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Part 1 of a 2 part Story:

IT WAS THE BEST OF TIMES, IT WAS THE WORST OF TIMES you remember don’t you.  The first time, firsts are significant because, well they are the first of whatever.  This whatever surrounds the first time you as a man or a boy are singled out of a crowd by a girl or a women.

Leap year and all of its mathematical wonder and planetary splendor; which pulls the human race out of its self minded ways, forcing thoughts of Earth’s pace through the Universe every 4 year’s, stands out most for me by commemorating 1 phrase, Ladies Choice.

(As if women need anymore advantages) I enclosed that statement to emphasize that every 4 years male chauvinism and all of its forms (even subliminal) get laid waste.

Square Dance Couples

Sadie Hawkins is her name, every time I say it (I think my pupils are dilating and I’m tucking in my stomach) I feel the natural order of things turn around.  My first time waiting to be chosen by a female was in elementary school as my class learned to square-dance.

( WordPress has branded me Author; I claim all this subliminal psycho-babel as creative license, the book is in the mail, e-mail that is)

Although I could claim her name to have been Sadie Hawkins, I will not, she is faceless and nameless.  That’s better for you and I, for the reader who has experienced square dancing you remember that day of choice.

Oh! how did it work out that the popular and acknowledged good-looking people end up choosing one another, it just seemed to work that way. For me it would work out distinctly, my fate cast me with the quiet girl who was not quite coordinated and not quite pretty..yet.

She was not my first choice and I would not be her first choice but in a pinch we would do.  I noticed something changed when she picked me, she had pretty eyes, a gentle spirit and I could not remember why the boys in my class didn’t talk to her.

At first I didn’t apply any effort in our dance partnership, as a result we were stiff, out of step and on the verge of being embarrassed.  We had to talk to each other and begin to have confidence in ourselves, that’s how I saw it.

It was then that she allowed me to lead her, and I followed her lead and we became the couple to demonstrate the doe-see-doe-in.  We did become speaking friends and I noticed that she was not the lonely outcast girl anymore.

My Sadie Hawkins square dance elevated me to a new level of confidence. The shy unpopular girl who chose me to be her dance partner opened the door to me becoming 1 of the 10 lords a leaping through that school year.

That childhood experience set the foundation for confidence and my people interactions to this day.  Look to yourself to lead, lead when called, and do not underestimate those chosen to enter your life.

My unnamed and  faceless dance partner has become 1 of the 9 ladies dancing and I have self discovered another point for my resume and portfolio.

10 lords a leaping (I know the Lord Jesus Christ), there are 2 that come to mind, little lord Fauntleroy and Mr. Jack Lord from the classic TV show Hawaii 5 – 0.

Not counting Fauntleroy or the famous actor and counting myself as 1, I will list 10 men in this edition and 9 women in part 2 that should be leaping and dancing thru 2012

Angel Star

Mycyber WWWebStarr Award:

Just for coming up with an award presentation platform and naming it WWWebstarr Award, thus validating Mycyber EFX, with Mycyber Talk and Mycybermap.com I receive an award.                                                                            (subcategory/outstanding self promotion)

All other recipients are recognized and presented in no specific order, and the Mycyber WWWebStarr Award goes to

For outstanding music,video and social media                                                             song and video for “Infectious”&”Change Up”                                                        *Micheal Brookins/ The SilverConductor

Outstanding Gospel artist, song and website                                                                         song and video for “Don’t get it twisted”                                                                           Rob Jones/Robjmusic

Outstanding Internet show or series                                                                                     “Get Thee Behind Me” the series                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Sid Burston/Gettheebehindme.tv

Outstanding Film Festival and social media production                                         Made in Toronto Film Festival                                                                                               Glen Alan/ findaway.ca / mintff.org

Outstanding Music,  Film and social media website                                Jazzevangelist productions & promotions                                                                   Scott Fugate /www.jazzevangelist.net

Outstanding Men’s Clothing website                                                                           Christian Brothers Suit Company                                                                                  Horace Duran-cbsuits.net

eCommerce: Best Affiliate Marketing support                                                             Apco Merchant- D.C. Maryland, Virginia                                                                      Keith Kuperman / apcodmv.com

eBusiness: Best business concept                                                                                    Second Life                                                         


Most Outstanding Atlanta business website                                                                  ATL Profile Show-host Christopher Martin


International Music showcase                                                                                 Outstanding Band/Singer – Ove Engen – Liverpool, UK                                               Oveengen.com

I'm on the Blue Marble, on right just above Florida

Congratulations to all the Male winners; and winners they are, take time out to meet these dynamic individuals who are one click away from your world.  Find out for yourself why they have been chosen as stars on Mycyber map.

Looking back briefly, I see this Ladies choice event in my life as a significant building block.  It was awkward and uncomfortable at the inception as will be the recipients  reaction to being chosen Mycyber WWWebstarr.

There is a great line from Legendary actor Mr. John Amos in character as Kansas City Mack “you gotta bring A#% to get A#% “.  As we work together we will value each other the more and elevate each other to our better dreams and wishes,  that will be the inscription on the statuesque trophy.

We’re going Uptown Saturday Night, but before we work out Hotel location and award ceremony details, we have to select and present our Female winners in our next blog story..

Let’s do it again.

Contact John G. Dewberry at              404-328-0708

or email    mycybermap@mycybermap.com

©2011 All Rights Reserved -To reproduce this document obtain written permission

2 thoughts on “10 LORDS A LEAP (YEAR) ING!

  1. I have found it! now that I’ve found it I remember the energetic days of wonder and awe at everything entertainment. The first time I realized the show I planned and promoted has become an event of distinctive feelings and artistry, an event to be remembered, I smiled.

    Time moves on and as the saying goes you lose the novelty, it’s never mundane but your senses become accustomed to significant stimuli. ex:backstage passes, V.I.P and meeting celebrities.

    This story, 10 Lords a Leap (Year) ing has achieved a broad stroke re-awakening in me, peeling layers away in people, school, music and entertainment management experiences.

    Things become old hat and then (all praises due the Holy Spirit) something special happens, the Mycyber WWWebStarr Award is just that.

    I have assembled a great list of Male winners, (Females next) take the e-trip into their worlds and smile you’re on Mycybermap.


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