) practice of saturating a market with a broad stroke advertising campaign is the action plan.

Broad stoke marketing campaigns can not compete with the expanding capabilities of a social media management plan (eMarketing). The Internet requires unconventional thinking since it virtually remakes itself constantly, the hard rule is there is no hard rule.

Prevent your Internet business relationship (eBusiness ) from becoming “Computer Blue”, find a partner that is smart, caring and sharing.

Many businesses are aimlessly entering into social media management (commercial social media), I advocate hiring an eBusiness Specialist to guide your eCommerce goals and help to achieve them.

Who is ready for this pass?  Mycyber catch phrase for this story touts a smart commercial social media ad campaign drawn up by a Specialist.

Click on picture:

A great Tourist Attraction for Toronto, Canada, this is the CN Tower at night. Compare to top picture which looks down through a glass floor.

I’m developing a cyber launch pad to propel my own Internet radio station (eRadio) called Mycyber radio. Mycyber radio is also a catch phrase and a eMarketing theme for this campaign.

WMCR-CyberSpace,“Saving The World of Music,One Listener At A Time”

Mycyber eRadio pass goes to London, United Kingdom.  In London the NFL (National Football League) continues its trend to develop an audience for American Football in London.

In Europe, Soccer is called Football, a geographical synonym and antonym when the NFL plays a regular season game for the sixth year in 2012.

The NFL presents a great social media management model, I look forward to growing an eRadio audience in London and various other cities and Continents for Mycyber radio.

The word parity is a catch phrase for the NFL of today, call it competitive balance, but on “Any Given Sunday” you can pick any team to win.

Pick Mycyber radio WMCR, Cyberspace to win audiences.

A Mycybermap ad campaign for a Commercial social media client will multi-link the clients’, consumer to the company and the product. The synergy produced would create and enhance demand and effectively connect supply.

The synonymity of linking  social media entity’s like Google+, Facebook, You Tube, Twitter, Linkedin and others will provide an aha! moment.

This is an  e, i, oh! moment.  Internet radio can be signified with an iRadio or an eRadio, i-radio (ex: movie i-Robot), signals digital marketing whereas eRadio signals eMarketing.

eRadio synonyms antonyms and innuendo iConnect your reading venture into a mental football workout.

The oncoming scene is built for you to play-act by reading the line you are given.  Playacting; or not, will allow you to evaluate how coach-able you are. Deliver the following line using your favorite Al Pacino imitation…

Action –

It is a mistake to buy and it is a mistake to sell the wrong social media management plan. 

(Quick Click Pic.) Lalah Hathaway, Timeless Beauty of the World, London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta and Mycybermap.

“Like a good neighbor State Farm is there”, is a great catch phrase. I am your good social media neighbor, like the cast in this Stephen King movie titled The Mist.

Click the link to watch The Mist.

Mycyber World is an Oyster. The Jazz Cafe London is a Pearl.
Mycyber World is an Oyster.The Jazz Cafe London is a Pearl.

Click the picture to go to the Jazz Cafe website.

Today’s Internet business account requires an authentic platform with customer engagement, service, savings and customer service personnel empowered to make decisions. – Mycyber eFX

Every company needs a cyber foot-print to thrive in the new economy, hiring an eBusiness coach is trending for eFinancial empowerment. Selling or buying the wrong plan is costly. I’ve highlighted this penalty by comparing it to the football penalty, intentional grounding.

Operating as a eBusiness referee, intentional grounding is as follows:

Commercial Social Media Consultants-

“You can not sell a big company commercial social media plan to a small company, being under pressure to sell is not an excuse. Actual business size does not determine who is considered a big company or a small company”.

Commercial Social Media Clients-

“You can not buy a big company commercial social media plan, for a small company, being under pressure to present an Internet account is not an excuse. Actual business size does not determine who is considered a big company or a small company”.

I can not write that there is a right or wrong way to present commercial social media campaigns, but there are rules. The rules dictate a certain business rhythm to avoid the eBusiness Blues, of intentionally grounding your return on your Internet investment (ROI).

2011/2012 first ever Social media command center.
2011/2012 first ever Social media command center.

Click the picture:

Short cited Internet strategy will destroy the enthusiasm for our business opportunity, a one size fits all ideology can not be the action plan. Examine the beginning of  the 2012/2013 football season, which provided a free business education class.

The NFL experimented with the idea of offering a less efficient product by allowing the games to be officiated by lessor quality replacement officials.

The experiment lasted a few weeks as the game product and the business product began failing. The move did prove the game must have experienced officials to keep its integrity. Experienced officials get the plays right and call the correct penalty’s, a definite necessity for the success of the NFL.

The regular officials are back on the job, proving that money is a flexible negotiation point, quality is not.

Multi-link connectivity is officially Super

In the coming year many clients will enter into social media, due to business peer pressure. Maybe you will not need a social media command center but you will use the Internet for business. Make good decisions, your team is counting on you.

Do it right the first time.

Until such time as another..Adieu!

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Unidentified Flying Disc, One Flew Over Peachtree City

Part 2 of 3

peachtree golf

Look! up in the sky!  It’s a bird!  It’s a plane!

No,  It’s a way ward disc golf shot.

Disc golf you may say, yes Disc Golf.

This game I came across in my further exploration of Peachtree City.

We’ve all thrown a Frisbee, or some variation of flying disc, my favorite was the wham-o logo.  That’s the joy of Peachtree City, the subtlety of grace flowing.

That’s a powerful statement if you can recognize and identify the metaphor of a disc flying over your head representing an unidentified stimulus of joy.  Now if you haven’t read part 1 of this blog, now may be a good time to go back.

You can continue on, as “Alice in Wonderland” , but you will not believe this city is built to be accessible by golf cart with over 90 miles of intersecting cart paths. Golf is big in Peachtree City, as is golf carts.  You can find golf cart racing, specialized golf carts and

(Mycyber Pro-Bono Promo) golf cart rentals.

This would be good ebusiness placement of a golf course ad along with a an ad of a golf professional to teach the game.  Instead I’ll tie-in to the Unidentified Flying Disc, One Flew Over Peachtree City title of this story and offer those spots as TBA. ( To Be Announced)

Golf is such a serious game, quiet please!  Immense concentration is necessary to excel.  My guilty pleasure is to just hit the ball hard, and be happy it fly’s, no matter where it goes.  The game is not played that way, there are rules, etiquette and levels of score keeping.  I feel golf is an exercise of discipline and skill, along with an enjoyment of the great outdoors.

Golf  lends its imagery to beautifully manicured grass and trees, within a picturesque setting.  Take into mind the original designers,  planning what would become Peachtree City.  They might have looked like knights of the round table, in serious thought as they immersed the architecture board with ideas of a city within a series of golf courses and golf cart pathways.

You could imagine a room full of quiet disciplined men, engaged in profound discussions of  futuristic lifestyles.   They painstakingly design homes and business plans with this weighty proposition, causing tense back and forth quips of contention.  Relax,  let go of the tension,  it is all imagined.

If I created the sensation of tension in the last paragraph, I honestly feel the men whom designed Peachtree City had a great time, regardless of the scope of the work.  When you work on a project you have a passion for, the work at hand is a pleasure.

Flight Control

While  exploring the recreation activities of Peachtree city, the game of disc golf caught my eye.

I brushed it off as a trivial pursuit, until I studied the disc golf website

dg course review.com.

A disc golf course or dg course is laid out as a standard golf course would be.

The unidentified flying disc stirs up very identifiable memories, fun memories of Frisbee football games and the simple game of frisbee catch.  I now remember griping the flying disc and ripping it through the air, confident I have broken some kind of record as I follow its flight across the sky and field.  Everyone has thrown a disc and almost anyone can do it, although you won’t have to think hard to come up with someone who just couldn’t do it right.

Many of us have marveled at man and dog playing catch with a disc, Television producers have made their careers by showing slow motion action of various dogs leaping through the air, catching a flying disc.

In a tangible, intangible emotional connection,  this story evokes previously unidentified treasure.  It all comes rushing back now as I remember searching the dictionary for the definition of my disc jockey name DJ Nicety (I pronounce it Nice-T), I found a fascinating nicety, if you will…

Ni-c-e-ty (paraphrase) The flight of a dog catching a disc is a singular act of excellence and artistic perfection.  This repeated act, appearing to be the same, can never be exactly duplicated,  its brilliant art perfected each time, a nicety.

Oh boy! thoughts of sand traps, bring me to my favorite Sci-Fi movie, Dune. Please realize that I have identified Peachtree City as a mind-spring.

I’m encouraged to make up a new word to identify this whole process, Hypotheticaltheoryallize.

Disc golf is not a fancy pursuit of leisure time, it’s a serious game competed professionally on tour.  So let’s literally and virtually hit the links of disc golf course Village Green in Peachtree City.  If I was to play, it would be for fun right now, but I’m sure I would want to be competitive.

golf carts..rule

The disc golf game is set up the same as golf with a ball,  instead of a hole to knock your ball in you will find a pole with a disc catcher.

Just in case I have lost you along the way remember that this activity is a part of a day spent riding along in my golf cart.

I’ve included sight-seeing, restaurants and shopping in my exploration.  I haven’t done all these things yet, but I have identified the blip on my mental radar.

My imagination flew over Peachtree City, my reality, much like the flying disc can go as far as I can throw it.

Come back and catch part 3 of this story as we ride through business and answer the question? where’s the Fred.

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e-Labor Day Holiday

Winning…Over… You!!!

Imagine the great racehorse Secretariat speeding past the 3/4 pole.

We now know the story,  he was on the way to winning the 1973 Kentucky Derby.   His eyes and nose are wide-open, every sense is in tune, as he continues onward to the finish line, performing at the highest level.

That’s the feeling I connect with, when an online job earns me money.

Labor on the computer has its day, e-Labor Day.

Labor Day in the real world became a Nationally celebrated Holiday in 1894.

The internet can be compared to one-of-a-kind Champions and to the record-setting horse Secretariat.  The internet provides a wide variety of money-making opportunities.  This blog will open revenue opportunity for the business Man and Women.   The internet is a champion of the job search and a cure for unemployment.  It’s important to grasp this out-of-thin air medium.

I say out-of-thin air to stipulate the magical quality of  limit-less research and the options the internet offers.   If the cyber business world were to find my work online and be interested, they can contact me.   In the real world there are logistical limits to job search and job acquisition.   When searching  for online work these limits are erased.   Case in point, the World Jazz band Niro.

I found Niro online through the website fanatic.fm.  Niro,  features 2 men from different country’s.  They have not met in person, but through utilizing the internet they’ve  made beautiful music together.

Fanatic.fm is 1 of many online opportunities I’ve found.

Oops, I just tripped over the kudos I gave myself!

That’s funny!  My sub-conscience must be promoting..

The World Day of Laughter November, 11th (11-11-11).

I’ve also developed a theme and date to re-dedicate the Martin Luther King Jr. Monument celebration, canceled by Hurricane Irene.  I’ve suggested through social media,  “Time to Dream, Anew”  Saturday, November 12th. 2011

(*Editors take note of the segue)

Blogging opens doors to new opportunities,  there are many ways to get paid.   Direct deposit is available, but the phrase “the check is in the mail” is no joke!

Take that as a yes vote for the great United States of America to keep the great United States Postal Service intact and functioning, as it has since its inception. These are tough times for our economy but the Postman always delivers, through rain, sleet and snow.

The internet is great, but e-mail can never take the place of a letter or a greeting card.  In addition; there will always be Americans who prefer their paychecks, delivered to their hands.

If this blog was a horse race,  I’m first to the 3/4 pole.  No time to let up now, let’s keep moving towards the goal of winning.

Oh! that’s right, we are celebrating e-Labor Day.

E-Labor Day, will be celebrated by the World Jazz group called Niro.

Ray Nicovs, is a pianist and composer from the Netherlands.  Dave Rolleston, is a composer, vocalist and guitarist from Japan. Together they have put together a very nice Jazz album.

Putting together an album is an accomplishment, but these gentlemen, met on the  internet with like-minded musical interests and a willingness to explore.

Without meeting in person, these 2 talented Men have compiled a unique online collaboration.   The finished product, which you can hear in the above Link, Testifies to a oneness achieved by combining musical ideas through the power of the internet.

There are over 100 bands available through fanatic.fm.  I am beginning my promotion of the singers and bands through my blog and website.   This is a good business opportunity for everyone involved.

I found fanatic.fm on an online press release put together by media management company,

 PR Web.com

E-Labor Day celebrates my online work as a business sales consultant and a travel/shopping mall representative.

In closing,  I must mention elance.com.  Elance is an online business that lists jobs for those aspiring to get hired for writing and other online work.

This is a perfect entry point for the great sales phrase “wait there’s more”, but I’ve crossed the finish line.  Just like Secretariat I have won this race.

The future includes the biggest shopping day of the year, the day after Thanksgiving, traditionally called Black Friday.  For online shoppers the Monday after Thanksgiving weekend is a new tradition full of savings. Next we get prepared for the day after Christmas online sales, call it the Triple-Crown!

Thank you, please visit my blog again as we begin the Fall season of 2011.

We are doing a 3-part story on Peachtree City, Georgia.

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